April 2018 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Thank you to all who attended last weeks SCRP Lincoln / Reagan Day Dinner, it was another sellout and a big success with everyone having a very good time .  One of the reasons we enjoy this event so much is because it gives us a chance to connect with so many like minded people, which includes members, former members, and guests.  It is a great opportunity to just hang out with friends, new and old.  We especially very much appreciate all of you kind souls that donated at this years event; the Live Action, Silent Action, Gun Raffle and Dessert Dash fundraising generated over $9,000 for our county party!

Also thanks to Max Dale's Steak & Chop House for a delicious Prime Rib Buffet; thanks to Herb Meyer who delivered a classic Keynote Speech and all the elected officials that spoke this year, they included: Former Skagit County Prosecutor Tom Seguine, Snohomish County Committeeman Randy Hayden, Skagit County Commissioner Ron Wessen, LD 39 House Rep Carolyn Eslick, LD 39 Senator Keith Wagoner, LD 10 House Rep Dave Hayes, LD 10 Senator Barbara Bailey and LD 10 House Rep Norma Smith; they all gave inspirational talks that included important messages.

For those of you who do not know LD 39 Candidate Randy Hayden, besides being the Snohomish County State Committeeman, he is also a member of the Washington State Republican Party Executive Board, where he is Chairman of the Resolution Committee.  Randy is well known in Snohomish county and is a life long resident of the county and a long time Republican.  He has owned his own construction company for the past 22 years, is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, cattle farmer and also is a former candidate for Legislature; back in 2012 he ran for House Rep in the Democrat controlled 32nd District.  In 2018 Randy will be running to replace LD 39 House Rep Dan Kristiansen.

Also of note, while at the event Michael Petrish announced his candidacy for the 40th LD House Rep Seat.  Michael is a SCRP member and new PCO in Anacortes.  He is a staunch believer in the constitution and the bill of rights, he is pro-second amendment, pro choice, anti-abortion, wants less government, lower taxes and is a big believer in private property rights for tax payers.  Make no mistake about it, Michael can win the open 40th LD house seat this year!

Micheal's Campaign Manager is his brother Nick Petrish, who also is a new SCRP member and soon to be Precinct Captain for Mount Vernon.   Nick ran as a Democrat against Barbara Bailey in 2016 for State Senate in LD 10 and ended up endorsing Barbara later in her successful campaign.  

Just when you think it could not possibly get any worse the Democrat liberal leftists on the Seattle City Council and it's new Mayor have begun the planning process of tolling Seattle downtown streets, claiming that it will help with traffic congestion and cut down on greenhouse-gas emissions.  Testing last month literally left the city streets in gridlock.  This potential new law is leaving people absolutely furious and many stunned to the point of being speechlessness and at a total loss for words.

Over the past few years, as Chairman of the Skagit County Republican Party, I have witnessed several very frustrated people walk into our office and voice and vent many concerns regarding the out of control Democratic Party and its liberal agenda (some close to tears ) and they always ask, "what can we do about it?"  The bottom line is that we simply need to do better at getting good 'common sense' Republicans elected.

If we don't the consequences for our state are dire.  This past legislative session Republicans in Olympia were just barely able to stop the series of Jay Inslee / Democrat led proposed new Energy and Income Taxes; and true to form Democrats, along party lines, pushed through a fiscally irresponsible budget that raided the state's Rainy Day Fund of more than $700 million, then spent it on wasteful liberal tax and spend programs.  Not to mention the 'Hirst Fix' legislation that excepts Skagit County.

Additionally, in the final weeks of the session the Democrat majority passed several bills that deny religious freedoms and the sanctity of human life, including SSB 6219, a new law with an 'abortion mandate' that now requires all insurance plans in the state to pay for abortion services, and another new law, ESSB 6037, which allows for taxpayer funded commercial surrogacy.

Enough is enough, it is time to start winning again.  As the 2018 election season begins most of the top Washington State Legislative Skagit County Republican Candidates are now set, they include: LD 10 House Rep Pos #1 Norma Smith, LD 10 House Rep Pos #2 Dave Hayes, LD 39 State House Rep Pos #1 Randy Hayden, LD 39 House Rep Pos #2 Carolyn Eslick, LD 39 Senate Keith Wagoner and LD 40 House Rep Pos #1 Michael Petrish.  

The Skagit County Republican Party and its many volunteers very much look forward to working for these good Republicans, as the above listed candidates can expect our full support and confidence in helping them get elected.  We know that they are the best hope for us in 'Turning the Tide' at the state level, and for representing Skagit County down in Olympia next year.


Blessings & HAPPY EASTER!

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman


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