20 Year Anniversary of 911

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September 11, 2021 

We honor all of those that lost their lives on this day, 20 years ago. We remember the first responders, who ran headfirst into the collapsing towers, the thousands of brave patriots and all the families that are still hurting today, from the losses they endured. We remember the hijacked planes by terrorists who were bent on attacking Americans and crippling our country. 

September 11th, 2001 marks the last and largest foreign attack on United States soil and we thank and honor the service of our Armed Forces. U.S. Service Members at home and abroad have made us safer in the last 20 years.

What we saw those 20 years ago was the resiliency of our country and our American spirit. When a catastrophic event happens, we come together as a country for the collective good, to rebuild, and to fight common enemies. 

On 9/11 our country was wounded. As a nation, we mourned the lives that were taken and the families that would never be together again. The survivors of 9/11 and the people that lost loved ones that day know the sufferings on a brutal and personal level.

But something happened that was unexpected:

An enemy of our nation had tried to bring America to its knees. Instead, we rose up as a nation and our hearts were flooded with patriotism, love of country, and love for our fellow Americans. As Americans we looked to how we could work together, to help each other through this tragedy.

Once again it is time for the people to rise up against a corrupt evil enemy which has attempted to destroy our country, this time by blatantly stealing the 2020 elections.

Our elections & our Constitution are under vicious attack, and have been circumvented and subjugated, deceptively changing our form of government from a Representative Republic to a communistic corporate despotic dictatorship.

As Reading, Writing and Arithmetic gets replaced with Sex-education and mask mandates in kindergarten.

As the Rule-of Law gets replaced with unconstitutional vaccination mandates, illegitimate government edicts.and radical communistic ideals.

As the Taliban and Isis are once again taking over the Mideast, replacing peace, with murder, torture and chaos. Please remember that elections have consequences 

Bill Bruch. SCRP Chairman --  WAElectionIntegrity.com

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