2020 Local Election Results

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The 2020 election results are now certified and locally it proved to be a big success as Republicans swept all LD 39 races; Senator Keith Wagoner (SCRP PCO), Representative Carolyn Eslick and Rep. Robert Sutherland all won by huge margins.

Also Ron Muzzall was retained as our LD 10 Senator and Greg Gilday won the LD 10 State House "Open Seat" election retaining Norma Smith's vacated seat. SCRP Chairman Bill Bruch's LD 10 State House effort to flip a Democrat seat came up 738 votes short with 91,762 votes cast in the Tri-county region (the closest R vs D State Legislative race in 2020). This was still a big accomplishment as over $800,000 was spent against Bruch's campaign and almost prevailed. Of Note Republicans lost a House seat in LD 42 and a Senate seat in LD 28, but picked up a House and Senate seat in LD 19 keeping the WA State Legislature static, 57 D to 41 R in the House and 28 D to 21 R in the Senate.

Skagit Commissioner Ron Wesen was re-elected over his Democrat opponent by 4,446 votes, and Peter Browning easily defeated his Democrat opponent by over 11,000 votes and will be the new Skagit Commissioner replacing Democrat Ken Dahlstead. Also Andrew Miller was elected Skagit PUD Commissioner and GOP Governor Candidate Loren Culp nearly won Skagit county falling 40 votes short. Full county results click here and statewide results click here.

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