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Last month was power packed with several SCRP successful events!  July 4th many took time to celebrate the anniversary of our nation's independence and payed homage to America's Vets, Founding Fathers, Founding Documents, Principles & Christian Roots at local gatherings.  On July 20th we had a well attended booth all day long at the Anacortes Shipwreck Festival, where we assisted in helping to gather over 500 signatures for R-88.  And  last week Maria Espinoza, founder of the Remembrance Project proved to be a phenomenal guest speaker for our Summer BBQ Picnic; all of the 130+ people in attendance, had a great time!

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After last weeks Mueller Congressional hearing debacle, it has become very clear that Former Special Council Robert Mueller was just a figurehead and was never the actual leader of the Russia "hoax" investigation.  During questioning Mueller showed he did not even have a fundamental understanding of where and why it began or what was involved, i.e. Fusion GPS hired by the Clinton campaign, etc.  The truth is that 19 appointed Democrat, Hillary Clinton-donor lawyers were in charge of the coup and ran the investigation to frame President Trump.  They and the Democrat operative media temporarily succeeded in a massive deep-state corruption, confounding millions of voters by delaying much of the findings until after the 2018 elections (how convenient) to help Dems take back control of the U.S. House of Reps.  Now that the truth is out it is time to vote the Dems out of office and vote Republican in 2020!


More blatant Democrat/Socialist Party corruption showing a total total lack of respect for the voters: During the 2019 state legislative session WA State Democrat proposed bills for  a "Working Group" to study a state based Single-Payer Health Care system failed to pass out of either the house or senate.  However even though the elected representatives declined to support a working group for this issue, the Democrat budget writers decided to circumvent the legislative process and funded $500,000 for a working group in the final 2019-20 budget anyway.  Why should we even have a legislative process if Democrats can lawlessly ignore the rules when ever they feel like it?  

Democrats who insist on more government control by abolishing private health ins. need to understand Single Payer Universal Health Care is proven to fail when ever it has been tried; it is unaffordable, cost estimates are in the trillions of dollars and would financially burden hospitals, doctors, nurses, caregivers, and the most vulnerable patients.  Also some hospitals would be forced to close, it would cause massive job losses, rationing and lower the quality of care.  Government run health care is all about Democrat mandates forcing healthy people to pay more, with less choice and less access to good doctors.

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The Swinomish Tribe recently donated $750,000 to help build the new La Conner library, we wholeheartedly thank them for the kind gesture.  Nice to see the tribe contribute back some of the $2 million per year of confiscated property tax money they are seizing from the citizens of La Conner.  As a reminder policy enacted by Democrat appointed WA Dept. of Revenue bureaucrats, with the help of the Swinomish tribe and their attorneys, has caused massive increases in La Conner area residents property taxes beginning in 2015.

This stemmed from a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in 2013 that specifically applied to buildings owned and operated by the Chehalis tribe on the Chehalis reservation.  The ruling overturned a lower court and said Chehalis County could no longer assess property tax on permanent improvements on the leased tribal reservation (the Chehalis Tribe has 51% ownership in the the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park, located on the leased land).  The ruling had no mention of buildings on any tribal reservation outside the 43 acre "Grand Mound" property. 

However in 2014 the DOR & tribal lawyers wrote an advisory opinion (despite 100% statewide county assessor opposition) saying the federal court ruling somehow applied to all statewide tribal reservations.  This meant the non-tribal member La Conner residents 931 privately owed homes on the leased Swinomish reservation could no longer be taxed by the county to help pay for the local schools, library, fire protection, etc. 

As a result of the DOR Tax Advisory Memo, Skagit County pulled the 931 homes off the tax rolls, which shifted the financial burden to the surrounding La Conner property owners (causing their taxes to go up by about 25%).  Then Swinomish levied it's own version of a property tax on the reservation homeowners; this equates to around a $2 million annual cash cow for the tribe.  YES, TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! 

Of note: A few months ago the 9th Circuit Court upheld a federal district court's 2017 decision; ruling that Riverside County, CA has the legal authority to continue collecting its Possessory Interest Tax, aka a "Property Tax" in the Interest of the Possessor, from non-indians living on leased Augua Caliente tribal land (link).  This ruling is further confirmation that what the Swinomish and the WA State DOR did back in 2014 was wrong and needs to be challenged and reversed, it was corrupt lawlessness and a "Taking" from the county and its residents.  It is not up to unelected, unaccountable Democrat DOR workers and tribal attorneys to adjudicate, legislate and execute.  Since Skagit County is providing the services, they should be collecting the tax.

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Truth be known: The Swinomish tribe takes in about $50 million in yearly revenues, about $14 million a year of that is from state and federal grants.  Also WA state is the only state in the country that does not collect taxes on tribal casinos, this was a payback to Tribal Democrats from Christine Gregoire who was fraudulently elected Governor in 2004; it is well documented in that election voter fraud was rampant against Dino Rossi.  It goes without saying that WA Tribe's Tax Exempt Status for their casinos, gas stations, etc. is way beyond egregious and should be revoked.  


WA State AG Bob Ferguson decided to sue the U.S. Navy because he is opposed to more jets flying out of Whidbey NAS.  This is all political posturing for Feguson who wants to run for Governor and who is one of the worst Dems in politics.  The Navy is doing nothing wrong and has followed all proper protocol in 6 years of studies that would add 36 EA-18G Growler jets to their inventory, whose purpose is to best defend our country. The Whidbey NAS base is strategically located and the flight training is essential to keep our country safe, also the NAS is the only Electronic and Anti-Submarine Warfare Navel Air station on the West Coast.  NAS Whidbey is the largest employer in Island county and is vital to the entire region's economy, if Feguson's lawsuit is successful it could potentially lead to a shut down of the base. The base and noise was there long before these Liberals now complaining, they should accept reality and/or move from the area.


The Unhinged Fake News Media continues misleading people with photos of DHS southern border detainment centers filled to the brim with kids behind chain-link fencing, covered in aluminum foil, unsanitary conditions, etc.  The problem is that many of the photos are from 2014 & 2015 when Joe Biden was Vice President.


Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez staged a southern border photo shoot, then had the pictures sent to the media to garner sympathy for what she claimed were children caged in "Concentration Camps" at the southern border.  AOC (while pretending to cry) said "I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents, & caged them".  However AOC was caught by another wide angle photo of what was really going on, no children anywhere and an empty parking lot, fully exposing lies by AOC.  If that wasn't enough, last month AOC was again caught on camera telling more lies; while yelling at reporters, saying she toured a El Paso detention facility (when she didn't), and saying border patrol agents were telling illegals to drink out of the toilets at the facility, something that never happened.

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It is clear this is all about Democrat votes in 2020.  AOC and the Congressional Democrat's hostility is totally disingenuous and fraudulent because they continue to use the border crisis as a political talking point instead of actually solving the problems to secure the border and fix the crisis (linc).  In fact AOC actually led a boycott to stop the Wayfair company from selling selling beds to a border detention facility so Dems could continue on with their political rhetoric, attacking ICE, calling border patrol agents Nazi's, etc.

To solve the southern border crisis DHS must have much more funding (including allowing charitable donations) for humanitarian aid, additional border patrol agents, improved technology, and more $ to finish the wall.  Obviously Democrats want open borders or they would act.  Congress needs to fix the anti-American immigration law so asylum loopholes can be closed, the current law undermines national security & public safety.  Also the DHS policy of "Zero Tolerance" must be enforced, and criminal illegals need to be prosecuted and/or deported.  Criminal illegal aliens don't have constitutional rights; it is federal law that illegal aliens be deported.  See former ICE Director Tom Homan school AOC click link.

Additionally the Trump administration recently announced a DHS policy tightening restrictions for asylum seekers that may drastically reduce the number of Central Americans migrants eligible to enter the U.S..  The new rule could require migrants entering through the southern border to first seek asylum in one of the countries they traversed, whether in Mexico, in Central America, etc.  Only if the applicant is denied asylum in another country would they be able to seek asylum in the U.S..

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After President Trump threatened tariffs on Mexico, unless they agreed to help out with the illegal immigration crisis, the Mexican government quickly struck a deal with Trump.  Mexico has significantly ramped up efforts to fight the crisis to stop the flow of illegals, drugs, weapons, cartel violence, trafficking, coyote's, etc. as 1/3 of the entire Mexican National Guard (over 21,000 solders) has been deployed to the border to assist CBP.  Thank you to Mexico for stepping up, they are now doing much more to help solve the crisis than Democrats, and the effort is working as arrests at the southern border significantly dropped off in July.  A strong border means a strong country, the Rule-of-Law must be paramount.  Of note: At the southern border under the Obama Administration there were an average of 372 deaths per year, under Trump that number is averaging 291 deaths per year.  


Last week SCOTUS gave President Trump a huge legal victory, saying he acted within his authority when Trump unilaterally appropriated $2.5 billion in military funds to help build the southern border wall.  The ruling overturned a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals verdict a few months ago and helps to keep courts from micromanaging the Executive Branch.  Big win for The-Rule-of Law and Border Security!


President Trumps's tariffs against China are working as China's 2nd quarter GDP growth just hit a 27 year low.  Also hundreds of companies are now leaving China to do business with countries that do not have the American tariffs.  This puts the U.S. in a favorable negotiating position as China watches our economy continue to record record highs.


Senator Ted Cruz exposed more corruption of Liberal Big-Tech Companies during recent Congressional "Google & Censorship" hearings.  Cruz questioned  Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist and a 2016 Hillary Clinton supporter; finding that in the 2016 Presidential Election, Google & Facebook and other Big-Tech Companies manipulated voters on a massive scale with "Bias and Search Results" giving Hillary Clinton an additional 2.6 to 10.4 million votes using techniques such as "Search Engine Manipulation", and "Search Suggestion Effect"- see video here.

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More "Speech Police" from Big-Tech: Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza, who is dedicating her life to her son who was a police officer killed by an illegal alien, had her Twitter account suspended for using the same Non-hate language she has been using for the last 5 years.  But somehow when Leftists Tweet to her, "I hope you die", it is just fine with Twitter.


The California State Democrats proposed a new law that would allow Illegal Aliens to serve within the Democrat party as county and state convention delegates.  The law would enable Illegals to serve on committees, hold committee leadership positions, and help to construct the Democrat platform.


California State Democrats recently passed a law requiring convicted criminal biological males (who are identifying themselves as females) to be locked up with woman in prison.  This includes convicted predatory rapists.  This horrible law is taking the Democrat ideology of Transgenderism to another very dangerous level, as it puts female guards and inmates at risk of male violence.  It is clear that the twisted Dems are using Trangenderism as a political issue to simply gain more government control.


Last month at an ICE detention facility in Colorado an angry liberal mob decimated the American flag, vandalized a Blue Lives Matter flag, then replaced the U.S. flag with a Mexican flag and hung the Blue Lives Matter flag upside down on the flagpole.  The lawless mob also surrounding the facility, blocking migrants who needed to enter to the cheer of  hundreds of the mobs supporters that included mainstream media allies.

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Two weeks ago Seattle area beaches were closing due to Seattle and Renton Sewage Spills on back to back days that dumped 4.5 million gallons of raw sewage into Puget Sound.  In early 2017 250 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into Puget Sound, also in in August and in December of 2018 there were also large spills into Puget Sound.  Very sad that Progressive Democrats in King County continue neglecting critical infrastructure and do more destruction to our Sound.


Antifa, the poster children of the modern Lawless Democrat/Socialist Party, continues on with their premeditated violent attacks.   Last month in WA D.C. Antifa's hate filled mob clashed with police and other groups during  "A Demand Free Speech Rally".  The week prior on the streets of Portland, OR conservative journalist Andy Ngo (who was covering Antifa anarchy) was brutally assaulted and sent to the hospital with face lacerations and a bleeding brain; the thugs also repeatedly struck an elderly man with a crowbar in the head, sending him to the hospital with a scull fracture.  DC police were allow to do their job; however in Portland, lawless Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler keeps allowing the Domestic Terrorist Group to constantly create anarchy.  

Also on June 22nd in King County 4 Antifa thugs were allowed by Renton police to threaten and follow several mothers (doxing), because the women questioned organizers at a "Pride Drag Queen" event at their local library.  Then on June 26th after a Issaquah Library Board meeting 10 Antifa thugs (one with a baseball bat) showed up in the parking lot to again harass the same woman. Burien City Council Member Krystal Marx went on record saying the moms deserved it (link).

Then two weeks ago in Tacoma an Antifa Domestic Terrorist waged an attack with a rifle and homemade bombs against an ICE immigration detention center and surrounding cars, engulfing one of the cars in flames.  The assailant also attempted to ignite a commercial size propane tank, fortunately police shot and killed him before he could harm any people.  The manifesto he left used Democratic rhetoric nonsense saying the ICE facilities are "Concentration Camps", and what did the media do?  They called him a good martyr and comrade enabling this and other horrendous attacks as Antifa called out for more terrorist violence.  To date not one Congressional Democrat has condemned the attack. 

Awful that Radical Liberal Democrats and their media allies are putting partisan politics above the the Rule-of-Law and the Constitution by protecting such a lawless group.  Antifa lawbreakers need to be brought to justice and put in jail.  Democrats supporting and encouraging the Antifa Terrorist Movement is truly mind-boggling, they include Keith Ellison former Deputy Chair of the DNC and current AG of Minnesota; also CNN host Don Lemon has gone on record defended Antifa saying, "No organization is perfect", and saying "Sometimes you can't fight people by praising them or being nice to them."  The message from cowardly Democrat elected officials and the complicit media is that it is fine to commit crimes and beat people up if they disagree with their ideology.  Dems need to be voted out of office and their tactics of using and allowing violence for intimidation needs to end.  

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The United Nations is reporting that the Maduro Venezuelan Government has carried out thousands of extrajudicial killings in the past 18 months and then manipulated crime scenes to make it look as if the victims had been resisting arrest.  The report also uncovered wide-ranging govt. abuses targeting political opponents stating "Special Action Forces" described by witnesses as “Death Squads” murdered 5,287 people in 2018 and another 1,569 by mid-May of this year in what are officially termed by the Venezuelan govt. “Operations for the Liberation of the People."  The UN investigators reported that the govt. had a detailed description of a lawless system of oppression, and says the actual number of deaths could easily be much higher. 


More proof that Liberal Democrat indoctrination at college campuses is beyond insane: E.g.  A professor at the U of Illinois is claiming that "Teaching math perpetuates white privilege."  U.C.L.A. published a diversity guideline which states the phrase, " I believe the most qualified person should get the job" is a "Racist and sexist microaggression."  U of Cal has banned the use of the phrase "America is the Land of opportunity", because it's "offensive".  CA Poly San Luis Obispo published a report bragging about discriminating against white people which said, "We still have a lot more work to do to eliminate white people from school", etc.

Closer to home, UW Tacoma published a report saying "Expecting proper English grammar from others perpetuates racism."   Also Evergreen State College in Olympia is rated as "The worst college in America for free speech", and is known for such things as "Racist Days", where no whites are allowed on campus; over 100 students taking their administrators hostage, 50-plus students harassing a University Professor, students obstructing police officers, etc.  

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A new 5 Yr. study released on abortion asked the question "When Does Human Life Begin?" The study that includes very in-depth and thorough research conducted by PHD Steve Jacobs shows that 95 % of the 70,000+ International Academic Biologists (PHD's,. Professors, etc.) surveyed around the world overwhelmingly agree that human life begins at fertilization/conception.


After it was discovered that Miss Michigan, Kathy Zhu, refused to wear a Hijab by a woman who tried to FORCIBLY put it on her head, she was stripped of her crown.  Zhu defended herself on Twitter answering questions and spoke out against women's oppression under Islam, reminding them that women in the Middle East are frequently punished and stoned for refusing to wear a hijab.  Soon after Zhu had her title revoked because her Twitter "social media account contained offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content."


So far all the 20-plus Democrat Presidential Candidates are not supporting any legal limits on abortion; meaning terminating a pregnancy up until the moment of birth is ok.

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Last month there was a huge win for the Trump Administration, the Constitution and American Citizens when a federal appeals court reversed a California court's nationwide injunction decision that had enabled "Sanctuary City" policies.  The ruling allows the DOJ to provide favorable treatment when giving law-enforcement grants to jurisdictions that assist in enforcing federal immigration law.  It is important for community safety that local law enforcement comply with federal immigration law and work with ICE to remove dangerous criminals out of the country.


The Trump / GOP economy continues to set records as "Wage Growth" recorded is highest levels since 2005.  Also Trump's 94% Republican approval rating is at an all time high, Reagan reached 87 %, and other new poll data is suggesting that Independent Voters will be voting for Trump in 2020!


Congratulations to all the Referendum-88 "Let People Vote Campaign" Volunteers that succeeded in getting over 214,000 signatures on petitions to qualify for the November general election ballot.  R-88 will allow voters to repel & reject I-1000.  Democrat I-1000 would abolish the standard of Equality for All regardless of race (video link).  Of note R-88 received over $900,000 in grassroots donations in only two months!


Thanks to GOP Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for rejecting Nike's request to move their facilities to that state.  Duecy changed his mind after Nike chose to pull their patriotic themed colonial flag Betsy Ross sneakers off the shelves; all because multi-millionaire and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick said "The colonial flag is an offensive symbol because of its connection an era of slavery."  Also Democrat Presidential Candidates Beto O' Rourke and Julian Castro immediately used the opportunity to say "The flag is a symbol of hate."  Very sad Nike is capitulating to such absurd claims.  America's flag represents our nation's independence, founding principles, freedom, liberty and sovereignty.  We have come to expect this from the Democrats who hate our country, but Nike should let the free market decide who wants to buy their shoes instead of denigrating the flag.  FYI Betsy Ross was a Quaker opposed to slavery. 

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Thanks to Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk who has launched a "Get Out The Vote" campaign called "Students For Trump".  The goals are for one million students to join forces in key states to help get the President re-elected, and to win the youth vote in 2020.  Kirk says, "We will be going strait to college campuses and enlisting new voters to support our President who has been so phenomenal for our generation to deliver the policies we have been wanting and long talked about.  Trump has been one of the most successful Presidents in American History,"  Also on July 23rd Trump spoke at a Turning Point event saying, "Colleges that do not allow students their First amendment rights of free speech on campus will lose government funding."  For more info


Thank you to GOP Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri for calling out Democrats at a Congressional Southern Border Hearing saying "The behavior of this congress is absolutely pathetic, people up here should be apologizing to you for their total dereliction of duty, we know what the problems are but this congress refuses to do anything."  To view a 2 min 20 sec video of the fiery senate hearing click here.      


Thank you to President Trump for hosting a tremendously successful July 4th Celebration "Salute to America. "  Tens of thousands of attendees enjoyed our President's patriotic message, praising American exceptionalism and honoring the men & women of the armed forces.  And yes, of course most of all the major media refused to cover the event.

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Thank you to Town of Republic Police Chief Loren Culp who announced last week he is running for Governor of Washington State.  Last year Loren publicly declared he would uphold his oath of office and the Constitution by not enforce provisions of statewide gun control initiative 1639.  Loren made national headlines as he sought to make Republic a "Second Amendment Sanctuary City" where citizens don't live in fear of the new gun control law.  He is also author of "American Cop", which details his career in Law Enforcement.  For more info see Loren Culp for Govenor.


The August Primary Election is this Tuesday, August 6th.  Please remember to vote for the people who will uphold the Constitution, support Republican principles and be loyal to the citizens!  Of note: The San Juan County Republican Party, the Skagit County Republican Party and the Whatcom County Republican Party have NEVER endorsed current LD 40 Senate Candidate Daniel Miller for ANY public office.  Daniel Miller has been thoroughly vetted; he does not meet the criteria of the Republican Party.


Don't forget to visit the Skagit County Republican Party booth at the Skagit County Fair from Wednesday, August 7th - Friday, August 10th.  Fairgrounds are located in South Mount Vernon at 497 West Taylor St..   


This Tuesday, August 6th there will be a voter registration training directly from the Trump Campaign Staff via conference call.  If you are interested in being on the call please contact me at (360) 820-1700 or feel free to stop by our SCRP office at 2021 E. College Way, Suite #200, we are now open 5 days a week Monday through Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. 



Respect & Blessings

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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