April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

Saturday, April 13 from 9 AM - 10:30 AM there will be a Yvonne Gallardo for State Representative Campaign Kickoff at the Mount Vernon Shawn O' Donnell's: 13724 La Conner Whitney RD.

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


This is your opportunity to meet our Republican Candidate for State House Pos.1 Yvonne Gallardo. Event will include a Free Continental Breakfast and many guest speakers including: 

  • State House Republican Leader: Drew Stokesbary
  • Senate Deputy Republican Leader: Chris Gildon
  • State Senator: Nikki Torres
  • State Senator: Ron Muzzall
  • State Senator Ann Rivers
  • State Representative Andrew Barkis
  • State Representative Bryan Sandlin
  • Snohomish County Councilman: Nate Nehring

Donations are not required but appreciated! $2,400 maximum per person.

RSVP to Nicole Vartanian: Call / Text (360) 200-8818  Email: rsvp@vartanianstrategies.com

MORE ABOUT YVONNE: ElectYvonneGallardo.com

The SCRP Central Committee meeting will immediately follow from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM - The meeting is open to the public and will include 2024 candidates and our regular business meeting. More info: SCRP Chair Bill Bruch (360) 820-1700 - Email: Chair@skagitgop.org

Thanks so much to all the SCRP Volunteers and the about 200 people who participated in last month's SCRP County Convention that made it such a huge success! A full contingent of Delegates were elected to the WAGOP State Convention in Spokane April 18 - 20 - (53 Delegates) including 10 Alternate Delegates! Also, a big thank you to our 2024 Candidates that spoke, including Ron Wesen (Skagit Commissioner), Yvonne Gallardo (State House Rep. LD 10), Keith Wagoner (State Senator LD 39), Ron Muzzall (State Senator LD 10), Sue Kuehl Pederson (State Land Commissioner), Pete Serrano (State AG); and Special Guest Speaker Brian Heywood of Let's Go Washington who gave an excellent re-cap of the six initiatives (3 soon to be law and 3 that will be on the Nov. Ballot).

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter



The 2024 WA GOP State Convention is April 18th - 20th at the Spokane Convention Center. Over 2,500 PCO Delegates from all 39 counties will be voting to endorse candidates in 2024. Don't miss it, the state convention is a hallmark event for Republicans across the state. It's a time to come together, chart a path forward, and formally endorse federal and statewide candidates.

 Even if you are not a delegate, you can still be a guest to the state convention:
- Candidates for Statewide office, Congress, and Legislature
- National speakers for lunch and dinner events
- Workshops with national experts
- Network with hundreds with Republican groups
- Social events with 3,000+ Republicans
- State Party officers from all 39 counties
- Vendor exhibits from dozens of conservative groups 


April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


The short 60-day WA State legislative session recently concluded with the WA State Politburo Democrats trying everything possible to fully take over the state.

However Republicans took control of the Legislative Session, despite being the minority party - "The fact that the six common-sense citizen initiatives to the Legislature qualified with broad support across all demographics had a much bigger intimidation effect on the Speaker and the State Majority Leader than anybody expected,” says WAGOP Chair Walsh, the author, sponsor, and legislative force behind all six initiatives.

Three of the six initiatives will become law on June 6, 2024. They include I-2113, which restores reasonable police pursuit; I-2081 that establishes parental notification rights; and I-2111 which codifies Washington’s longstanding tradition of no personal income tax. Best of all, the new laws will not be subject to a veto by Jay Inslee, who has governed largely by executive order!

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


When common-sense Republican policies lead the way, things get better for everyone, and working together, we will continue to fix what’s broken in Washington. The remaining three initiatives that Democrat lawmakers declined to hold public hearings for will appear at the top of the ballot in November. They include I-2117, a repeal of the egregious cap-and trade tax scheme, officially known as the Climate Commitment Act; I-2109, a repeal of the capital gains tax; and I-2124, an opt-out of Washington’s insolvent long-term care retirement program.

A Huge Victory for Common Sense and Sanity, Washington Democrats forced to pass three citizen initiatives, outing their pro-crime members. Walsh says: "WA Democrats lost focus in the 2024 legislative session and Republicans were very effective in killing many terrible Dem proposed bills." Video

THE INITIATIVES: Good Government Policy and Simple Solutions. These initiatives are not a Republican or Democrat thing, people were signing of ALL demographics. The people of Washington, by and large, believe they are taxed too much, and the state is spending out of control. On average with all the issues, 54% of people who have signed either identify as independent or Democrat, and it’s all races of people!

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

GOP backed initiatives lead to epic WA election fight -Six Republican-backed initiatives that largely defined the 60-day session. Article

Inslee threatened members of his own party to pass HB 1589 which will financially devastate WA state's working class and poorA brutal assault against the peasant citizens that could double or even triple the cost of Natural Gas. Also, citizens may spend 20K - 50K to switch to electric, and construction costs will skyrocket - More "Climate Change" agenda that allows PSE to “shut off the gas” to its 900,000 customers, one community at a time. That’s how the state’s largest utility proposes to meet strict (and absurd) new Democrat requirements for emissions reductions, to fix things that don't need fixing!

Inslee signs natural gas bill into law, critics say it comes at expense of customers

The State Democrats reached a new low with SB 5427, a new law to make government a watchdog for their interpretation of “bias.” Yes, the bias incident "snitch" hotline under the management of the State AGs Office, will soon be able to turn in their friends, neighbors, family members, or even strangers for not only physical ‘hate crimes’ but also expressions of "bias."

The plan now pays (bribes) up to $2,000 to people who call a government hotline to report hate crimes and “bias incidents”. A “bias incident” is speech that is an “expression of animus” where criminal investigation and prosecution are deemed “impossible or inappropriate." Expect all records to be kept in a state government database.

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Democrat "Snitch Line" - Criminalizing Free Speech! Article

Washington State: Get $2,000 to Snitch on Your Neighbor for Speech “Crimes”

WA lawmakers pass bill to create hotline for hate crimes and bias incidents

Send Your Neighbor To Prison For “Wrong Speak,” Get $2,000 From Taxpayers

New Scheme sets up ‘Reporting Hotline’ for Non-criminal ‘Bias’

SB 5843: Relating to security breaches of election systems and election-related
Mandates every county to install a system to monitor cyber intrusions. Connected to the internet 24/7 and shares data with the leftist Non-profit Center for Internet Security (CIS). There are many concerns about Albert / CIS. Albert was originally Soros funded and tested in 2017 in the battleground states. It is a Trojan Horse and there are questions that it has anything to do with elections (other than perhaps monitoring them). Also, when Lincoln Co installed Albert in 2020 before the election they were hacked and never were notified by CIS. Three counties in Eastern WA (Ferry, Grant, and Lincoln) did much research via IT professionals, and have never felt comfortable with Albert, and they have turned down Albert installations because of possible increased vulnerability to hacks.

SoS Hobbs tried to get them to accept Albert by offering $85,000 (per year bribes) to each of the counties. All three declined. Lincoln County Commissioner Rob Coffman wrote an opt-ed that was published in the Lincoln County Record Times asking Inslee to veto the bill. This bill also allows the SoS to certify election results even if the County Canvassing Board does not, and specifically includes observers as subject to Class C felony criminal penalties for election law violations. Republicans tried 11 amendments, none were allowed by the corrupt Dems!

Computer security expert David Spring wrote a 95 page report called A Crime Against All of Us. At the end of his report is a 10 page addendum called “Eight Red Flags of the Albert Data Mining Program” which is a detailed analysis of the “network security” program called the Albert Sensor. The WA State legislature passed the law requiring ALL counties to install and use an “Intrusion Detection System” to monitor their computer networks. The required new program is actually called Albert. SoS Steve Hobbs, falsely claimed that Albert will “improve election security.” In fact, Albert is a Black Box centralized data mining system that will create a single point of failure, reduce security and make our elections even easier to hack than they already are. Of note: on page 3 of the bill, it reads: The secretary of state must annually consult with the Washington State Fusion Center. David Spring says there are about 100 Fusion Centers and 100,000 Fusion agents in the US. This Fusion system is an unelected shadow government, aka The Deep State. By "Fusion" they mean joining together of government insiders with w multi-national corporations. Article

Albert Sensors: Front Door to Sensitive Election Data

With HB 2115 WA Democrats have not just legalized abortion, they’ve made it protected healthcare for minor children (of no minimum age) - Removed all cost sharing (so either Medicaid pays or your insurance company foots the entirety of the bill), they’re forcing health care facilities to provide abortion or be shut down. Article

Jay Inslee signed a bill into law mandating Washington schools to teach LGBTQ history as part of the curriculum. SB 5462 was introduced in 2023 with the aim of expanding "inclusive learning standards and instructional materials" in the state’s public schools, guided by a framework of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion—popularly referred to as DEI. Education leaders must develop a curriculum including the histories and contributions of LGBTQ figures, as well as the histories of people with various racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Article

2024 WA State Legislator Scorecards - Based on the Principles of the U.S. Constitution

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter



Washington state sued for denying Christian couple foster care license over 'gender ideology' regulations

REPORTERS FIND THAT MONEY IS NO OBJECT WHEN IT COMES TO JAY INSLEE’S WORK COVERING UP HIS POLICY FAILURES. Trying to make culverts interesting is no easy task, but a team of reporters and graphic artists at the Seattle Times spent a lot of space highlighting the billions of dollars the state is spending to save salmon by removing culverts. What they found was how hard it would be for a single dollar spent by the state to actually survive its bureaucratic journey in the name of helping salmon, with one city official noting “does the public know we’re spending billions on culverts that fish won’t be able to reach? I don’t think so.” Article

Washington Supreme Court Rules That Bar Exam No Longer A Requirement To Practice Law, Cites Impact On “Marginalized Groups”

WA Supreme Court: Passing the Bar No Longer Required to Be a Lawyer

Washington Named America’s Most Corrupt State - Again! WA state has once again topped the list of the most corrupt states in the United States, according to a new report by Best Life. The report used four metrics to measure corruption: number of public corruption convictions per 10,000 residents, number of reported violations by medical providers, states with anti-corruption measures for public officials (S.W.A.M.P. Index), and state integrity score. Each metric was given a weighted value and was used to calculate a corruption index score, where 100 is the most corrupt and 0 is the least. Washington scored a whopping 99.98 on the corruption index, making it the most corrupt state in the nation. Here is how WA performed on each metric. Article

Democrats want to tax your home, your retirement, your everything with $4.4 T in revenue, US could manage a sane budget, but Dems want to tax and spend

2024 WA State Legislative Session Summary - The Good, Bad, and the Ugly!


Democrats Will Probably Lose the Senate - Opportunities abound for Republicans, who are defending only 11 seats this November!

Trump Wins Washington State Primary, Clinching GOP Nomination for 2024 - Officially wins the Republican Nomination after surpassing 1,215 delegates. He has now secured enough delegates to be nominated at the party convention this summer!

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Locking it up: Trump clinches 2024 Republican presidential nomination during March 12 primaries. President Trump is officially the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. 

Trump and his successor in the White House will formally become the two major party nominees this summer, as the Republicans and Democrats host their national nominating conventions in July and August, respectively. The 2020 general election rematch will be the first since 1956, when President Dwight Eisenhower squared off against Adlai Stevenson in a replay of the 1952 presidential contest.

A recent survey from the New York Times and Siena College found that Trump, benefiting from a boost in support from black and Hispanic voters, would handily win a rematch against Biden – 48% to 43%. The poll also showed Trump maintaining 97% of his core of supporters who backed his 2020 campaign, while picking up 10% of former Biden voters.

Several recent surveys also show Trump defeating Biden in key battleground states! Trump is besting Biden among registered voters in Arizona (49%-43%), Michigan (46%-44%), Nevada (48%-42%), North Carolina (50%-41%), Pennsylvania (49%-43%) and Wisconsin (46%-42%). FULL ARTICLE HERE  / TRUMP VIDEO MESSAGE HERE


Trump Secures Enough Delegates To Clinch Republican Nomination - Reached the Historic Milestone by Winning Washington State's GOP primary!

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


RNC Elects Michael Whatley and Lara Trump as New Leaders

RNC Votes to Recognize Trump as the Presumptive 2024 Nominee

Michael Whatley and Lara Trump are taking the reins of the national party with the intention of invigorating its effort to reelect Trump

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Two days after being named Republican National Committee co-chair, Lara Trump said that election security will be her top priority. Lara Trump is the wife of Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump. In an interview with “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo, Lara Trump said election integrity is a vital issue, interpreting comments from Attorney General Merrick Garland to mean “that he wants to basically give access … to anyone whether they are legally able to vote or not." Article

Slew of Firings at RNC As New Leadership Replaces Former Employees - Has Begun the Process of Eliminating 60 Employees from the Organization

Whatley: "RNC has completed a joint fundraising agreement with the Trump campaign and has brought in a data liaison to work with other Republican committees and state parties.”

Trump is Cleaning House at RNC; Aligning Campaign and Party: Lara Trump announced the RNC had the “largest digital fundraising weekend since 2020”

Trump Wins Idaho Caucus 85% to 13% After Triumphs in Missouri and Michigan 

Donald Trump won the North Dakota Republican presidential caucuses with 84% of votes conducted at 12 caucus sites, earning him all of the state’s 29 delegates

Trump romps Incredible domination by the Trumpster: "We are going to have the unity, and it will happen very quickly"

During President Trump's Super Tuesday Victory speech he called the incumbent the “worst president in the history of our country,” adding that “the world is laughing at us. The world is taking advantage of us. Three years ago, we were the most respected country anywhere in the world by far. Trump said during his time in the White House there was “no inflation” and the US had “the safest border in the history of our country.” He also took credit for defeating ISIS “in four weeks. “For 20 years they were fighting ISIS, I defeated ISIS in four weeks, we got rid of ISIS 100%,” The GOP front runner iterated that there were no wars in his term. Article

SUMMARY: Trump Super Tuesday Massacre
Alabama 83-13
Alaska 88-12
Arkansas 76-19
California 77-19
Colorado 63-33
Maine 72-26
Massachusetts 60-37
Minnesota 69-29
North Carolina 74-23
Oklahoma 82-16
Tennessee 77-19
Texas 78-27
Utah 58-41
Vermont 46-50
Virginia 63-35

After Super Tuesday, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley officially suspends campaign. Article

Trump's Wins in Colorado and Maine Are That Much Sweeter

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Trump garners over 81 % of primary vote in FL, even with Gov. DeSantis on the ballot

NEW POLL: Trump leading Biden by four points in Arizona! Trump is up on Biden 46% to 42% in a two-way race, and is ahead of Biden 37% to 33% in a hypothetical four-way race in which Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (18%), and Cornell West (2%) are on the ballot. 59% of Arizona voters disapprove of the job Biden is doing on the economy. Article

It’s Trump over Biden on most key matters for Independents

Trump Endorsed Bernie Moreno Wins Ohio GOP Senate Primary In Landslide Victory - “Let’s just say this, an endorsement from President Donald J. Trump is the most powerful endorsement in modern political history. There’s never been anything like it before, probably won’t be anything like it afterwards, so I was incredibly honored. It was probably decisive because at the end of the day, he’s the ultimate good housekeeping seal of approval. People like President Trump in Ohio for a very good reason. When he was president, we had world stability, we had low interest rates with good wages going up. So things were objectively good when President Trump was in office, and they’re really bad under Biden.”  Article/Video

Elect Pete Serrano for WA State Attorney General. Pete is a Constitutional Conservative candidate that will get our state back to Sanity and Law and Order! MORE INFO SEE: SERRANOFORAG – Protecting Washington’s Families; Safety, Service, Transparency.

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


The first question for Bob Ferguson in any gubernatorial debate should be. You have served as attorney general for the past 12 years with WA state now leading the country in most major crime statistics. Why should voters trust you to keep their families safe as governor—when you have failed in your role as attorney general to keep the public safe? Post

David Spring M. Ed. for Superintendent of Public Instructions - Every Child Deserves a REAL School and a Qualified Teacher. Why David Spring is Running for Superintendent of Public Instruction? More See: Spring For Better SchoolsWashington Common Sense Coalition! 

Common Sense Pledge. We recognize that among the primary purposes of our State and Federal Constitutions are first to limit the power of the government and second to protect the rights of citizens. We agree that numerous sections of our State and Federal Constitutions have been violated by the current Washington State government during the past 4 years. We pledge to honor and uphold the Washington State Constitution… and thereby restore a government of the people, by the people and for the people. David Spring for OSPI Website

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


WA State Democrat lawmaker who lied about military service appointed to Veterans Committee"Assigning a proven liar to the veterans' committee is also shameful and political pandering. Clyde Shavers is unfit for public office, let alone to serve on the House Veterans Affairs committee." Article

School choice candidates win big in Texas Republican primary. Candidates who support school choice won big in Republican primaries in Texas. The majority of Republican primary voters also passed a nonbinding proposition supporting school choice. Article

The Democrats don’t HAVE anything positive to offer America - Joe Biden is the worst President in American history, and every month, he gets worse

Bulgaria Will Hold New Elections

Hamas Approves Biden Regime Sending American Troops To Support Gaza - "There will be more dead Americans because of this decision."

Michigan, a critical state in the general election and a key component of the Democratic coalition, is becoming a battleground where voters are expressing their disappointment and demanding a change in policy.

Thousands of votes in North Carolina, Massachusetts and Minnesota also came in uncommitted on the Democratic side. Uncommitted movement is led by Palestinian and Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. Tlaib was the only present member who failed to vote in favor of a resolution condemning Hamas rape and sexual violence. She also voted against a bill barring the travel of Hamas members to the United States. She wants Israel wiped off the map and has confirmed this position with repeated chants of “from the river to the sea.” Article

ELECTION INTEGRITY: "Let My People Go" Full Length Documentary. This film is a masterpiece. If you want the full details of how elections are manipulated and how candidates whom the public despise keep getting elected, this is a must watch. This film will educate you, motivate you, inspire you, and entertain you. 

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Mike Davis: We need a “Criminal Probe” Into Democrats’ Lawfare and Election Interference Attacks

Illegal Immigrants Are Voting in US Elections

Election Integrity Firm: 7% to 18% of Registered Voters in 26 States Either DO NOT EXIST or Reside at an Address that DOES NOT EXIST

Victory: Landmark Decision on Voter ID! Watch Must-See Video Warning America on One-Party Takeover Plot. In a significant win for election integrity, a federal judge upheld AZ's crucial election integrity laws, dismissing unfounded challenges from the Biden DOJ and leftist groups. This ruling should empower all 50 states to now pass Voter ID laws in time to impact our 2024 election! 

VIDEO: The Democrat Open Borders Plan to Entrench Single-Party Rule | Explained in Under Two Minutes

Top Election Official Convicted for Creating Fake Names to Order and Send Absentee Ballots

MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Persecution of Stefanie Lambert

Kurt Olsen Discusses Stunning New Evidence In The Arizona Election Case

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


ALBERT SENSORS AND FAUX-CERTIFICATION OF NON-VOTING TECHNOLOGY INTIMATELY TIED WITH LEFTIST NGO - The monitoring of elections to a massive censorship scheme. The Department of Homeland Security’s private partner, Center for Internet Security (CIS), installed “Albert Sensors” all over the United States to monitor real-time data in election jurisdictions down to the county level. The program was present in only a handful of states in 2016, but was massively expanded after Donald Trump’s 2016 upset victory over Hilary Clinton.

While Albert Sensors quickly proliferated across the United States’ election infrastructure, CIS worked with left-wing NGOs, election officials, and Twitter, to set up a powerful censorship operation to squash all discussion of irregularities and fraud observed in the 2020 election.

Not only is CIS in the monitoring and censorship business, but they also piloted a faux-certification program called RABET-V—where they hired the owner of an electronic ballot delivery company to lead an effort to conclude that the nation’s “non-voting technology” (i.e. electronic pollbooks, election night reporting, etc.)—are “safe and secure.” The Democracy Fund, a radical leftist NGO, provided the funding. Article

From the mouths of Google executives, the tech giant let slip what was never meant to be made public: Google uses its "great strength and resources and reach" to advance its leftist values. Google’s influence on information technology, the body politic and American elections became evident in 2008. After failing to prevent President Trump from being inaugurated following the 2016 election, Google has since made clear to any discerning observer that it has been, and will continue, interfering in America’s elections. Article

The National Science Foundation is paying universities using taxpayer money to create AI tools that can be used to censor Americans on various social media platforms

America's Elections Are Rigged (And Everybody Knows It) - A Pentagon contractor in Spain leads you into the labyrinth of just how rotten our election system has become

PILF testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on legislation that would put the DOJ in total control of elections. If passed, partisan bureaucrats would have to approve changes to polling places, voting hours, voter ID, and registration requirements for state and local elections. We provided the Senate with countless examples of how this power was abused in the past and why this bill is unconstitutional. Americans do not want a federal takeover of elections. Video

The Republican National Committee (RNC) slapped Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguliar with a lawsuit alleging that the state has “impossibly high” voter registration rolls

Google Is a Surveillance Agency and is also a censoring agency with the ability to restrict or block access to websites across the internet, thus deciding what people can and cannot see in order to manipulate public opinion

In a classified briefing attended by officials from the Biden Justice Department, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that Elon committed “election interference” in 2022 by “changing the algorithms” on X. Post  /  Elon Response: Actually, I made the algorithm open source and neutral to all parties, but of course that *is* “election interference” by her standards...

Exclusive – Michael Whatley: RNC Hiring ‘Election Integrity Councils’ in Battleground States

Voting Machines Lack Even Basic Cybersecurity Features

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Expert Testifies in Court: Dominion Voting Systems Easily Hackable

Mike Benz Discusses the Blueprint for How Democrats Plan to Rig the General Election - Foundation for Freedom Online

NewsGuard Censors News Sites Critiquing Open Borders

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s cybersecurity agency is burying evidence of its prior efforts to encourage the domestic censorship of US citizens online

The U.S. is bracing for complex threats to 2024 elections, FBI Director Wray warns

Biden Wants Illegal Immigrants and Felons to Vote

Lara Trump: To anyone out there who's thinking about cheating in an election, we will go after you, You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law

How the Democrats Plan to Steal the 2024 Elections

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Dr. Eastman Explains The Establishment’s Attack On Him For Questioning 2020 Election’s Legitimacy

How Would the 2024 Race Change with a Fair Census and Electoral College Map? A very timely piece of analytical research outlining the manipulation of the decennial United States census, particularly those conducted in 2010 and 2020. Article

Nancy Pelosi strongly connected to Dominion rigging the 2020 election. See email first - Dominion is caught (see Sheriff Leaf's affidavit further below, and Attorney Lambert's court filing this morning) cheating in the 2020 election in Michigan. Why is one of Pelosi's top people on an email of private company Dominion Voting? Why is the President of Dominion even emailing Belgrade Serbia? Look what the President of Dominion Voting types "Keep sending local [Belgrade] news to the Hamilton team so they have awareness.' Post

WASHINGTON: Gerrymandering is just another creative way that Democrats cheat in elections. Nikki Torres, a Latino Washington State Senator in the 15th District has been drawn out of her district by a federal judge. The new map alters boundaries on 13 of the state’s 49 legislative districts. Article


April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Exposing the DNC Plan to Rig the 2024 Election - Former WA State Democrat Operative Blows the Whistle on Dems - During the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, David Spring witnessed how the corrupt leaders of the Democratic Party – also known as the DNC - rigged the election against Bernie Sanders. According to Spring: “it was not Russian interference that led to the election of Donald Trump. It was entirely the fault of the corrupt leaders of the Democratic Party who rigged the 2016 Democratic Party primaries and delegate selection process against Bernie – this was a crime against Bernie Sanders and Independent voters. “The people running the Democrat Party right now are crooks, and the head crook is Bill Gates. Someone needs to let the voters know how corrupt these people are. DNC rules that disenfranchise millions of voters must be opposed by all of us who care about the future of our democracy.” Full article

Rigging 2024 election - Spying, Censoring, Illegals Voting. Rigging the 2020 election wasn’t enough for the Marxist State of Washington. SoS Hobbs, a Democrat, entered into a contract in June 2023, with a UK company, LogicallyAI, who monitors social media accounts to identify what the leftists deem: "harmful online narratives about the election process and online threats to election officials and the election process."

This company is conducting mass surveillance ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election: targeting journalists, conservative activists, and voters for "narratives" that expose or question the systemic election fraud, according to information obtained via a public disclosure request (PDR). LogicallyAI was used by the British government to censor its citizens on social media. Article

2024 Washington State Presidential Primary Debacle - Problems Persist...WA State has no official party registration and every four years conducts “Open” Presidential Primaries. However, because of WA State Democrat draconian imposed laws and policies by the Democrat controlled legislature and Secretary of State, for a voter’s vote to count, each voter is MANDATED to affiliate with a party via a declaration (check box on the OUTSIDE of the envelope sleeve) and then only vote for the candidate of that party. Gee, what could go wrong? Article / AUDIO PODCAST

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


Is WA State Throwing Away GOP Ballots? We were shocked when we received our primary ballots two weeks ago. Why? The SoS forces voters to declare, for all to see, whether they are Democrats or Republicans ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE! What about third-party voters? “What’s going on? Democrats are making it easier to cheat. Article

MORE EXPOSED CORRUPTION: The 2020 Washington State Governor Election total ballots was a 25% increase over the 2016 Washington State Governor Election total ballots. This was five times greater than the population growth (5%) and five times greater than the average growth of ballots in the previous three Governor races. Article

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


As a media outlet, Crosscut should care more about efforts to limit free speech than alleged misinformation. Crosscut failed to ask SoS Hobbs about using taxpayer money to surveil critics with dissenting viewpoints—a violation of the Washington State Constitution and ethics rules. In late Nov. 2023, the Secretary of States’ actions led the WAGOP to file a complaint with the Washington State Executive Ethics Board against him. Jim Walsh: “Filing this Executive Ethics Board complaint is unfortunate but necessary. It is wrong for the SoS to use taxpayers’ money to hire a UK-based AI firm to surveil the Dem opponents read, write, or share on the internet. It is a violation of state laws and ethics rules on the use of public resources. More importantly, it is an intimidation tactic to chill free speech and what the WA State Constitution calls ‘absolute freedom of conscience’—a value often associated with freedom of religion but, in fact, much broader.” Crosscut/WA-SoS.

An artificial intelligence company working on behalf of the WA SoS to track election and voter “misinformation” flagged factually accurate stories on non-citizens voting that were published by The Center Square. While the reports from the AI company claims the stories could undermine confidence in the state's election process, The Center Square's review of the stories were based on internal government documents and emails obtained through public records requests. Last year, the SOS signed a contract with U.K.-based AI company Logically to search online content on various social media platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter), for "harmful narratives" regarding Washington’s elections or voting. The company was also tasked with generating reports sent to SOS for “Emerging Narratives” related to WA elections. Article

LogicallyAI has the power to shape the 2024 Elections. How many states are using some form of AI to interfere with and/or rig the election to obtain Democrat victories? Article

Mike Benz exposes the U.W. and the Kate Starbird Censorship Apparatus and how it relates to Election Interference

In 2018, Kate Starbird begged her Facebook followers to vote Democrat to hold Trump responsible for "corruption and collusion" and his "racist, anti-LGBT agenda."

During the 2020 election, Starbird utilized AI to censor millions of social media posts, mapping out entire networks of Trump supporters and flagging entire narratives she deemed as "misinformation." She worked with the Election Integrity Partnership, a CISA-backed censorship consortium, to systematically monitor, track, and censor entire belief systems at scale in the months before, during, and after the election.

What did they censor? They silenced the discussions that the First Amendment was created to protect, including the debate on the integrity of mass mail-in voting, early voting, ballot dropboxes, and voting machines.

Since 2013, U.S. taxpayers have funded Starbird's work on censoring American citizens. She held positions as the director of the UW Center for an Informed Public, a board member of CISA’s “disinformation” subcommittee, and a founding partner of the EIP. In her 2018 Facebook post, Starbird claimed Trump's “nationalism” and "patriotism" actually stood for “white supremacy," as she encouraged her followers to vote Democrat. During the 2020 election, Starbird and the EIP claimed every "repeat spreader of election misinformation" happened to be a Trump supporter. This influenced America's public consciousness as millions of social media posts were flagged by a highly partisan CISA-backed censorship operation intended to remove Trump from power. Post

WA SoS Hobbs, Despite Ethics Complaints, Boasts Using AI To Surveil Social Media

WA Secretary of State Outsources $272,838 Taxpayer Funded AI Surveillance Contract to South Puget Sound Community College

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


WA Secretary of State weaponizes AI to conduct surveillance of journalists, citizens. Washington State has now weaponized LogicallyAI to target its citizens and journalists through mass surveillance. Article

Logically.AI of Britain and the Expanding Global Reach of Censorship

NEVADA: RNC, Nevada GOP lawsuit shows voter roll inconsistencies

State Democrat sued over voter registration. The RNC filed a lawsuit against SoS Cisco Aguliar, a Democrat, claiming that the state has “impossibly high” voter registration and that the state has not followed regulations that require it to keep “clean and accurate voter registration records.” The RNC’s lawsuit states, “At least three Nevada counties have more registered voters than they have adult citizens who are over the age of 18. That number of voters is impossibly high.” Article


VIRGINIA: 168,000 deceased or relocated Virginians as "eligible but unregistered" to vote 

PENNSYLVANIA: Prior to the 2020 election, with minor exceptions, PA required in-person voting with proof of ID. The Election Law changed in 2019 to allow Mail In ballots. Among those who voted in person with verified ID in the 2020 election, Trump beat Biden in a million vote landslide with about 66% of the vote. However, among the 2.6 million mail-in ballots, Biden beat Trump by 75% of the vote - by almost 1.4 million ballots (2.0 million Biden to 0.6 million Trump). Election Fraud Deniers would like you to believe that is is perfectly normal for mail-in ballots to have a radically different outcome than in-person ballots. But it is not normal for any candidate in any election to get 33% among one random group of voters and 75% among a different group of random voters. In fact, it is not possible. There has never been an election anywhere in the world where any candidate got 33% of the in-person vote but 75% of the mail-in vote. Article

Jim Jordan Tells CISA To Fork Over Docs About Its Collusion With Pennsylvania To Target Election Speech  “The reporting about a partnership between CISA and the Pennsylvania Election Threats Task Force reinforces concerns that CISA is again partnering with third parties in a way that will censor or chill Americans’ speech - The government’s involvement in this type of speech is particularly alarming because, as the Supreme Court has recognized, ‘the importance of First Amendment protections is at its zenith’ for ‘core political speech,'” wrote Jordan.

Republicans Score Win in Court Battle Over PA Ballot Requirements - Mail-in ballots without dates, or with incorrect dates, will not be counted, federal appeals court rules

What Happens to Philadelphia When Ballot Harvesting Goes Mainstream?

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ARIZONA: Arizona Federal Judge Rules Voters Must Prove Their U.S. Citizenship Status In Order to Vote In Elections - With millions of illegal migrants entering the U.S. through Biden’s open southern border and Arizona being a crucial battleground state in the presidential election, ruling is one step closer to putting a stop to the Left’s radical policies. 

Victory: Landmark Decision on Voter ID! Time to Take Action and Demand Voter IDs in Every State of the Union!

MASSIVE New Election Fraud & Broken Laws EXPOSED In Maricopa County, Arizona During 2022 Elections! - Learn How Our Election System OPERATION Really Works...NATIONWIDE - It's Time Everyone Knows The TRUTH & FACTS. The ELECTION on November 8, 2022 in Maricopa County, Arizona was the MOST Fraudulent, Corrupt, Rigged, Mismanaged, Incompetent, Deceitful, Chaotic, Tyrannical, Malfeasance, Maladministration, Illegal, Illegitimate, Disenfranchising and Voter Suppressing Election our country ever had. It was an ADMINISTRATIVE INSURRECTION. They STOLE OUR sacred right to choose our representative through OUR VOTE + OUR decisions about OUR Lives, Communities and Money - THEY STOLE OUR FREEDOMS!. Article

Majority of Registrants Canceled Due to Foreign Nationality in Tucson Came from Partisan Voter Drives 400+ Cancelations for Citizenship in Pima and Maricopa Counties Since 2015

Inside the Census Bureau's Corruption of the Electoral College and U.S. House

VIDEO: Attorney Kurt Olson Presents Stunning New Evidence From Kerry Lake Trial

Arizona Senators Unveil Disturbing 2020 and 2022 Election Data Alterations - Senators Borrelli and Rogers: Unmasking the Truth Behind Maricopa's Voting Systems

TEXAS: AG Ken Paxton: "This is not the time to mess with Texas’ right to free and fair elections. Yet that is exactly what the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals did two years ago when they voted to take away my ability to prosecute voter fraud." Post

GEORGIA: Election Night November 3, 2020 just after Midnight Trump was
ahead by more than 331,000 votes
. In 2016 in Georgia, Trump got
47% out of 77,000 Mail- in Ballots while Clinton got 49%. Meanwhile for 
the In-person Ballots, Trump got 51%, while Clinton got 45%. The variance
was only 5% between In-person and Mail-in Ballots in 2016. In 2020, the variance was 62% minus 20% or 42%. It is simply not possible for the variance to increase from 5% to 42%. Article

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CALIFORNIA: Three Reasons the Garvey Glitch Undermines Public Trust

VIDEO: CA Senate Race Garvey was leading Schiff by a huge margin, then this happened...

WISCONSIN: City of Milwaukee Assistant Director of Elections, Kimberly Zapata, found guilty on all 4 election fraud Counts!

FEC CAUGHT altering campaign contribution data! Dara Lindenbaum, head of the FEC during the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election Lindenbaum worked as general counsel for Stacey Abrams's campaign. See before and after images right from the FEC on Adam Schiff. Sovereign Fraud: it is our own government cheating in the elections, in Smurfing (structured money laundering in campaigns across the nation), in our voter registration databases. Post

Tucker Carlson Video: Major Issues with Ballot Harvesting in Nursing Homes

Wisconsin Voters Have A Chance To Rid Their Elections Of ‘Zuckbucks’ For Good

MARYLAND: Maryland County And State Board Of Elections Officials Have Conspired To Conceal State And Federal Election Records - Irrefutable Proof The Maryland Election Fraud Mafia Enterprise Conspired to Deprive Maryland Voters Rights...Why would “trusted election officials” do such a thing? The answer is quite simple. To hide the evidence that they interfered with hundreds of thousands Maryland voters casting ballots and having their votes counted accurately.

Challenging Election Irregularities in Maryland. United Sovereign Americans, a nationwide group dedicated to fair and honest elections, has joined with Maryland Election Integrity, LLC, in filing a lawsuit in Maryland Federal Court against the Maryland State Board of Elections. Article

MONTANA: Montana’s Corrupt Supreme Court Rules Voting Reform Laws Are Unconstitutional - ‘State and county election officials punched in the gut

OHIO: Ohio SOS Frank LaRose Contracted with Foreign Corp. To Combat "Mis-information" In 2020. Through public records requests we have been able to confirm that Frank LaRose did contract with Logically AI, a foreign-based corporation, to combat "mis-, dis- and mal-information" during the 2020 election cycle.

Ohio Volunteers Uncover Massive Irregularities in Voter Database

NEW JERSEY: Why New Jersey is America's Hidden Garden of Electoral Corruption

MICHIGAN: Nothing To See Here: Michigan’s Voter Rolls Outnumber Adult Voters 

 MI Attorney’s Explosive Interview: “We have proof that ‘Election Source’ was accessing machines and that the election was subverted”…”Votes were switched” [VIDEO]

Sheriff Sends Evidence Of Serbian Involvement In Election Interference to Jim Jordan

Federal Judge Throws Out New Jersey Primary Ballot Design After Lawsuit

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MISSISSIPPI: Secretary of State Calls on DOJ to Cease Enforcing Biden’s Executive Order that Allows Illegals to Register to Vote

TRUTH about the January 6th "Insurrection" - Forgotten History

The "Insurrection Narrative" is fading..

North Dakota: Brookings County SD begrudgingly allowed “election denier” Rick Weible 5 minutes to voice his concerns on election software being used. It only took him 4 to drive a truck through their illusions of what they thought was a secure system. Video

VIRGINIA: Youngkin Vetoes Democrats’ Attempt To Force Virginia Into Leftist-Linked Voter Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group know as the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

ALABAMA: Secretary of State Wes Allen touts new voter integrity system, finds over 109,000 ineligible voters on Alabama’s rolls

WA DC: Sen. Mike Lee: It is illegal for non-citizens to vote in federal elections. The vast majority of Americans agree that photo ID should be required to vote, so hy do some people in Washington DC Oppose this? Video

Fingerprints of Fraud - The Movie - Chapter 1 - The Voter Rolls

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The UK has accused China of hacking its electoral register and attempting to steal details of millions of voters. Article


The massive election and voter fraud proof is overwhelming and literally mounts everyday - Most of the country now knows that there are very serious problems with our elections. If they want us to trust elections, they should let us verify what they say instead of removing transparency and resorting to name-calling or arrest when we ask for proof.

Trustworthy elections can be achieved with a few simple steps:

Each county should run their own elections

  • Clean the voter rolls
  • End mass mailout ballots
  • Use voter ID
  • Signature verification
  • No voting machines
  • Paper ballots only
  • Precinct-level voting, counting, and reporting
  • Election-Day, not election 2 months

These measures will save millions of dollars and provide us with results just 2 hours after the polls close, just like we used to.  Article

Behind Massive Mail-in Ballot Push. The federal government is using its vast resources and its largest agencies to register new voters and expand mail-in balloting via NGO's. Biden's EO 14019 has forced U.S. Marshals to modify more than 900 contracts with prisons and jails to provide voter registration docs and facilitate mail-in voting for inmates. Article


Tucker Carlson Video: Now Biden jailing people for PRAYING!

I’m Jim Banks, my pronouns are Chair/Man of the House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee, and I have some questions about leftist indoctrination in our military. Post

Robert Malone:  "Psychological and Cognitive Warfare on Citizens" - Americans: Will we soon look back on 2024 and exclaim: “We were so free back then!” Our overlords are working feverishly to deploy modern cognitive & psychological warfare tools and technologies against us to control everything we think, feel, hear & believe. Now, we are still able to find facts in their sea of lies, we can gather these little facts, share them with each other and discuss them and their implications. In five years, that may be impossible because we will only have access to the “facts” our overlords allow us to have. Article / Speech

LIST: Biden Lied 30 Times During The State Of The Union

Biden's 'deranged partisan hatefest' - This was not a State of the Union address. He spent most of the speech threatening the U.S. Supreme Court and all Americans, if they should choose a political path that does not include him and his pro-abortion, pro-transgender ideologies. Article

A Gold Star father was arrested at the State of the Union after interrupting Biden’s speech by shouting references to the administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. A video of Steve Nikoui’s interruption of the president’s speech shows the moment Biden froze as the Gold Star father was removed from the chamber. Article

Trump Wanted to have Proper Security on Jan 6 but it was denied by Dems / Pelosi / Deep state: Evidence That Could Have Exonerated Trump Over Jan. 6 Was Suppressed. A hidden transcript has been revealed, which allegedly shows the U.S. House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 Attack falsely claimed it did not have evidence that showed former President Donald Trump’s administration had asked for National Guard help in Washington D.C. Epoch Times Video

REVEALED: Liz Cheney, Sham January 6 Committee Allegedly Hid Exonerating Evidence of Trump’s Authorization for National Guard During Capitol Protest - The transcript from a key witness, Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato, reveals that contrary to the committee’s claims of having “no evidence,” there was substantial proof that the White House had been proactive in its approach to securing the Capitol.  Article

Former U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney's Jan. 6 Committee suppressed evidence President Trump pushed for 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the nation's capital on that fateful day in 2021. According to a a previously hidden transcript obtained by the Federalist, "Cheney and her committee falsely claimed they had 'no evidence' to support Trump officials' claims the White House had communicated its desire for 10,000 National Guard troops. Article

New Transcript Wrecks ‘Official’ Jan. 6 Witness Testimony | Facts Matter

AMAZING VIDEO: Trump Exonerated! Kash Patel Explains How The J6 Committee Withheld and Suppressed Key Transcripts!- J-4 Trump directly authorized 10,000 - 20,000 National Guard troops Jan 4 to maintain order on J-6.  Video

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THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DEEP STATE: A sinister cabal of corrupt law enforcement personnel, intelligence agents, and military officials at the highest levels of government plotted to overthrow a president. Even after they failed, they continue to secretly pull the levers of power without any accountability to the American people. Government Gangsters Book  /  AUDIO BOOK  /  Kash Patel Releases the Names of the Government Gangsters!

Government Gangsters: The Movie Gangstergovernment.com - "Blind Belief in Authority is the Greatest Enemy of Truth" - Albert Einstein

FBI admits spending 'every day' interrogating Americans about social posts

SOVIET AMERICA: Biden’s U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has arrested 93 January 6th protesters dissidents in the past two months. FBI arrests accelerated so much in late 2023 and early 2024 that they could strain the capacities of federal courts in Washington, D.C., with as many as 445 new cases coming before the courts, surpassing the total in 2022 and 2023. Article

ANDY BIGGS: "I can't imagine any elected official being more corrupt than the Biden Crime Family. The DC and Left Wing Media Cartel works overtime to cover up the corruption"

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: $32.7M slated for asylum-seekers flowing into Washington state

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"Sanctuary" cities and elsewhere are accepting of the effects of the migrant surge because they are hoping to gain greater representation in the House of Representatives and Electoral College by Redistricting

In 2019, then-candidate for President Biden stood on the Democratic debate stage and proclaimed his position on unlimited illegal immigration. "You should come," Biden said. "They [illegal immigrants] deserve to be heard." More than 10 million individuals have poured into the country – the majority of them military-aged men fraudulently claiming asylum. On day one of his first term, Biden repealed former President Donald Trump's emergency declaration, paused deportations, defunded the border wall and terminated the "Remain in Mexico" policy. Article

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Previously deported illegal immigrant working as teacher arrested for sexual abuse of at least three children

Illegal Alien Who Murdered Michigan Woman Was Deported Under Trump But Snuck Back Into US

Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Becerra Admits 300,000 Migrant Children Released Into US

Illegal Alien Who Murdered Michigan Woman Was Deported Under Trump But Snuck Back Into US

Around 600 foreigner migrants trying to illegally cross at the Southern border in El Paso, Texas, charged and broke through a wall of razor wiring, crossing the international border in hopes of obtaining asylum in the US. Article / Video

Matt Gaetz: The invasion has a maritime component. In San Diego, CA. A boat carrying people illegally invading our country pulled up to shore and they all dispersed. Are any of them on the terror watch list or wanted for violent crime? Where did they go? We don’t know…Video

Joe Biden’s America: Danger Ahead! Last year, DC had the highest number of homicides since 97’. Murders in NYC are up 23.1% from 2019 and felony assault is up 35.4%. Across 32 cities, car thefts increased 33.5% in the first half of 2023. Carjackings are up 98% in Washington, DC. Car thefts in NYC are up 191% from 2019. Buisnesses lost $112 BILLION due to retail theft in 2022, up from $93.9 billion the year prior. A record 5,363 NYPD cops were injured on the job in 2023. Post

Todd Bensman: The Biden administration is “breaking the law” while also “creating new law” under “executive fiat.” The Biden administration's program has flown 320,000 inadmissible aliens into 43 American airports over the past year. It’s a brand new admissions program that they created outside of the authority of Congress. Article

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The Biden Regime is knowingly importing military-aged men from terrorism-promoting countries and enemy countries. In Feb a group of Syrian men illegally entered the US  while decked out in tactical gear commonly used by military and law enforcement personnel. This group joins the 538 known Syrians who entered between Oct 2021 and Oct 2023. Article

If you have not yet seen Dinesh D'Souza's POLICE STATE it is a must watch. Streaming and DVD available at: PoliceStateFilm.net

This Is How Metastatic Immigration Kills a City - This is Everyone's Future. The Cartels are allied with Corporate Fascists, Greens, the Hard Left and the CCP. Vancouver, BC is now a cesspit of crime, drugs, human trafficking, child sex and money laundering. The city has been taken over by a consortium of cartels, Asian and Mexican, who own through their funding of a proliferation of social justice activist groups, members of the city council, the judiciary, as well as members of the provincial and federal government, particularly those in immigration who rubber stamp the papers of the worst criminals from across the Asian world. Article

ELON MUSK: Canadian law would allow judges to hand down life sentences for "speech crimes" (no, this isn't a joke)

Bloodthirsty Illegal Alien Gang Finds Safe Haven In Joe Biden’s America - Attacked NYPD and brutally murdered Laken Riley. In a worrisome development, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is warning agents to be vigilant for members of the infamous Venezuelan prison gang, Tren de Aragua, attempting to cross the southern border. This alarming trend coincides with the ongoing refusal of the socialist regime in Venezuela to repatriate its citizens. Article

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VIDEO: Tommy Tuberville Eviscerates Biden's Border Policies, Points Finger At Dems For UGA Murder

Tucker Carlson: The worst idea Congress has ever had - 'First you allow your country to be invaded, then you hand automatic weapons to the people who invaded it.' Video

Mexican Military Incursions on US Soil Worry Border Agents - ‘When you have somebody with an automatic weapon coming into the U.S., it’s concerning … because they do counter surveillance on us,’ says Border Patrol union. Article

Jack Posobiec: 62% support impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas for border crisis

NYC Taxpayers: Cough Up $2.3 Bn For "Migrants" - So what happens when taxes go up and so does crime? And the cost of city living goes up due to some of the people committing crimes? And the criminals aren't even legally American? More and more taxpayers are fleeing the city at the highest rate in the country.

Biden 'secretly flying' hundreds of thousands of illegals into 43 cities - Elon Musk: 'The groundwork is being laid for something far worse than 9/11'

Senator Bill Hagerty: Every single Senate Democrat voted against my amendment that would stop Biden Admin from using taxpayer dollars to charter flights for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from their countries directly to American towns to be resettled. Indefensible!
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Biden's illegals total more than populations of 33 individual states - Impacts 'public coffers, labor, schools, hospitals, political power'

Democrats Vote Against Bill That Would Stop Biden Admin From Flying Illegals to American Communities

Stop Illegal Migrant Caused Deaths! - Introducing the Laken Riley Act for Justice and Prevention

China Behind Super Highway That Targets US With Mass Migration, Economic Warfare
China is ‘like a boa constrictor that’s tightening and tightening around the United States,’ says expert, regarding the CCP’s vast investments in Latin America

Terrorists Are Storming the U.S. Border Thanks to Joe Biden's Immigration Crisis

America Is Going To Be Targeted For A Massive Terrorist Attack … Will You be Ready?

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Sociopath-In-Chief Biden: "Illegals built this country"

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that Texas law enforcement officials have the legal authority to arrest, detain and deport illegal immigrants

New York City begins giving illegal immigrants prepaid debit cards as part of $53 million pilot program

The Threats Against America

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ANOTHER caravan of 2,000 illegals predicted to breach U.S. border

Experts warn nation's food supply threatened by infected illegals

We demand President Trump’s sham impeachment to be expunged and erased from history! Liz Cheney and the other J6 members of Congress should be in trouble for lying to the American people - Cassidy Hutchinson lied under oath and belongs in jail - Fani Willis herself should be slapped with RICO charges. Post

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

Desperate to convince the American people the protesters were armed, Cassidy Hutchinson, at the behest of Liz Cheney, made up another story

Key Witness Spills the Beans on Fani Willis Corruption Scandal

3rd Pipe Bomb Camera Deliberately Turned Away From Scene ‘These revelations are extremely troubling and raise even more important questions about the DNC/RNC pipe bomb investigation,’ says Rep. Loudermilk. Article

JESSE WATERS VIDEO: Trump banned from talking about judge's family. Why? Because the the judge's family is currently being paid by the Biden campaign & Adam Schiff over $10 million.

U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rules in favor of Trump in Colorado ballot case. States do not have the power to remove former President Donald Trump from their presidential primary ballots under the 14th Amendment. SCOTUS unanimously ruled the U.S. Constitution makes Congress, not the states, the body responsible for enforcing Section Three of the 14th Amendment. Article

Cyber Threat to US Power Grids Escalating as Election Approaches

Biden claims he commuted by train over collapsed bridge - Problem: there were no tracks!

Classic Takes: Get Ready for the Pandemic of the Vaccinated - The truth you can't speak: the more people got vaccinated, the higher the excess mortality

All major Covid vaccines worldwide were once declared 100% effective, but zero actually worked!

NHS England: Children Will No Longer Receive Puberty Blockers Unless In Clinical Trials

A Minnesota commission tasked with redesigning the state’s flag faced significant backlash on Twitter due to allegations that the new design closely resembled flags from territories in Somalia, an East African country. 

The proposed design includes an eight-point North Star, along with a tricolor stripe (blue, white, and green) symbolizing elements reminiscent of the state’s geography, including mountains, water bodies, and the sky. The change came after complaints the old flag was offensive to Native Americans. Article

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

DEI is Mental Illness - Is "equity" critical race theory plus affirmative action? DEI is mental illness wrapped up in Marxist Critical Theory packaging. The bow on top is the belief that all feelings are justified, regardless of how irrational they may be. Article

Biden Dedicates Easter Sunday To Transgenders. The Biden administration really is attacking Christianity. On Easter Sunday, the holiest day in the Christian calendar, the Biden administration will follow in the Obama administration's footsteps and declare the holiday a "Transgender Day of Visibility." Article

Gov. Kathy Hochul Orders New York Landmarks Lit Up in Trans Flag Colors on Easter Sunday for Transgender Day of Visibility, Including One World Trade Center and Niagara Falls

A U.S. District Court delivered a significant setback to the Biden administration’s climate change agenda, striking down a controversial rule aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s highways. Article

In Major Blow To Democracy, Supreme Court Rules Voters Can Vote For Best and Favorite Candidate. In a stunning unanimous decision that dealt a shocking blow to democracy, SCOTUS affirmed that people can vote for the candidate they want. The landmark ruling, issued just as the 2024 Presidential Election prepared to ramp up, presents a grave new threat to American freedom, as all nine justices declared that voters can, in defiance of what the ruling authorities may want, select their preferred candidate. Article

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Government gets sued for searching private property without permission - The U.S. Constitution protects property from "unreasonable searches and seizures"

CDC Releases Paper on Myocarditis After COVID Vaccination, and EVERY WORD Is Redacted “148 pages. What good does a study do if there’s nothing there?” There’s obviously something very damning that they’re trying to hide. Dr. McCullough says we’re witnessing an “active cover-up” of a “colossal consumer product safety debacle.” “Pfizer recorded 1223 deaths with their product within 90 days of release. People were calling Pfizer in desperation, watching their family members die after taking the vaccine.” Video

Could The Clot Shots Unleash Prion Disease? - According to Dr. Luc Montagnier: the spike protein is also a prion

FINALLY: Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison - Convicted of stealing $8 billion from customers of his FTX cryptocurrency exchange

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Connection To Biden’s White House Revealed

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


FTX Founder Bankman-Fried Made ‘Tens of Millions’ in Illegal Campaign Donations

Murray, Schrier, WA Dems got campaign money from indicted FTX founder - U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier and the Washington State Democratic Party received political donations from Bankman-Fried, who used embezzled money to contribute to political campaigns. Campaign finance records show he spent around $40 million on political contributions in the 2022 election cycle, making him one of the largest political donors in the country. Virtually all Bankman-Fried’s publicly reported political donations went to support Democratic candidates. Article

April 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

Sam Bankman-Fried's 'secret' $65 BILLION backdoor

"Confidential Letters" - FTX Demands Politicians Return Millions In SBF Donations - WA STATE DEMOCRATS IMPLICATED

Please Remember to see: SkagitRepublicans.com for all updates!

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Respect and Blessings,
Bill Bruch, SCRP Chair

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