2020 Republican State Convention


The Republican State Convention will be held through a combination of live streaming and an online voting platform. To participate in the State Convention, delegates will need access to a reliable internet connection and their own email address (for example, if a husband and wife are both elected delegates, they cannot use the same email address for state convention). Please ensure that you have the correct email addresses in the state delegate report form you send to the WSRP. We will use this to credential delegates.

We understand that an online convention could be a challenge for many delegates. We are going to take many steps to make this convention as seamless as possible and will offer an abundance of support to counties and delegates, including options for pre-registration and a test election.

The State Convention will take place over 2 days: June 26-27. The State Committee Meeting will occur via Zoom on June 18. The tentative schedule is below:

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