December 2018 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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After the August primary election, where 18 statewide Republican incumbent candidate seats (15 House, 3 Senate) were lost to Democrats, the GOP made a good comeback in last months general election saving 9 of those seats (8 in the House and 1 in the Senate), if current projections hold*.  So there is reason for optimism.  However it is unfortunate that the Democrats will continue to control the state legislature, and now with a wider majority, as new totals of 57 to 41 in the House* and 27 to 22 in the Senate* are set for the next two years.  These results could have easily been worse, so this we are grateful for.  However the Democrats are now poised to further their tax and spend agenda, so be sure to watch your pocketbook and expect many more state taxes and job hurting regulations in 2019.

At the National level this was easily the most expensive midterm election in US history where over 5.2 billion dollars were spent, with the majority of that money targeting Republican candidates.  Additionally the Republican Party faced more historic odds; since the 1920's the party in control of the White House had lost seats in both the House and the Senate during the Presidents first term in every midterm election with the exception of just except a few.  However in 2018 the Republicans defied history with a huge victory and gained 2 seats in the Senate, a truly historic achievement, and now have a solid 53 to 47 majority!

However in the House, the 43 Congressional Republican retirements were impossible to overcome for the GOP as final 2018 midterm results show that overall incumbents won 93 % of the time.  The record number of retirements, hundreds of millions of dollars each spent by liberal activists George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer and the continued blatant liberal media bias all contributed to the Democrats gaining control of the House and picking up 39 seats*.

Additionally, Senator John McCain's unwillingness to repeal and replace Obamacare, a.k.a. the Unaffordable Health Care Act (as the deciding "no" vote) and the inability of Congress to fund the boarder wall also hurt the Republicans in this election as they were unable to keep their promises to the 2016 voting constituents.

The end result is now we will have more attempts of Democrat / Liberal Obstruction and far-left socialist policies, with Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker and Maxine Waters as the Chair of the Financial Services Committee.  We can also expect a non-stop full onslaught of ridiculous calls to impeach President Trump from the Democrats for at least the next two years.

Until we demand tougher voter id laws, more transparency and clean up the Nations voter roles we will continue to see ongoing evidence of highly questionable voter disparities.  In several key races many GOP candidates that had leads on election night watched their leads diminish and in some cases completely vanish over the following days and weeks.  This happened in the Arizona US Senate race, several of California's Congressional races (including the 10th, 21st, 39th, 45th and 48th CD's), the Florida Governors race and US Senate race, the Georgia Governors race, the Montana US Senate race, New Mexico's 2nd Congressional race, and Wisconsin's Governors race, among others.

* Pending recounts

At the local level, as expected Skagit County voters overwhelmingly rejected the Charter Government ballot measure, as Prop 1 lost by a decisive margin of 66.54% to 33.46%.  This was truly a county wide bi-partisan, grass roots effort win; which included support by the Agriculture Community, Builders Association, Citizen Alliance for Property Rights, Realtors, and many others.  A really big thank you to all who helped with this effort and the Skagitonians that voted NO on Charter!  

Legislative District 40 stayed in control of the Dems as it has been since the 1970's.  Republican Michael Petrish surprised many by making the top two general election and did a great job to get out the Conservative GOP message.  However the gerrymandered LD 40, which is comprised of Whatcom counties ultra liberal city of Bellingham, all of San Juan County (the most liberal county by percentage in Washington State) and the norther half of Skagit County, was too much to overcome.

Legislative District 39, comprised of eastern Snohomish and Skagit counties, continued to hold strong for the GOP as all three Republican candidates easily won by large margins.  Senator Keith Wagoner, State House Representative Carolyn Eslick and new State House Rep Robert Sutherland all deserve big congratulations!

In Legislative District 10, State House Representative Norma Smith was again victorious and will be serving her 6th term in office, thank you Norma for your outstanding GOP leadership!  Unfortunately three term State House Rep and Snohomish County Sheriff Dave Hayes lost a very close race to a resident of Oak Harbor in the multi-county 10th LD; which includes all of Island, and portions of Skagit and Snohomish counties.  Dave Hayes is a truly great Conservative legislator and will be mist.  But do not count out Representative Hayes in 2020!


Thank God we finally have a President who is willing to take action to get tough on illegal immigration and protecting our nations borders; do not believe the main stream medias highly emotional consistent distortion of reality and Democrat spin that is only designed to fit their pro-liberal / socialist agenda.  Here are some of the facts from DHS that pertain to the current caravans of immigrants trying to enter our nations southern border:  90% - 95% of the caravans are comprised of males.  More than 90% of the caravans members do not qualify for asylum in America.  Over 100 of the most dangerous immigrants have already been apprehended by Mexican police and are currently being detained in Mexico; and at least another 600 + of the immigrants are know criminals (these include MS-13 gang members).  


George Herbert Walker Bush passed away yesterday, as our nations 41st President he had a distinguished career in public service that should be celebrated.  He was a war hero, respected by many and seen as a man of Humility, Honor, Character and Kindness.  It needs to be remembered that George H.W had the important duty of helping Ronald Regan defeat Jimmie Carter in the 1980 Presidential election.  As Reagan's running mate and eventual Vice President, the Reagan / Bush ticket proved to be the winning combination vs Carter and Mondale.  This important victory was a major turning point in our nations history.


Our next Central Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 10th at 7 PM.  This will be the SCRP Organizational Meeting.  All 2018 duly elected PCO's need to attend to vote for new officers.  We meet at the SCRP Office Headquarters, Valley Business Center first floor nw conference room, 2021 East College Way.  Throughout 2019 (Feb - Oct) the SCRP Cental Committee is scheduled to meet at 7 PM on the third Thursday of every month, the meetings are open to the public and all are welcome.


Please feel free to join us on Friday, December 21st at 7 PM as the SCRP will be hosting a Christmas Party that will include an optional singing of Christmas Carols.  Dessert, wine and coffee will also be served.  Guaranteed to be a lot of fun with good comradery as there is so much to be grateful for.  Event is located at 9570 McGlinn Drive, La Conner 98257.  Please RSVP by calling (360) 424-9792.


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman











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