Canvassing Uncovers Major Voting Discrepancies in Arizona

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September 8, 2021 Steve Bannon War Room

Liz Harris, a private citizen who organized a canvass of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona, talks to Steve Bannon about her Voter Integrity Project findings on the Wednesday morning edition on “War Room” -- VIDEO

“We actually went to the homes of the registered voters, and the results are amazing,” said Harris. The report claims that there were 173,104 lost votes and 96,389 “ghost votes” in the election — just in Maricopa County.

“The results in the report are from the last two months of canvassing. … Our questions, they were really simple.  What method did you use to vote. Did you receive extra ballots? What did you do with those extra ballots? How many registered voters are supposed to be here, and how many actually voted? Not once do we ask who the person voted

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