Exposing the DNC Plan to Rig the 2024 Election - Former WA State Democrat Operative Blows the Whistle on Dems

Exposing the DNC Plan to Rig the 2024 Election - Former WA State Democrat Operative Blows the Whistle on Dems

March 16, 2024 Election Integrity Update

David Spring is a former leader of the Washington State Democratic Party. He was the East King County Representative to the King County Central Committee and Training Advisor for King County Democrats - where he taught hundreds of volunteers how to run political campaigns using the Democratic Database called Votebuilder.

Spring was on the Board of the WA Progressive Caucus – which is the largest caucus in the WA Democratic Party and ran the WA for Bernie Sanders website, where he published articles and videos teaching thousands of Sanders supporters (most of whom had never been Democrats) how to take over the Democrat party. As a result, in 2016 WA state had the highest percentage of Bernie delegates of any state in the nation.

Spring was taken out of the Democratic Party for exposing a million-dollar bribe given by the leaders of the State Democrats to a Republican State Senator which induced her to drop out of the State Senate and endorse her Dem Party opponent.

Spring is an accomplished scientist and computer security expert and spent 20 years teaching courses at Bellevue Community College where he taught more than 1,000 students who were employees at Microsoft. He has degrees in Science Education and Child Development from WA State University and the University of Washington. He is currently running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction (a nonpartisan office) to restore local control of public schools as required by the State Constitution – and to expose the many crimes committed by the leaders of the WA State Democratic Party.

After meeting with Mr. Spring, I found him to be an honest and true patriot. Like so many of us, just simply trying to get rid of the corruption in politics so we can enjoy our lives, families, and businesses and get back to a sense of normalcy in our community, state, and country. He believes that with all the bad things that have happened in the past 4 years, voters are now more open to hearing the truth.

During the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, Spring witnessed how the corrupt leaders of the Democratic Party – also known as the DNC - rigged the election against Bernie Sanders.

Spring says, “it was not Russian interference that led to the election of Donald Trump. It was entirely the fault of the corrupt leaders of the Democratic Party who rigged the 2016 Democratic Party primaries and delegate selection process against Bernie – this was a crime against Bernie Sanders and Independent voters.”

According to Spring: “The people running the Democrat Party right now are crooks, and the head crook is Bill Gates. Someone needs to let the voters know how corrupt these people are. DNC rules that disenfranchise millions of voters must be opposed by all of us who care about the future of our democracy.”




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