August 2018 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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Please remember to vote and also to remind your friends to vote in the upcoming August 7th primary election.  Midterm elections, especially for the candidates at the state and local levels, are just as important as the Presidential year elections.  Next weeks primary election is critical, only the top two candidates in each race move on to the November general election.  We have a very simple strategy, to get good Republicans elected we simply need to get the vote out!  

As a reminder the Skagit County Republican Party has officially endorsed the following candidates:

  Norma Smith Legislative District 10 State House Representative                                                           Dave Hayes Legislative District 10 State House Representative                                                           Carolyn Eslick Legislative District 39 State House Representative                                                       Keith Wagoner Legislative District 39 State Senate Representative                                                     Randy Hayden Legislative District 39 State House Candidate                                                             Michael Petrish Legislative District 40 State House Representative Candidate                                Tom Seguine State Appellate Court Judge Candidate                                                                            Rosemary Kaholokula Skagit Superior Court Judge Candidate                                                          Susan Hutchison United States Senator Candidate                                                                              Jeffry Beeler Congress 1st Congressional District Candidate                                                                     Clyde Williams Skagit County Treasurer Candidate                                                                                          Joe Lindquist Skagit County PUD Commissioner Candidate                                           

On a regular basis we have people coming into the Skagit County Republican Party office who are truly very concerned about Washington State's far-left liberal leadership, their attitudes and the direction the Democrat party wants to go.  Radical Socialist Democrat governing bodies like the Seattle City Council with the agenda of high taxes and massive regulations should not be in control, and one place Skagitonians can make a direct impact is at the ballot box.                       

The freedom to vote is America's most important political right.  No mater who you vote for in next weeks election, please remember that the grass roots constituents and activists can make the difference as to who will ultimately be representing us in our region, state and country.  It truly is our civil duty to make sure we get the highest level of honest and ethical individuals representing the GOP and its citizenry. 

The consequences of Democrat Progressive policies are being played out in major metropolitan areas of our country.  The cities of San Francisco and Chicago (as well as cities in Maryland and Massachusetts) have begun to register illegal immigrants and add them to their voter roles for the 2018 elections.  The Democrats are now justifying this by saying that the newly registered illegals must be parents (or guardians), and may only be allowed to vote in school board elections. 

However this presents a logistics problem; since many US city election officials don't even require voter ID to confirm who each person is, then how is it possible to stop the newly registered illegal immigrant voters from voting in statewide or national elections if they so desire?

The corrupt Democrat strategy is obvious; allow as many possible illegal citizens into the US, register them to vote using what ever means necessary, support mass amnesty, and tell everybody who will listen that the Republicans want to deport them and their families.  Ultimate goal being millions of new Democrat voters. This is criminal, it should be a simple fact that only American Citizens should be allowed to vote in our elections. 

Regardless of how they are enacted or what form they take, sanctuary policies place a greater emphasis on the criminal aliens than citizens and legal residents.  Very sad that Democrats want to abolish ICE, thank God Republicans want to abolish ISIS.                                


Please be on the lookout for election fraud, case in point: In the recent Whatcom County Conservation District Board of Supervisors Election, Conservative GOP Incumbent Larry Helm, lost by a total of 29 votes.  Later Public Records Requests showed there were 4,399 ballots counted, none of which had the signatures verified.  Also 51 of the voters were found to be 'unidentified', these votes should have not been counted, but were counted anyway.  Democrat Alan Chapman who happens to be the ESA coordinator for the Lummi Nation Fisheries, who is big on government regulations, was declared to be the winner.

Ballot distribution mismanagement was rampant as about 200 duplicate ballots were sent out.  Additionally, George Boggs the Executive Director of the Conservation District, was illegally involved in the election process by sending out emails showing bias against Mr. Helm to voters prior to the election.  Larry vehemently contested the election to the powers that be, but eventually in essence was told "So Sue Us".  Larry was the Chairman of the Conservation District Board of Supervisors and had a constant track record of standing up for the rural landowners and farmers of Whatcom County.  Larry being a farmer himself is an experienced expert regarding 'best management practices', water quality issues, etc.

Slowly but surely the Whatcom County Conservation Districts Board is being replaced by Liberal Progressives whose policies of excessive regulation of the farmers is destroying the farming industry.  As an example 16 years ago there were over 300 dairy farms in Whatcom County, mostly which were family owned businesses; now only about 90 remain, the majority being corporately owned.


President Trumps nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a huge victory for the American people and the Constitution!  Mr. Kavanaugh is an excellent choice and extremely well qualified, his resume speaks for itself.  The Court of Appeals DC Circuit Judge is proven and has shown he constantly applies the U.S. Constitution as written and intended by our founding fathers.  Kavanaugh will uphold the rule-of-law rather than legislating from the bench.  Democrats can rant and rave, threaten violence, attempt smear tactics, etc.  However this is a no-brainer for the U.S. Senate, Republicans have the votes and confirmation is deserving, welcome and imminent.


The Trump Administrations fiscal policies continue to grow the economy as the GDP was 4.1% for the second quarter of 2018.  The positive impact of GOP policies of tax reform and cutting government regulations are proving to be solid and sustainable as consumer spending and business investment are up leading to more jobs in the economy and boosting the private sector.  When there are more jobs there are are also more tax revenues which in turn helps the public sector.  This is a win / win for all Americans and is good news for Republicans in the midterms.  If the 3rd quarter GDP numbers stay at 4% or above it could solidify a Red Wave for the GOP in November.


Thank you to all the SCRP 4th of July Parade Volunteers in Anacortes and Sedro-Woolley, it turned out to be another perfect sunny day and both events were enjoyed by all.  Also thank you to the Anacortes Shipwreck Day volunteers and the SCRP Summer Salmon BBQ Picnic volunteers, two other great events; and thanks to Mark Hulst who as always did a fabulous job cooking the salmon.


Also a big thank you to the 50 + people who attended and Elaine Willman who was our special guest speaker at the SCRP Summer BBQ.  Elaine proved once again as to why she is one of the Nation's foremost leading experts in her field; her talk was truly outstanding as well as very informative.  We are also grateful to Skagit County Commissioner Ron Wesen, LD 39 Senator Keith Wagoner, State Appellate Court Judge Candidate Tom Seguine, LD 40 State House Rep Candidate Michael Petrish and the Representatives of the Susan Hutchison for US Senate Campaign who all also spoke at the event.


We are continuing the phone banking from the SCRP office through August 7th.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact the office @ (360) 424-9792.


From 7:30 PM to 10 PM on the evening of August 7th The Committee to Elect Michael Petrish will be hosting an Election Night Viewing Party at the Croatian Cultural Center in Anacortes, 801 5th Street, food and beverages will be served, all are invited.


US Congressional Candidate Dino Rossi will be in Burlington on Thursday, August 9th for a 'Meet and Greet' event.  Please check home page for updates.


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman








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