Call To Action! Workshop On How To Participate In WA State Legislative Hearings

Call To Action! Workshop On How To Participate In WA State Legislative Hearings

Next Class 8 AM Sat, Feb 20

Feb 18, 2021 SCRP Legislative Update

LEGISLATIVE WORKSHOP: Get step by step instruction on how to speak at WA State Legislative hearings and how to submit official written testimony. This is training on making a difference in Olympia with a free one hour workshop sponsored by My Family My Choice.

* Learn how to find and understand bills

* Know what bills are alive or dead

* Develop long distance political strategies

* Prepare for hearings and write testimonials

Next class is Saturday, Feb 20th at 8 AM. To Register: More Info:

Will you take two minutes to register your position? Take two minutes to get more input on our side than they have on theirs! After hearings you can make comment on the bill information page and call the Legislative hotline @ 1-800-562-6000.

We have an opportunity to weigh in on several bills going through their fiscal committees: SHB 1225 (2/16 1:30), SB 5052 (2/17 @ 1:30), SB 5227 (2/19 @ 9:00), SB 5228 (2/19 @ 9:00), and SB 5313 (2/19 @ 9:00). Please see the sign in instructions and make your voice heard. 

Sanctity of Human Life (Oppose)

HB 1009 – This bill adds abortion coverage to student health plans. We do not need to subject more people to the violence and devastation of abortion. Call and email your House Representative and tell them to Vote NO on HB 1009.

HB 1141– Increasing access to the Death with Dignity Act & increasing state-sanctioned suicide. Currently in the House Rules Committee and can move to the House floor for a vote at any time. Call and email your House members and tell them to not expand State-Sanctioned Suicide. 

Parental Rights (Oppose)

SB 5030 -- Creating a comprehensive School Counseling program. SB 5030 is currently in the Senate Rules Committee.  It could be voted on at any time. Call and email your Senator and ask them to Vote NO on SB 5030.

HB 1225 – Concerning school-based health centers. This bill would create an office and program within the Department of Health to install school-based health centers in public schools. There is no local control nor parental control safeguards. The hearing for HB 1225 in the House Appropriations Committee is on 2/16 @ 1:30 PM. Call and email your House members and the members of the House Appropriations Committee and tell them to vote NO. Sign-in to the House Appropriations Committee hearing here, select the correct date and time, and state your OPPOSITION to this bill. You can choose to testify, submit your written testimony, or simply state whether you are PRO or CON. Follow these simple instructions or watch this video for assistance. 

Christian Social Justice (Oppose)

HB 1499 - Providing behavioral health system responses to individuals with substance use disorder.  This bill would decriminalize “personal use amounts” of currently illegal hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and opiates. If we truly want to help people kick the drug addiction habit, legalizing drugs is not the way to do it. Currently scheduled for a Committee vote on 2/15 @ 1:30 PM in the House Public Safety Committee. Call and email your House members and the members of the House Public Safety Committee tell them to Vote NO.

SHB 1019 – Allowing residential marijuana growing . The House Committee passed this bill to the House Appropriations Committee and is currently scheduled for a hearing on 2/9 @ 3:30 PM. Call and email your House members and the House Committee Members and tell them to Vote NO on HB 1019.

ESSB 5044 - Concerning Professional learning, equity, cultural competency and dismantling institutional racism in the K-12 public schools. It is now in the House Education Committee and is awaiting a public hearing date. Call and email your House members and the House Committee members and ask them to Vote No.

*SB 5227 – Requiring diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism training and assessments at institutions of higher education.  It is scheduled for a hearing on 2/19 @ 9:00 in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.




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