Election Integrity Update


As Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party (WAGOP) Election Integrity Committee, I have been documenting and archiving election integrity activity for nearly three and a half years. Many election integrity related articles, videos, websites, links, etc. are archived and available for view on the Skagit County Republican Party (SCRP) website, Election Integrity page (which I update daily).

Additionally, as Chairman of the SCRP I have been writing and publishing a “Chairman’s Corner” monthly newsletter for nearly 7 1/2 years. Much of my monthly newsletters are devoted to election integrity and over the years many people have asked me to share, email the info, etc. In that spirit, via my April Newsletter, see below for some of the most updated election integrity related info:


Corrupt Media Fight Election Accountability with Democrat-Manufactured Lies. Unlike Democrats, Republicans actually welcome transparency in the electoral process. The attempt by legacy media and leftist politicos to spin a false narrative about conservatives threatening election workers on a grand scale is an attempt to avoid accountability at the ballot box and cast their political opponents as enemies of democracy. It’s a strategy steeped in falsehoods and smears, which for Democrats is nothing new.


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