April 2017 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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The Skagit County Republican Party has made excellent progress the first three months of the year. We have a new logo and a new website is almost ready, upgraded our materials, added several new party members, four new PCO's, and two new outsatanding volunteers, Gale McCrosky and Rod Eggerling.

Last weeks Mount Vernon Town Hall event for Sen. Barbara Bailey, Rep. Norma Smith and Rep. Dave Hayes was packed with over 250 people in attendance, all three did a great job and made us proud.   We are indeed blessed to have such quality people representing us in the 10th Legislative District. What a refreshing contrast with the Democrats, like 40th LD Senator Kevin Ranker who at a February Orcas Island Town Hall meeting recommended the book "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky.

The Skagit County Republican future looks bright as on Saturday, May 6th we will be having our Lincoln / Reagan Day Dinner annual fundraiser at the Bertelsen Winery Event Centre. Special Guest Speaker is Elaine Willman, one of the Nation's foremost leading experts on Federal Indian policy and best selling author of Going to Pieces...the dismantling the United States of America, her talk is entitled "Explaining and Exposing the Corruption of the Indian Tribal Industry".  Our Keynote Speaker is Lt. Governor Candidate and Radio talk show host Marty McClendon, his talk is "Religions Liberty (the battle ahead, where we are and were we are going) Debunking the lines between Church, Government, Business and Education".  Many of our State elected officials will speak plus a special live music program by Sharyn Peterson Conservatory of Music and Arts will take place.  It is a guarantee this event will be a lot of fun and informational, do not miss it!  Need to RSVP as it will be sold out.

The Democrats and the liberal media still appear to be in total denial of President Trump, his cabinet and the Republicans who are in command at the highest Government levels.  However at this stage it is really important that we Republicans unify to the best of our ability as our evil opposition, George Soros on down are set on their destructive path in attempts to indoctrinate the citizens with their ideology of ignorance. May I ask you, who in their right mind can justify legalizing heroin with "safe injection" sites ?  But that is exactly what the WA State Legislature Democrats are attempting as they passed HB 1427 last month. Thank God, and the good Republicans like yourself that we still have a majority in the WA State Senate to stop such a ludicrous law from being passed.

We all know there is a orchestrated and concerted attack effort by the radical left to impose it's agenda on society, to take out Trump and to eliminate conservatism; at every opportunity we need to call them out on thier blatent lies, fabrications and misrepresentations.  We must see through this and rise above it.  An example of this liberal insanity is Jay Inslee's appointed "Human Rights Commission" which imposed WAC 162-32 on our states citizens. This statewide mandate requires all businesses and places of public accommodation (schools, etc.) to open their locker rooms, showers, spas, and bathrooms on the basis of gender identity.  Thank goodness for the people working on the Initiative 1552 Just Want Privacy Campaign and our local Emmanuel Baptist Church, Strauss Jewelers and Blade Chevrolet members for being Regional Petition Centers in this important endeavor.  In November it will be time to repeal this nonsensical and absurd law.

Another example is Governor Inslee's latest executive order, it prohibits state agencies from participating in illegal immigration enforcement.  Most unfortunately Inslee wants Washington State to be a "Sanctuary State" and a disturbing trend is developing as city jurisdictions are being influenced to implement local sanctuary laws, code name "Welcoming Jurisdictions": Burien Ordinance # 651, Kiirkland Ordinance # O-4558, Olympia Resolution # M-1857, Seattle Resolution # 31730 & Executive Order 2016-08, plus Tumwater Resolution # R2017-004 are just some of our Washington State Cities that now have sanctuary laws on the books.

This issue hit home as at the Feb 28th La Conner Town Council meeting, Council Member Jacques Brunisholz asked to have the Town of La Conner endorse Inslee's executive order by drafting a resolution.  Obviously I was opposed (please see my "letter to the editor" in this months newsletter) however two other Council Members and the Mayor were in favor, then on March 14th the La Conner Town Council voted 3-2 to pass Brunisholz's resolution with the full support of the Mayor, Town Administrator and Finance Director. Only good news was that after vehement protest from myself and Council Member Bill Stokes we were able to get the resolution very much watered down as santuary language was removed.

Governor Inslee, State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the City of Seattle have all got it wrong.  The US Constitution assigns responsibility for regulating immigration exclusively to congress via the Federal government.  Art I Sec 8 clause 4 "congress to establish a uniform rule of naturalization" and clause 3 gives congress the power to regulate commerce with the foreign nations, the 14th Amendment Sec I "All persons born or naturalized in the US, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof ".  Art VI, clause 2 says the constitution is the supreme law of the land, and the supremacy clause is a conflict-of-laws rule that contains "the doctrine of preemption", which says that federal law preempts state law when laws conflict. It is clear that states like Washington should not be allowed to be making their own laws and policies regarding immigration.  

Inslee's order is also a violation of federal law (8 U.S.C. & 1373), this law enacted by congress in 1996 prohibits policies that impede cooperation between federal, state and local officials when it comes to sending, requesting, maintaining or exchanging information regarding immigration status. Congress also passed law (8 U.S.C. 1357) which intent is to allow state and federal officers to act as comrades rather than combatants when it comes to the enforcement of federal immigration law. 

SCOTUS case law supports this: 1941 Hines V. Davidowitz "The regulation of immigration is a matter for the Federal Government, any efforts to regulate immigrants are unconstitutional"; and in 1976 De Canas V. Bica held that "Any state law or policy related to immigration will be per se preempted if it is a regulation of immigration because the power to regulate immigration is unquestionably, exclusively a federal power".

Additionally Inslee's order violates RCW 9A. 76.020 "Obstructing a law enforcement officer", Guilty if willfully hinder, delay or obstruct any law enforcement in the discharge of his or her official powers or duties", and leads to the obstruction of justice which is "Any attempt to hinder the discovery, apprehension, conviction or punishment of anyone who has committed a crime.  

The Democrats and the media continually ignore simple facts and their lack of understanding and living with a "ends justifies the means" mentality only leads to more problems and corruption.  The right, moral and ethical thing to do is to follow the Rule of Law, and laws of the United States Constitution, something many Democrats seem unwilling to do.

Republican values that foster the freedom of government intrusion, principles of personal and economic liberty, free markets, less taxes, personal property rights, quality education choices, enforcing common sense laws, and moving power back to our local communities is what is needed for the people to truly prosper.  I deeply and profoundly thank you in helping to promote these values and policies as they further the Skagit County Republican Party mission to support candidates who feel likewise.


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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