April 2020 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

April 2020 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

The WA State Socialist / Democrats pulled out all the stops in the 2020 legislative session as hundreds of new laws were passed; here is a review of many and what it will cost your family:

ESSB 5395/Comprehensive Sex-Ed (CSE) to be taught in ALL public schools beginning in Kindergarten.  The new state mandate forces local school districts to use the WA state Office of Public Instruction's (OPI) set of selective curriculum systems like "Three Rs" and "FLASH" which to many reasonable people are pornographic.  And anticipates graphic sex lessons as early as 2nd and 3rd grades.  This is being enforced by the WA State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal.  Curriculum includes graphic LGBT "gender fluid" details, pictorial books, etc. to be shared with very young children about sex and discussions about gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.

These highly controversial CSE programs takes away the freedom of parents to raise their children how they see fit, and the CSE material goes way beyond traditional sex education.  They indoctrinate youth to embrace sexual and gender ideologies, they promote abortion, and teach high-risk sexual behaviors to the youngest of children.

Democrats are saying this is all ok because parents can opt their children out of the classes.  But the reality is that there is peer pressure and this could ostracize the child, also the other kids will be sharing the information anyway.  CSE reprogramming is designed to dramatically alter the sexual and gender norms of society.  It started in California years ago and now has spread like a virus all across the United States. It is a coordinated indoctrination of our youth. Planned Parenthood is backing this as it promotes abortion. NOTE: Curriculum High School FLASH describes grades 9-12 as the "Pregnancy Grades".

To no ones surprise already harmful CSE materials are appearing on school-provided laptops and tablets and in community, after-school, and peer education programs, and now, even one of the largest pornography sites is reportedly offering CSE.   SB 5395 is a disaster for our young children and needs to be repealed!

Other than ALL the State Republicans in the legislature, there are many opposed to CSE including the hundreds of immigrants that joined in last months Olympia protest on the capital's steps at the end of session that included an estimated 3,000 people.

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Others opposed to CSE include the American College of Pediatricians which says: “Comprehensive Sexuality Education goes far beyond sex ed, and is a dangerous assault on the health and innocence of children"  To view their war on children video click here.   Also to view the Informed Parents of Washington website site click here.  It is time to vote all the State Democrats who voted for this legislation out of office!


HB 1551 is a new Democrat law that reduces the penalty for INTENTIONALLY spreading HIV (AIDS) from a felony to a misdemeanor.  Reduces the criminal punishment of people who knowing infect another with HIV from a felony crime of assault in the first degree to a misdemeanor or to a gross misdemeanor.  Repeals prohibitions on an individual who has a sexually transmitted disease if the partner is unaware of the disease.  LOWERS the age of a minor from 16 years to 14 years of age to give consent to treatment of HIV infection WITHOUT a parent or guardian's consent.  And consolidates and expands rulemaking authority for the State Board of Health relating to control of sexually transmitted diseases.  This it is a terrible law that puts the public at risk!


EHB 2638 Mandates that ALL WA state sports betting can ONLY be held in tribal casinos.  The new law gives the tribes a monopoly on all of the state's sports betting.  Of note:  The legislature passed the bill with an emergency clause, claiming the bill was necessary for the immediate preservation of public peace, health or safety.  Also the Legislature prevented a public referendum on the bill that would require 60% support for passage.  What’s the emergency?  Again no transparency and a need to avoid public scrutiny of the new law.


HB 2803 / SB 6601 Authorizes the Governor to enter into compacts with Indian tribes to collect sales and business taxes imposed on transactions between non-tribal member businesses and non-tribal customers conducted on tribal leased land.  Specifically it will allow the Tulalip tribe (despite losing a recent court case) to collect 50 % of ALL sales taxes at the Quil Ceda Village (Walmart/Home Depot/Shopping Outlets,etc.) and is estimated to cost the State and County about 50 million dollars a year in revenues..  If all 31 state tribes implement what Tulalip is doing it potentially could cost WA State / Counties 1.5 billion dollars a year in revenue.  Also expect a tax shift to the neighboring property owners to make up for the lost revenue.

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SB 6492 Is a BILLION DOLLAR B & O tax that raises taxes on all service related businesses gross revenues.  It unfairly targets service industries taxing everything from health-care providers to housing services.  This tax is egregious and totally unnecessary.  We have over a billion dollars in additional revenue since the legislative session in April of last year.  It penalizes doctors, dentists, therapists, veterinarians, businesses that service nursing homes, forestry services, waste management, etc.  It will only force these businesses go out of business or raise prices for services, and will translate into higher prices for everyone.


HB 2567 "Arrest free zones” around courthouses. This is designed to stop ICE from enforcing federal law by prohibiting the arrest of Illegal Aliens on courthouse property for civil matters.   This is dangerous policy that hurts law enforcement from keeping us safe and could easily allow repeat problem criminals back into society to do more harm.


HB 2640 Prohibits the ICE detention facility in Tacoma from expansion.  The U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement has requested expansion of this facility for national security reasons.  The Northwest Detention Center is privately run for the benefit of ICE.  The Democrats say a new law is needed, saying NO to ICE based on the premise that it is "not an essential" public facility.

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HB 6313 Allows 17 year olds to vote in a primary election if they will be 18 by the general election (effectively lowering the age of voters).  Requires the Dept. of Licensing to provide an automated process for 16 and 17 year olds to register to vote.  Requires public universities, if requested by the student government, and certain public universities branch campuses, open hubs to provide ballots.


HB 2870 Establishes a Marijuana Social Equity Program.  This authorizes the Liquor and Cannabis Board to issue previously forfeited, canceled, revoked, and unissued marijuana retailer licenses to eligible applicants aversely impacted by the enforcement of marijuana prohibition laws.


SB 5323 Mandates that all statewide retail stores stop distribution of sanitary single-use plastic bags, as government is encouraging people to use there own bags from home.  Also stores will be now charging 8 cents for each paper or reusable plastic bag.  A shame the private business owners are no longer involved in day to day operations of their own businesses by making sure their customers needs are met.  BEWARE OF GOVERNMENT MANDATES HAVING STORE CUSTOMERS POTENTIALLY USING DISEASE RIDDEN AND DIRTY REUSABLE BAGS FROM HOME.

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SB 6561 Provides tax payer money for WA state Illegal Aliens (undocumented immigrants) to be used for student loans.  These Foreign National individuals would normally be ineligible for Federal student loans because of citizens status.  But in our "Sanctuary State" money is now ready available for illegals.


HB 2870 Establishes a Marijuana Social Equity Program.  This authorizes the Liquor and Cannabis Board to issue previously forfeited, canceled, revoked, and unissued marijuana retailer licenses to eligible applicants aversely impacted by the enforcement of marijuana prohibition laws.


Some Good News: Republicans stopped many terrible bills like HB 1775 / SB 5744 Universal Visitations.  This law would have mandated that government state sanctioned officials visit the home of every newborn baby in our state.  Requiring every new mother and father to be forced to allow state inspectors into their homes upon the birth of a baby.  This law wanted to have the WA State Division of Child and family Youth Services (DCYF) to set up another new government agency program where uninvited state workers would come into homes to make sure the brand-new baby is being properly cared for up to state standards.


The last month has been dominated by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The virus is believed to have begun in November or December, 2019 in Wuhan, China. During the first several weeks of the outbreak the Chinese Communist government chose to hide and cover up the epidemic.  China silenced coronavirus whistleblowers, expelled journalists, destroyed samples, refused CDC help, and concealed counts of deaths and infections.  As White House National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien observed, “This outbreak in Wuhan was a cover-up.” In fact, Chinese doctors who sought to get the information out were subsequently imprisoned or silenced by Beijing.  It probably cost the world community two months to respond, and those two months … could have dramatically curtailed what happened in China and what is now happening across the world.”

NY Republican Congressional Rep. Stefanik introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to hold China to account saying,   "There is no doubt that China’s unconscionable decision to orchestrate an elaborate coverup of the wide-ranging and deadly implications of coronavirus led to the death of thousands of people.  This Resolution calls for China to provide compensation for the harm, loss, and destruction their arrogance brought upon the rest of the world. Simply put – China must, and will, be held accountable."

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As we deal with the collateral consequences of China giving us the very serious situation of COVID-19, it is imperative that we all work together to stop its spread and expedite proven drugs/vaccines to fix the problem.  The Trump Administration was way ahead of curve by restricting entry into the U.S. from China beginning Jan 31st which saved countless lives.  The prompt response including setting up the coronavirus task force, which advocated and implemented immediate private and public sector solutions, has been pro-active, consistent, informative and optimistic (link for Coronavirus guidelines).  The Administrations' position that "We're not going to let the cure be worse than the problem, by not allowing a medical problem turn into a long lasting financial problem" is in practice.

As serious and deadly as COVID-19 is, proper perspective is paramount.  The last pandemic the U.S. had was in 2009 with the Swine Flu (H1 N1), origin of the virus is believed to be from pig herds in Mexico.  When it ran its course, estimates say the swine flu spread to 70 countries, infected approximately 1.5 billion people, and killed anywhere between 300,000 to 600,000.  About 61,000 million U.S. citizens were diagnosed, around 275,000 were hospitalized and over 12,500 died.  Worst of all is the fact that the swine flu killed mostly children and many young adults.  Over 80% of the deaths were people under the age of 65.  Yet life went on as normal, there was no non stop 24 / 7 media coverage with never ending pictures of the dead, the virus and daily tickers with death stats on all the news stations, there was no mass panic and no shutting down of the economy.

Flu / Influenza season in the U.S., which runs from October through May claims tens of thousands of lives every year.  Last season (2018-19) CDC estimated that 35.5 million people in the U.S. got the flu, 490,600 were hospitalized and 34,200 died from it.  This season CDC estimates that up to 62,000 will die from the flu.  The human body is an amazing thing as it naturally develops anti-bodies on its own; by forcing social distancing on all of society for extended periods does this hinder or slow that immune process?  There are many factors to take into account like Herd Ammunity.  Time will only tell how this pandemic compares with the Swine Flu and other influenza like illnesses.

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Since early January over 4,000 people with COVID -19 have died in the U.S.  Approximately 80% are over the age of 70 (many in nursing homes), and many had pre-existing health conditions, weak immune systems, diabetes, etc.  Up until last week the WA Dept of Health website statistics for the state of Washington reported that 82% of all COVID-19 deaths were ages 70 years and older.  It is interesting to note that this week the state website has been reformatted to show age brackets of 60 yo - 80 yo and 80 yo +.  

There is much evidence supporting that the true death rates reported of COVID-19 are significantly less than the actual number.  I.e. it is widely understood that many worldwide report tallies of the COVID-19 deaths are people who died WITH the virus and not necessary FROM the virus, simply because of the previous underlying health conditions.  In other words COVID-19 may have accelerated the death, and/or the patient died from another serious illness, but their death was not DUE to COVID-19.  Also random population anti-body sampling shows that many already had COVID-19 in their dna samples, but it did not cause the death, i.e. leukemia, etc.

So questions to ask are, How many extra deaths above normal are we experiencing because of COVID-19?  How many of the COVID-19 deaths would have died this year anyway because of the flu, influenza or other health related natural causes?  And How long is it worth shutting down the economy, destroying businesses and ruining families lives, which all dramatically effect health and well being.   Obviously, these are all very difficult decisions.  From all the data we have it appears that the best thing we can be doing is what Germany and South Korea did; testing everyone as quickly as possible, then have the people who tested positive self-isolate. 

For the two + years we had the best economy in the history of our country, and in one month the U.S. went from the lowest recorded unemployment in all demographic segments to by far the highest ever recorded.  At some point the collateral impacts of intentionally crashing the economy, leading many into depression, welfare, drug addiction, suicide, etc. needs to be weighed with fighting a disease.  Completely closing down most of the private sector by breaking the economy in order to fix a medical problem has many downsides.  It restricts life, liberty and happiness and creates a new stress and panic in the masses as many lose their jobs.  Lets hope & pray we can all get back to work sooner rather than later and take what we have learned, and precautions on the way.

Here in Washington we have had an extremely long, cool and wet winter as mountain snow continues to pile up.  So there is good reason to expect that as the days get longer and the temps and humidity increases the virus will naturally dissipate.  Also we are much further along in this virus cycle as the first recorded COVID-19 case was January 21st.  However the virus itself may have actually been in our state as early as late November or December, just nobody knew it.  Since the incubation period in the human body is 2 to 14 days, there is good reason to believe that the overall numbers may peak soon, and then dramatically fall after that over the next several weeks.  Also, there may already be a cure, as Hydroxychloroquine and other combination drugs are being proven very effective in hundreds of test cases, including in South Korea.

In the meantime we are told by the state to shelter in place at home and stay 6 feet away from one another, at the same time many grocery shelves are empty, and pot shops & liquor stores are considered “essential businesses.”  When families and businesses suffer because of a collapsed economy, and people are forced onto the welfare roles, when churches and synagogues are forced to close, private sector construction is closed but public sector (tax payer funded) construction is allowed, abortion clinics are allowed to operate as "essential business," but bans on firearm sales are ordered, and criminals are released from prison and law-abiding citizens are confined to their homes, but tribal casinos and tribal businesses are exempt and can operate freely, it shows us the obvious political bias and motivation behind many of the decisions.


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To make matters worse it has become clear the National Democrats (Pelosi, Schumer and their allies) do not have most Americans best interests by prioritizing their far left dreams of a socialist America above the common good.  Pelosi refused to even take up the Senate's Workers Health Stimulus Bill that offered immediate relief to employees, employers and small businesses, while millions of Americans were suffering, it was shameful to watch.

Instead of providing critical funding for the people and businesses impacted by the coronavirus, Dems did all they could to further their agenda, i.e. their first coronavirus stimulus bill attempted things like:  Expanding union collective bargaining, nationalizing our elections, (universal vote by mail with ZERO id requirements, same day voter registration, ballot harvesting, etc.), a national $15 minimum wage, bailing out the US Post office, funding for NPR, abortion funding, a Corporations and Businesses mandate to provide corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards, automatic extensions for Illegal Alien work visas, an Obama free give away phone program, new airline emissions standards, funding NYC museums and the Kennedy Center, $300 million to migrant refugees, $1 billion in grants to fund sanctuary cities, $300 million to PBS, $602 million to the IRS, $90 million to HIV/AIDS relief, etc. 

The Democrat tactic cost needy Americans over a week of delays as as the Republicans in Congress eventually stopped it!.  Then last week Congress then passed H.R. 748 “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act” (“CARES Act”). The $2.2 trillion package will assist with both the health and economic challenges facing our country and state, including immediate financial relief to individuals, families and businesses.


As we are now facing economic uncertainty, of truly epic proportions, and now the policies Republicans have been fighting for nationally and in the state legislature are more important than ever.  In Olympia Democrats have increased spending by 75% since the 2013 session when our annual budget was $33.5 Billion.  Now it is $53.8 Billion.  Instead of setting money aside for a rainy day, Democrats insisted on funding their special interest projects. If Democrats continue to hold legislative majorities in 2021 you can expect more of the same as they will be pushing for significant increases in taxes including personal income taxes, capital gains income taxes and other methods to extract additional revenue from the people of Washington State.  IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OLYMPIA VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2020!


There are two excellent global websites that are tracking COVID-19 on an hourly basis here, and here.  Also here is a list with helpful links of other resources related to coronavirus:

Skagit County government's website

Washington state's coronavirus website

The federal government's coronavirus website

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions website

Washington State Department of Health's website  Call Center: 1-800-525-0127 


Abbott Laboratories has developed a machine that can reportedly detect whether someone is positive for the virus within just five minutes. The virus detection machine is small and portable and can easily work in just about any hospital or clinic. It's already been approved by the FDA and experts are calling it a "game-changer."  Abbott Labs say they plan to start supplying 50,000 tests a day starting Wednesday.


Some parents who fear their children are now using a different gender identity at school, with staff support but WITHOUT notice to them, have recently sued the Madison Metropolitan School District in Wisconsin.  The 14 parents want a judge to order the school district to change its rules and tell parents if and when students express or show signs of gender dysphoria, a range of conditions in those who identify as a gender other than the one assigned at birth. 

According to the suit, the the Madison district trains and requires staff to assist students of any age with transgenders within the school by agreeing to recognize them by a different name or pronouns, but use the child's birth name and pronouns in official records and when communicating with parents — if the student doesn't want them to know.

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The suit contends this violates parental rights under the state constitution, and contends that "experts" disagree about the causes of gender dysphoria and its treatment.  Many professionals believe that affirming a child’s alternate gender identity at young ages can reinforce and solidify gender dysphoria that otherwise might have very well resolved itself, as over 90% of the cases grow out of it.


On March 25th Gov. Jay Inslee decreed that construction is not "essential activity," shutting down construction - residential and commercial activity - until at least April 8.  Inslee is only one of two Governors who has issued a statewide "Stay at Home Order" that does not designate construction as "essential." This order allows for state tax payer funded public-sector construction for "low income" housing, but will take away thousands of private-sector jobs, as builders and contractors are being forced to cancel orders. Also, this mandate kills many trades, hurting families and the economy. Now construction companies, roofers, carpenters, and others may have no other choice except to leave the state to find work.

The construction industry already uses safe protocols, and we should not punish the private sector in this time of economic downturn. We should allow the construction trades to continue to work as long as workers are practicing CDC guidelines as best possible: only going to work when healthy, restricting the number of workers on-site; using hygienic measures, hand washing, masks, and social distancing.  Please sign this petition and tell Governor Inslee that Washington needs to be like other states, and to keep construction an "essential activity."


Last week, in a closed public meeting, the Edmonds City Council passed ordinance # 4177 taking away our 2nd amendment rights by not allowing people to carry firearms in the Edmonds city limits.  The reason given was because they said Inslee's declaration of emergency order considers gun stores to be a "non-essential business."  Also they said the Governor's executive order suspended the rules of open public meetings (taking away transparency).  This is simply usurping our 1st and 2nd amendment Constitutional rights.  A few days later, after much public pressure, the council reversed its decision, also a local Veteran was about to file a lawsuit. 

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Last week multiple gun rights organizations and retailers filed a lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva for closing down gun stores in the county after deeming them as non-essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The gun rights groups in the suit include the National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation, the California Gun Rights Foundation, and the Firearms Policy Coalition They are al saying the state of violating Second and Fourteenth Amendment rights: 


Another city being sued is the city of Denver, as two weeks ago their city council also shut down gun stores as "non-essential."  "It’s people's right provided by the Constitution in the Second Amendment to be able to protect themselves and they are trying to restrict that,"  That’s the argument Ryan Resch, owner of Bighorn Firearms and his lawyer, Ian Hicks, gave when they filed a lawsuit against the city to prevent the closure of gun shops around Denver.


Don't believe the repeated reports from the mainstream media that Trump is unpopular, just a few months ago Trump was greeted by lengthy thunderous applause at the NCAA national championship football game (video), and spoke to over 110,000 at a rally in India at one of the largest stadiums in the world.  And also tens of thousands in India lined up 10 deep along every street along his motorcade’s route, many of them waving U.S. flags.  The Presidents approval ratings have only increased since, and specifically with his handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic recent polls say 60% of Americans approve.

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Thank you so much to the team at “Parents for Safe Schools” that is supporting Referendum 90, which would repeal ESSB 5395 the comprehensive sex ed mandate beginning in Kindergarten.  We have just 85 days to submit 129,811 signatures to put Referendum 90 on the November ballot, to request a R-90 petition(s) click here.  Sixty years ago the Communist Party said their long term plan to destroy America was to use the school system to take over the minds of America's youth. They openly said they would gradually legitimize sexual promiscuity, homosexuality and abortion through "sex education" in the public schools.  What they didn't say is that these policies would take over the Democratic Party, but that is exactly what has happened.


Thank you to Apple, Ford, My Pillow, Tesla and dozens of other companies.  Leave it up to the generosity and innovation of the private sector for donating and manufacturing tens of thousands of much needed ventilators, hand sanitizers, face masks and other items that are all proving essential to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.


LD 10 State House Representative Norma Smith has announced that she will be retiring at the end of her current 2020 term.   Norma has been working in the State House of Representatives since 2006 and is known as one of the smartest and hard working legislators in Olympia.  She is the ranking Republican on the House Innovation, Technology and Economic Development Committee, and the assistant ranking Republican on the House Capital Budget Committee.  She also serves on the House State Government and Tribal Relations Committee.  

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Norma said, “Serving the people of the 10th District has been my greatest professional honor and privilege. They put their trust in me and I will be forever grateful. I have poured everything I have into our communities and sound legislation, and I feel like we have accomplished so much together,” said Smith, R-Clinton. “I now look forward to the next season of life and the new doors of opportunity opening to once again focus on teaching and mentoring. I am looking forward to renewing this life-long vision of investing in the hearts, minds, and faith journey of another generation.”   Thank you so much for your service Norma, your expertise and prowess will be truly missed in Olympia! 

The Republican Party is endorsing Camano Island Attorney Greg Gilday to be Norma's replacement.  Greg is a Republican PCO who lives on Camano Island.  He is currently an attorney at Cole & Gilday, working alongside his uncle, Bob Cole. He also a Realtor with Windermere Real Estate and is the President of Land Title and Escrow, a privately owned company serving the title and escrow needs of people in Skagit and Island counties.  His resume of experience will bring extensive business and leadership experience to the House in 2020.

Greg is committed to public service, and is active in numerous non-profits, including the Stanwood Camano Rotary Club where he served on the board of directors for 5 years and as club president in 2009-2010. Gilday was the founding member and served as the General Coordinator for the Rotary Adventure Playground, a project which brought together over 1000 volunteers to build a community playground on Camano Island. Gilday is also a past board member of Safe Harbor Free Clinic and the Stanwood Camano Food Bank.

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Gilday is the third generation of his family to live in the Stanwood Camano area. He currently resides on Camano Island with his wife of nearly 20 years, Megan, and his two sons. The family attends Stanwood Foursquare church and enjoys cycling, skiing and Friday pizza-movie nights.  For more info see: greggilday.com.


Our next SCRP Central Committee meeting will be on Thursday, April 16th at 7 pm.  The meeting will be done via conference call / webinar and will feature LD 10 State House Candidate Greg Gilday.  To RSVP please email: skagitrepublicans@yahoo.com or call (360) 820-1700.


The SCRP County Convention will be on Saturday, May 16th at 10 am.  We will be doing the convention via a conference call / webinar format.  Please see skagitrepublicans.com for all event updates!


Respect and Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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