20th Patriot Gathering


On Saturday, August 13 from 11 AM to 2 PM the Washingtonians Action Pac and the Skagit County Republican Party will be hosting the 20th Patriot Gathering. PCO's from around the state will be gathering. LUNCH PROVIDED!

All our welcome! Election Integrity will be the theme. Speakers include:

Bill Bruch - Washington State GOP Election Integrity Committee Chairman

Keith Wagoner - LD 39 WA State Senator and SOS Candidate

Carolyn Eslick - LD 39 WA State House Representative   

Robert Sutherland - LD 39 WA State House Representative

Dan Mathews - 2nd Congressional District Candidate

Eric Hull - Skagit County Auditor Candidate

Event will be hosted by the Cowboy Ranch Church, address: 18248 Sam Bell Rd. Bow (MAP)

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