Antifa in Portland, Seattle, whats next?


On December 3rd Antifa had a protest, not in Portland Oregon as usual, but in what is now becoming a more familiar sight, on the streets of downtown Seattle.  As we know all to well, Antifa has taken over Portland with their regular and dangerous acts of violence, assaults, destroying private property, smashing windows in cars, businesses, etc.  In Portland this has become the norm. 

Now it appears that Antifa has it's sights on Seattle.  On Saturday an Antifa Mob of over 150 people blocked streets and sidewalks in protest of the United States immigration policies by wreaking havoc on innocent people.  Several of the Antifa people were armed with semi-automatic weapons and were chanting "Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here".  "All day, all night, shut down the alt-right."  "Racist, sexist, anti-gay, far-right bigots go away."  "Nazis go home, Nazis go home."  Additionally, several threats to onlookers were reported.

The Antifa protest group that was behind the march in Seattle last weekend is also hosting an upcoming open boarders rally as they want all illegal immigrants to be able to come into this country unimpeded.  Unfortunately it appears that much of the local law enforcement had received their orders from the Seattle City Council / Mayor, as Seattle Police were telling innocent people who were unable to walk on the sidewalks (because Antifa had blocked them) to get out of the way of the protestors or they may be the ones blamed for inciting violence.

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