February 2021 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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Last month the Skagit County Republican Party held our biennial re-organization meeting and elections for 2021-2023. All officers were unanimously re-elected and will be continuing their work with the county party, they are:

Chairman: Bill Bruch (3rd term)

Vice Chair: Paula Clancy (2nd term)

Committeeman: Jim Haehn (2nd term)

Committeewoman: Judy Billings (2nd term) 

It is a huge honor and true blessing to be again representing the Skagit County Republican Party as your Chairman. Many of you know it was not my original intention to run for a third term, however over the past yerar it has become clear in these unprecedented political times that our county party is more important than ever to get the Conservative message out and help to get good Republicans elected to local, county and statewide offices. We have an amazing organization filled with hundreds of true patriots and I am very much looking forward to the next two years.

We have a long way to go and are up to the challenge. Some of our priorities include: Unity, Promoting the Constitution and Conservative Principles, Election Integrity, Helping Small Businesses getting going again, School Choice, Growing our party and Y.R. group and Limiting Government Overreach.

Also the SCRP Central Committee elected 10 new PCO's and Precinct Captains as our organization continues to grow. Thank you to everyone stepping up at this most critical time in our nation's and state's history, we must keep speaking the truth, standing for the truth and keep advocating for the U.S. and State Constitutions.

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The 2021 WA State Virtual Legislature is already proving to be very problematic, case in point: After voting to ban the majority of elected representatives from the house and senate floor and banning people from the Capitol, the State Democrats voted to EXPAND Jay Inslee's unconstitutional emergency powers. Concurrent Resolution 8402 bundles 26 emergency orders and extends them until the termination of the state of emergency. Or in other words, no more legislative oversight abdicating the right of the legislature to weigh-in until the governor decides the emergency is over.... which could be never, as King Inslee has been given the authority to keep the Covid 'emergency' going indefinitely. 

This is an unconstitutional transfer of legislative branch power to the executive branch, dismantling one of the elements of the constitution's protection of our liberty - the separation of powers. It is especially egregious, given the legislature's retention of that power in RCW 43.06.220 (2) (permitting the waiver of agency regulatory compliance) by requiring the governor to return to the legislature (if in session, otherwise to the "four corners") every 30 days to extend his powers.

With this, the Democrats in the legislature are doubling down, adding constitutional insult to injury, giving the governor unconstitutional arbitrary authority of what could be a permanent state of emergency.

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HB 5114, the bill to open up the state economy and help businesses get going into Phase 2, had over 1,600 sign up to testify in the public hearing of which 99% people were in favor. People were only given one minute to talk, and many could not be heard. One restaurant owner said “We are just pleading to get back to work and get our staff back to work. " OF NOTE: the hearing was limited to only one hour as another bill HB 2155, designating the Suciasaurus rex as the official dinosaur of the state of Washington needed to be heard. It appears that the State Democrats will not even allow HB 5114 to be voted on and do not care about those 99% constituents, their agenda is premeditated and very clear.

Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, is sponsoring House Bill 1029, which would limit the scope of a governor’s emergency declaration. That order is the foundation that has served as the basis for Inslee’s restrictions this year. The new law would restrict emergency proclamations to 14 days before they must be reauthorized by the Legislature or legislative leaders. The proposal would also require a separate proclamation for each county.

And there are other proposals. LD 39 Rep. Eslick co-sponsored HB 1013, which seeks to rein in rule-making by state agencies carrying out emergency orders and House Bill 1004, which would curb the state health secretary’s emergency powers.

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The House Democrats rolled out a massive gas tax increase to fund a nearly $26 billion transportation package that would authorize the state Department of Ecology to create a clean fuels program and would give Washington the highest gas tax in the nation (we are currently third). In a time when our state's citizens are severely suffering from government's response to Covid, asking us to pay an additional 18 cents per gallon (about $1 a gallon total) of gas taxes at the gas pump is not the right path. We need to re-prioritize and work with existing revenues. We can and should do this without raising taxes.

HB 1068 is another new terrible proposed law by the 2021 State Democrat legislature, this bill EXEMPTS Public Record Requests from disclosure "continuity of operation plans for election operations, security audits, and security test results that relate physical security or cybersecurity of elections operations or infrastructure." Why do the Democrats want to shield important election related records from the public? What are they hiding? This bill needs to be thrown out of committee and should never come to a vote as it violates the Public Records Act itself. Bill Summary

SB-5096: Dems also seek a new tax on capital gains income, this could easily be expanded to a full-blown state income tax if it survives court challenges. Many in the Legislature have been pushing the idea for years, over the dead-set opposition of the people of this state. Voters have said no ten times. SB-5096 would enact a 9% income tax on capital gains as small as $25,000.

HB-1091 is another new tax regarding low-carbon fuel standards, a hugely complicated proposal that really doesn’t have much to do with fuel. The price of gas could go up 57 cents a gallon and diesel up 63 cents per gallon according to one public-agency estimate. Mostly it’s a carbon tax with a different name. Voters have said no to that twice. This new tax would disproportionately harm those who can afford it the least.

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GOP State House Rep. Drew Stokesbary recently introduced the REAL Recovery for Washington Act (House Bill 1334), which would provide immediate financial support to struggling families and businesses, accelerate the safe reopening of schools, and expand Covid testing and vaccine administration. To learn more click here. Republicans have also introduced legislation that would:

Suspend B&O tax collections; until April 1 and allow payment with 0% interest over 3 months;

Provide $5,000 credit for businesses on their B&O liability;

Bring unemployment insurance tax relief

Provide additional assistance to tenants and rental homeowners; and

Move Washington counties to Phase 2 of the governor's pandemic plan.

Reports are over 32,000 students have been pulled from public schools in WA State. That is the attendance of a median size school district in this state. Another Jay Inslee failure that under his watch the state lost a school district worth of students.

LD 17 Rep Vicki Kraft, says her proposed bill would provide up to $7,000 for families whose children are being home schooled, online away from public, or in a private school. HB1215 has been sent to the Educational Committee for debate and review. The bill will allow parents to be able to provide the best learning environment for their child. Kraft says the traditional "zip code" provided public schools are not working. This is strongly tied to the dismal failure of distance (virtual)  learning, which even SPI Chris Reykdal admits is a "failure."

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Sign the petition and demand lawmakers in Olympia bring SB 5114 – a bill that allows businesses to reopen faster than Gov. Jay Inslee’s one-man plan – to the floor for a vote. Co-sponsored by Sen John Braun (R) and Sen Mark Mullet (D), SB 5114 appears unlikely to move out of committee. But our businesses deserve more – they deserve a chance to have their elected representatives vote on SB 5114. SIGN PETITION HERE

HB 1091 the Low Carbon Fuel standard is the most regressive way to address carbon and will harm hard working Washingtonians by making it more expensive to drive and heat our homes. The hearing is on February 4th, but you can sign into submit written testimony before the hearing or sign in to testify on Zoom HERE.

The links below includes resources that can help you with daily updates and to navigate the Washington State Legislature's remote 2021 Legislative Session. Make Your Voice Heard!

WA State House Republicans  - The Current

WA State Ledger

Legislative Process (Video)

How a Bill Becomes a Law (text)

Overview of Legislative Process (text)

Cutoff Calendar | The cutoff calendar shows dates and deadline of significance in the legislative process

Glossary of Legislative Terms

Watch legislative session TVW streaming or on Television

Watch TVW Coverage of Senate Sessions

Watch TVW Coverage of House Sessions

Participate by testifying in a committee (virtually)

Participate by voicing your opinion on a bill

Participate by knowing who your legislators are

Citizen's Guide to Effective Legislative Participation

Find ADA accommodation and information
Bill Tracking Video

House Floor Activity Calendar

Senate Floor Activity Calendar

Committee Schedules

Contacting Your Legislator

WSRP Olympia Watch Website 

Contact Legislators via Hotline: 1.800.562.6000

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Meanwhile Inslee and the State Democrats Draconian response to Covid has decimated the hospitality and restaurant industry as hundreds of restaurants and bars have announced permanent closures the past several months. More here

At the National level the 2021 Democrats and the Biden Regime are moving swiftly to impose their Communist Agenda. The Democrat Bill HR-1 would direct the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to give 3 Trillion U.S. taxpayer dollars to countries around the world. This is a permanent, no strings attached liquidity for foreign governments. The Democrat's bill would send at least 170 Billion dollars to the Chinese Communist Party, at least 75 Billion dollars to Russia, 20 Billion dollars to Iran (the world's foremost state sponsor of terrorism), at least 17 Billion to the al-Assad regime in Syria. This is lunacy! 

Just a few of Biden’s 42 Signed Executive Orders in his 10 Days: Halting the construction of the wall on the U.S./Mexico border (influx of illegals, sex trafficking and drugs begins once again!). Terminated the anti-terrorist travel ban: This ban, which focused on terrorism, never applied to all Muslims. Biden ordered the State Dept. to begin “clearing the backlog” of visa applications from nations on the list. Rejoined the World Health Organization; (This is the organization that LIED about the China virus, causing untold unnecessary deaths.

Rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement. It has been found that the climate change agreement would cost 400,000 U.S. jobs, $2.5 trillion in U.S. GDP, and $20,000 in income for a family of four by 2035 and force indoctrination of our youth in public schools. Reinstating Critical Race Theory. The theory demands REVERSE DISCRIMINATION and government economic programs to benefit minorities.

Unconstitutional Mask Mandate: Biden is now requiring masks to be worn by federal workers, contractors, and other individuals in Federal buildings and on Federal lands. Established a Covid-19 Czar and “strengthening the World Health Organization.” This order establishes a new position of “Coordinator of the Covid-19 Response and Counselor to the President.” The WHO effectively parroted Chinese misinformation about the China virus.

Deprioritized U.S. victims of criminal aliens: Biden has now “reset the policies and practices for enforcing civil immigration law” away from compliance with the law and toward what he deems a “humanitarian” policy on the border. AGAIN, giving the back hand to AMERICAN citizens and privileges to illegals, even the criminals.

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Will now INCLUDE illegal aliens and other non-citizens in the U.S. Census: This order REQUIRES the Census Bureau to include any resident inside the U.S. “for purposes of congressional representation, without regard to whether its residents are in lawful immigration status.”  This effectively gives GREATER representation—and federal funding—to jurisdictions that flout immigration laws, such as sanctuary cities.

Halted drilling in ANWR and the Keystone XL pipeline in the name of “environmental justice." This order pledges to “advance environmental justice” and accentuate the feeling of “urgency for combating climate change and accelerating the transition toward a clean energy economy.” This order HALTS the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which has the capacity to carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to Nebraska. Biden says, “most greenhouse gas emissions originate beyond our borders,” BUT he believes, “the pipeline must be canceled to avoid setting the world on a dangerous, potentially catastrophic, climate trajectory.” This will immediately take away at least 12,000 US jobs.

Biden established the “civil right” of biological males to participate in female sports and use female showers and restrooms. This order says a person can use restrooms, showers, sleep in dorm rooms, participate in sports…according to their PROFESSED sex and not necessarily their biological sex. Deferred student loans: Biden has asked the acting secretary of Education to SUSPEND all student loan collections and allow no further interest to accrue until an unspecified date. 

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Prepare for Biden's Newly-Proposed Tax based on the number of miles a person travels, taxing Americans based on the number of miles they drive on any given day. Pete Buttigieg, newly named Transportation Secretary, is in favor of this and if it becomes law Rural America would be the ones disproportionately impacted. They live further outside of metro areas. Many travel 20 to 30 miles one way to work or to do any kind of major grocery shopping. Farmers, especially those who live even further out – a few hours from a metropolitan area – would be punished because they don't live in the inner cities.This is a prime example of why rural folks feel forgotten about. It's always about what's best for those who live in the cities, not about those who grow and transport your food (more here).

This is just the beginning: in the coming weeks and months expect more Biden executive orders, government mandates, economy crushing shutdowns, government spending increases and more.

HOWEVER THERE IS SOME REALLY GOOD NEWS: Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) reiterated that they do not support doing away with the filibuster and will not be supporting packing the Supreme Court nor making DC and Puerto Rico states.

THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS THE TRUTH: It is quite humorous that most on the left, uninformed observers and RINOs continue to buy into the Democrat and Democrat Operative media's false narrative that Joe Biden received more legal votes than President Trump did in the 2020 Presidential Election. These individuals most obviously did not take time to watch the hundreds of hours of live State Legislative Election Irregularity / Integrity hearings and detailed follow ups HERE and HERE,including in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada. There are serious questions that still have not been answered such as why in Maricopa County Arizona they refused a court order subpoena to turn over the Dominion voting machines for forensic audits, until last week etc...

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During the Pennsylvania Legislative Voter Integrity Hearing's, election witnesses and experts testified that during a few minute span (after 3 AM in a data dump) 574,000 votes were given to Biden and 3,200 votes were given to Trump. Additionally there is much evidence that the Dominion voting systems (a foreign company -- whose User Manual describes how to implement 'Weighted Voting') were used to flip votes from Trump to Biden in multiple battleground states. This is what Arizona key witnesses testified in person and under sworn affidavit that the Dominion machine defaulted switching Trump votes to Biden (here).

Also Dominion executives including Director, VP of Engineering and Patent Holder Eric Coomer who told Antifa “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that," vacated their offices in Denver, CO Boca Raton, FL and Toronto CA, shredded documents and deleted information from their websites and social media pages. OF NOTE: Their office in Toronto was shared with a Soros entity. Here is a Video of Coomer, Explaining to Chicago Elections Officials How to Alter and Switch Votes. And article / Michelle Malkin, Joe Oltmann interview here.

REMEMBER In fact Joe Biden actually bragged about the 2020 Democrat Voter Fraud plan during an interview saying: "We’re in a situation where we have put together — and you’d [sic] guys, did it for our, the president Obama’s administration, before this — We have put together, I think, the Most Extensive and and Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization in the History of American Politics." VIDEO here

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What else will the illegitimate Biden Presidency bring our country the next four years? It was quite telling that on inauguration day solders lining the streets refused to acknowledge the Biden motorcade as it passed by turning their backs on him Video. -- Jan 20 Audio Summary

75 Million + Voters will not forget: Also in Wisconsin the voter irregularities were of epic proportion More Here and Here.

Last week Senator Rand Paul said “In Wisconsin, tens of thousands of absentee votes had only the name on them and no address. Historically, those were thrown out, this time they weren’t. They made special accommodations because they said, ‘oh it’s pandemic and people forgot what their address was,’ so they changed the law after the fact,” Paul said. “That is wrong, that’s unconstitutional, and I plan on spending the next two years going around state to state and fixing these problems, and I wont be cast out by liberals in the media who say ‘there’s no evidence here and you’re a liar if you talk about election fraud,’ no, let’s have an open debate, it’s a free country.”

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And we have not even mentioned the irrefutable Georgia voter fraud evidence. President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden by more than 110,000 votes in Georgia on election night when all of a sudden Fulton County stopped counting ballots after a reported "pipe burst."

Poll watchers were then kicked out of the State Farm Arena tabulation center at 10:25 PM. We now know that a pipe never burst. It was all a lie in order to remove poll watchers while a few Democrat Operatives stayed behind to count illegal ballots for Joe Biden. Thankfully it was all caught on Video Here. The “workers” stayed behind and were seen pulling bins full of ballots out from under tables to be tabulated. Between 1 AM and 3 AM the next day a large spike for Biden was reported erasing Trumps lead. IMPORTANT AUDIO: BINDERS FULL OF EVIDENCE.

IF YOU DID NOT HAVE TIME TO WATCH THE SEVERAL WEEKS OF LIVE COVERAGE OF LEGISLATIVE HEARINGS IN THE 6 BATTLEGROUND then please at least read Volume 3 of the Navarro ReportThe report is designed to serve as a capstone to what has been a comprehensive analysis of the 2020 presidential election that was stolen from Donald Trump. In the report Peter Navarro provides detailed statistical voter fraud evidence with respect to the illegal votes found in each of the six battleground states. READ REPORT HERE.

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After stalling for several weeks Maricopa County in Arizona finally agreed to a court order subpoena and will allow a comprehensive forensic audit of its Dominion voting systems machines to answer concerns about the integrity of the November 2020 election. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously at a Jan. 27 meeting to hire two independent companies to conduct an audit that will review whether voting machines counted votes correctly, and whether they were tampered with or hacked in any way.

The fake news media has spent the last month repeating the lie that Trump supporters traveled to Washington D.C. for a rally and were incited by Trump to riot and overthrow the government. We know otherwise -- In fact there have been many witnesses and videoed confirmation showing that there was a premeditated and coordinated staged effort that included anomalies such as Capitol police allowing in demonstrators by removing barricades, known paid Leftist agitators riling up the crowd, Antifa / BLM (many who had mace, gas masks, large back packs, shields and even handing out guns) effort to storm the Capitol on Jan 6 VIDEO HERE.  --  Leading to an unconstitutional impeachment -- The coordinated effort to destroy Donald Trump Video Here. Also interesting to note that the FBI knew on Jan 5 there were pipe bombs placed at the WA DC Democrat and Republican offices, but did not report / admit to this until recently.

Also Stanford researcher and inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer shared a video which suggested the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol was orchestrated by insiders. Pulitzer said despite those saying the siege was not planned, he believes it was in the works for months. He added that insiders worked on the plan and even had people on the ground to direct the bad actors. VIDEO HERE

WHAT WE KNOW: On Jan 6, 2021, hundreds of thousands of citizens traveled to the nation’s capital to exercise their Constitutional right to peacefully protest.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the “right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

This was their grievance: At least 75 million had cast their ballots for Trump on election day.

Then, in the wee hours, when Las Vegas odds makers were calling a Trump victory, counting inexplicably stopped, and a disproportionate number of Biden votes appeared.

The Biden votes were primarily from Democrat-controlled cities: Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.

They were culled from mail-in ballots, an accommodation hurriedly retrofitted into the voting system because of a pandemic. 

The election’s statistical anomalies were mind boggling, including Republican dominance down ballot, Trump’s significant support among minority voters, and his victory in all traditional bellwether states.


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Some of the new Covid -19 illegal voting procedures were ordered by state governors and health officials even though Article II of the Constitution delegates rule-making for elections exclusively to state legislatures.

Also hundreds of thousands of ballots were shredded after they were counted, not allowing a forensic audit. The Washington DC protesters had reason to ask: Did someone pull a fast one?  

At the end of his Jan 6 "Stop the Steal" rally speech President Trump called on the assembled to make the 45 minute march “over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” At the same time there was a pre-planned organized staged coup happening at the Capitol building that included known Antifa and BLM activists VIDEO HERE (see 20 min mark). 

Also Video showed several busses of Antifa being escorted by WA DC police. This was also witnessed by several others including a member of the SCRP who resides in Sedro-Woolley who said he watched two busses of Antifa being escorted by WA DC Police on Jan 4 (two days prior to the rally).


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Most obviously tens of millions of Americans have lost trust in RINOs Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Bill Barr, Mitt Romney, Judge John Roberts and many others, as well as our entire election system. While most every election has a modicum of fraud, the circumstances around the 2020 Presidential Pandemic Election were at unprecedented levels with thousands of signed affidavits of witnessed voter fraud and multiple states that made premeditated and / or rushed ill-planned / illegal changes to their elections laws, to take out Trump at ALL COSTS using Covid-19 as their excuse / tool. We have been tracking and archiving this for months via this monthly newsletter and the  skagitrepublicans.com website Blog page.

We can't successfully drain the political swamp unless we know what and who caused the problem. Besides continually exposing the hundreds of Swamp Bad Actors and the massive corruption what else can we do about it? 

We need to GET RID OF THE SELLOUTS and find and support good GOP candidates that will uphold the Constitution and Conservative values! A positive first step was the Washington State Republican Party State Committee passing a resolution calling out the RINOs; excerpt: Whereas, Democrats and some Republicans, with Particular Disappointment in Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and Congressman Dan Newhouse, voted to impeach President Trump just one week before the end of his term. The vote was 111-2 Full Resolution Here

Also 6 county GOP chairs from the 4th Congressional District, which covers the central portion of Washington State, issued a letter calling for Newhouse to resign.

“It is impossible to defend the indefensible,'' said the letter signed by the GOP chairs of Yakima, Benton, Franklin, Grant, Adams and Douglas counties. ”An overwhelming majority of our county constituents are calling for your resignation.''

“When a representative fails to represent the people, the people must respond,'' the letter said, adding many constituents feel "betrayed" by Newhouse's Jan. 13 vote.

"The Republican County Chairmen in the 4th Congressional District, condemn your vote to impeach our sitting Republican President. Impeachment is reserved exclusively for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, neither of which existed in this case. Without due process, witnesses or evidence, your vote to impeach endorses and perpetuates another abuse of the impeachment process."

"Obviously, you did not sufficiently consult with those you are elected to represent. Based on our received emails, texts and phone communications, the majority of your constituents in the 4th Congressional District Republican party felt betrayed by your vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump. Your defense of your impeachment vote is not adequate for the charge." Read full letter here

Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida denounced Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming from the steps of the Capitol in Cheyenne last week as an out-of-touch neoconservative who sides with the globalist Deep State against her own constituents VIDEO

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Gaetz also called out Cheney on her support for foreign wars and ties to the Deep State establishment. “The truth is that the establishment in both political parties have teamed up to screw our fellow Americans for generations,” he said:

Cheney and the other RINO's who voted to impeach President Trump, having falsely said he was behind the unfortunate violence at and inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, are in deep trouble. They have received heated pushback from voters and from Republican leaders alike. A petition signed by more than half of House GOP members calls on Cheney to step down from her chairmanship of the House Republican Conference, a role that makes her the # 3 member of the GOP in the chamber.

Additionally the South Carolina Republican Party (SCGOP) voted to formally censure Rep. Tom Rice who voted to impeach Trump.

In a statement, Drew McKissick, State Chairman for the SCGOP, noted that after the impeachment vote, an effort to condemn Rice emerged at the grassroots level from a county in his district. “We made our disappointment clear the night of the impeachment vote. Trying to impeach a president, with a week left in his term, is never legitimate and is nothing more than a political kick on the way out the door,” McKissick said.

“Congressman Rice’s vote, unfortunately, played right into the Democrats’ game, and the people in his district, and ultimately our State Executive Committee wanted him to know they wholeheartedly disagree with his decision.”

The SCRP has formed a Voter Integrity Project Committee which is meeting twice a month. Our 20 member committee will share information and make recommendations to other county GOP parties, the WSRP and the State legislature to help improve the security, integrity, and administration of statewide and local elections.

More than half of the American population has lost faith in our election systems and we recognize that ALL POWER IS INHERENT IN THE PEOPLE.

Our Constitutionally guaranteed Republican form of government relies on free, fair and honest elections to select our representatives and leaders. It is absolutely critical that every American has faith in our electoral system and that only legal votes are counted. As President Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction," and now more than ever before it is our duty to help restore the trust of the voters.

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WA State Democrats in the legislature Want to Eliminate Election Transparency Access with HB 1068. The new law will DENY Public Record Requests access to many of the important aspects of Election Security Processes. This transparency destroying law would make it impossible for the public to find out what is actually going on with security in the election process. 

What are they trying to hide? This very corrupt proposed law completely violates the The Public Records Act itself. The PRA provides the people with broad rights of access to public records. The purpose of the act is to allow people to be informed about governmental decisions and therefore help keep government accountable (WAC 44-14-01003). The act declares that it must promote the public policy of open government. The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The People insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created.(RCW 42.56.030).

WA State Republican bill HB 1377 would end vote by mail and restore in-person voting at polling places. It reads: The legislature further finds that trust in the electoral system across the United States has declined due to credible allegations of voter fraud, ballot tampering, and foreign interference in elections. As a result, it is important to institute an electoral process that not only secures the vote from fraud, tampering, and interference, but also restores trust that the outcomes are legitimate and that the election was free and fair. Accordingly, the legislature intends to ensure ballot security and restore trust in electoral outcomes by going back to in-person voting in Washington, while continuing to provide ballot access to those who most need it by allowing for limited absentee voting.

WA State Republican bill SB 5143 sponsored by Ericksen, Fortunato, Padden, Schoesler, "The Free and Fair Elections Act of 2021" also seeks to eliminate vote by mail and return back to in-person polling place voting.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) along with a number of GOP senators, have introduced the Stop Greenlighting Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Act. The bill targets Sanctuary States that allow immigrants to get driver’s licenses without proof that they legally reside in the United States. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 15 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws to Allow Illegal Immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and of course Washington.

"The granting of driver's licenses to illegal aliens represents State approval of illegal immigration,” said Chris Chmielenski, Deputy Director, NumbersUSA. “This directly undermines the Federal effort to end illegal immigration by rewarding those who violate our immigration laws, driving border surges and encouraging those who arrived on temporary visas to violate their terms of entry and stay forever. To go further and shield criminal aliens from Federal immigration enforcement is a direct assault on the rule of law."

“No town in America is secure from criminals and terrorists if our borders aren’t policed and federal immigration laws aren’t fully enforced,” Blackburn said “This country is governed by the rule of law. We should not reward illegal aliens with driver licenses when they fail to follow the proper legal process.”

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Trump Won Two-Thirds of Election Lawsuits Where Merits Considered -- Of the 22 cases that have been heard by the courts and decided on their merits, Trump and Republicans have prevailed in 15, according to citizen journalist John Droz Jr., a physicist and environmental advocate in Morehead City, N.C. Article Here

Trump To Be ‘Actively Involved’ -- Trump has voiced his support for helping Republicans take back the House in the 2022 midterms. In fact Trump / RNC Raised $86 Million Online for Efforts to Investigate Election Integrity. According to a filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) the money was raised in the last 37 days. 

MILLIONS WORLDWIDE RALLY IN SUPPORT OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Immediately after the Jan 6 election massive MAGA rallies in support of Donald Trump sprung up worldwide. Japan, Taiwan, Nigeria, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Israel and more countries have had huge crowds supporting Trump.

The crowds were so large, you would expect to be watching a Trump rally in the United States. “This isn’t the United States, this is Nigeria”, states one observer of the rally in Nigeria. In Canada you see American flags, Donald Trump signs and people chanting “USA, USA,”…

You see more support from other countries as well. Questioning Time Magazine’s pick for Man of the Year, Australia’s Sky News reporter states: “Time’s man of the year should have of course been Donald Trump. Was Trump robbed?” 

In Japan, a pro Trump supporter states: “If Biden wins this time, democracy will be destroyed so America will be destroyed and which means Japan as well”

The world is watching as the greatest election fraud in history went down in the United States. People worldwide are fearful that one of the most peaceful US presidents (first president in 4 decades to not start a new war) is robbed of a second term by a criminal coup that threatens the peace and prosperity of the entire world. See full video on BrandNewTube.com


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Despite the media's constant assurances that it's nearly impossible to commit voter fraud by mail, it seems billionaire Jeff Bezos and officials at Amazon disagree with that assertion. 

The online retailer is urging the National Labor Relations Board to reconsider a decision allowing 6,000 Amazon employees at the company's warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, to vote by mail in an upcoming unionization vote. Amazon is seeking to postpone the election while the Labor Relations Board reviews the decision. 

According to a representative of the company who spoke to CNN, Amazon believes in-person voting is "the best approach to a valid, fair and successful election" because in-person voting allows "associates to verify and cast their vote in close proximity to their workplace." What a concept. 

The Culp for Governor Campaign ended their lawsuit in King County Superior Court against the SOS due to financial constraints and pressure by AG Bob Ferguson. Among other things the campaign showed evidence that the SOS exercised malfeasance by not cleaning up the voter rolls allowing over 335,000 people (including 1,354 in Skagit and 1,494 in Island Counties) that had moved out of state to be mailed ballots in the 2020 General Election. Additionally thousands of ballots were sent out to illegal addresses (PO Boxes, etc, including 196 in Skagit and 360 in Island Counties). The campaign also alleged that over 7,200 dead people (156 in Skagit and 129 in Island Counties) cast a vote in the 2020 General Election. Video here

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Wearing masks can kill you, the information is out there but is being suppressed. People are dying of the side effects by the prolonged wearing of masks. More info from a very upset Doctor-- Video Here

Washington State Governor Inslee’s endless lockdown world continues with no end in sight. The randomly changing, repeat “rebranding” efforts, and harmful destruction of small businesses while rewarding crony supporters and mega corporations continues under Governor Inslee’s regime. The “deadlines” or “extensions” have become meaningless, openly mocked dates that are simply points where extensions will be announced. The frustration and rebellion grows in Washington State and elsewhere. The Zoom Legislative Session is disenfranchising the public with a lack of transparency (how many lobbyists are behind the camera holding up talking points for the legislator to parrot?).  Silencing the people trying to testify on bills has become a fun activity by the staff and elected officials in the state. The lack of a quorum on the capital campus is bizarre. Surrounding the capital with the National Guard and fencing everyone out is also unique and bizarre. Glen Morgan We the Governed Video Here, Here and Video Olympia's Decay Continues...

If you are concerned with the number of executive orders Joe Biden is enacting on the citizenry then please let your voice be heard and use the contact form link Here.

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Joe Biden’s website boasts that he has taken on the NRA twice and won, referring to his help passing the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act in 1993 and in passing a 10-year ban on some weapons and magazines the following year: “As president, Joe Biden will defeat the NRA again,” the site states. Proposals include banning the manufacture and sale of so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, restricting the number of guns one person may buy per month to one, and prohibiting people convicted of hate crimes from owning guns.

Why Trump Will Go Down As One of the Best Presidents in History. The man got things done while he was in office, kept promises like no other in modern history, consistently worked long hours, was transparent, and had virtually no scandals outside of those concocted by Deep State enemies and the disgustingly dishonest ‘mainstream’ media. 

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Trump forged peace deals in the Middle East for the first time in generations, spurred an economic revival by slashing regulations and taxes, overhauled the immigration system, ripped up and renegotiated trade deals, enacted elusive criminal justice reform and stocked the federal judiciary with conservatives at a record pace.

“Breaking through in Middle East peace, creating a conservative Court, and then enormous economic gains through February [2020],” said former House Speaker and Trump ally Newt Gingrich. “Those are the three achievements I would list.”

Trump appointed 226 federal judges in just four years, including three Supreme Court justices. Presidents Obama and Clinton appointed 320 and 367 judges, respectively, in eight years.

While Trump’s impact on the Supreme Court gets most of the attention, his influence on the 13 federal appeals courts is even more important. The president appointed 54 appeals court judges, one fewer than Mr. Obama’s total in two terms, and “flipped” the majority ideology on three of the courts from Democratic to Republican.

One step below the Supreme Court, the federal circuit courts more often play decisive roles across a broad range of policies, including employment law, environmental policy and limiting the authority of the bureaucratic state. The appeals courts are where 99 + % of cases end.

Matt Schlapp, Chair of the American Conservative Union says: “Increasingly, the Supreme Court has been used as the ultimate economic regulator, and picking constitutionalist judges really chilled that activity, which is one of the greatest impacts on the economy. Entrepreneurs want to make investments. They can’t make investments very well if judges in a mercurial fashion are the regulators.

Unfortunately, some of the greatest changes that President Trump put in place — lowering regulations and tax decreases — I think the Biden administration is going to quickly try to reverse all that,” Alfredo Ortiz, president of the Job Creators Network, said. “I think that literally led to some of the greatest economic boom times that we’ve seen, at least in our lifetime. We had a president that really, truly understood what it took to grow an economy.”

Trump was also a big backer of the 2nd Amendment and was very pro-life, two ‘qualities’ not endemic to Democrats."

Now — what’s to become of the party he revitalized? Matt Schlapp, whose wife Mercedes worked in the Trump administration, provides a synopsis "I think this is a time to step up, be rational, explain what’s going on and explain what the vision is. And anybody who wants to be a Republican leader needs to do that. The conservative movement wants to fight, even when it’s a tough fight. And that was the virtue Trump had that they admired the most: He was willing to fight.”

“One of the reasons why Donald Trump was so loved throughout his four years by his own party is that he was willing to talk about the things they wanted to get for a generation,” he continued. “Then when he had the power, he just started doing them. He’s a man of action. He wants to work and push every day. As an ex-president, that will be really interesting, because we’ve really never had an ex-president in modern times who stayed active and kept communicating.”

The RINO class including Roberts, Barr and Pence kicked Trump and 75 + million voters to the curb. The president’s supporters should repay them by replacing them and other Rino's with more Republicans who are like him. IN HONOR OF PRESIDENT TRUMP VIDEO HERE

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America's Frontline Doctors have a new video: "Our call -- The Stand -- The Truth About the Covid-19 Vaccine" click link to view video HERE. Bombshell Video Interview of former President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Here.

Former Obama bundler Suzi G. LeVine announced her appointment to the Biden-Harris Administration. LeVine led the Washington Employment Security Department during the $650 million unemployment fraud scheme which negatively impacted 200,000 claims.

LeVine oversaw the loss of $650 million in unemployment benefits to an international fraud ring, and many were shocked that she was not fired for it. That catastrophic failure affected many and then when State Auditor Pat McCarthy attempted to discover what went wrong, LeVine blocked her investigation. What was she hiding??? To this day, problems persist at ESD. 

2020 Seattle sees highest number of homicides in a quarter of a century. As violent crime rates spiked across the country in Democrat governed cities, Seattle police investigated 50 homicides, a number that represents a 61% increase over the 31 homicides logged a year earlier, according to interim Seattle police Chief Adrian Diaz.

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Video link: We are in a very dark time where many components of our government are actively working to destroy our rights under the pretense of a "global pandemic." We are seeing a barrage of unconstitutional "lockdowns," "Executive Orders," Rules, Mandates, etc. that flagrantly violate our Constitutionally protected rights. We are seeing fear and chaos spreading through our nation, and our freedoms and liberties are being threatened like never before. Many a patriotic American fought and died for these rights, and WE WILL NOT sit idly by and watch it happen! Kris Anne Hall video specifically speaking to Christians and the church regarding Draconian governor Covid dictates HERE

We are pursuing lawful claims against multiple governors and other public servants in multiple states for acting under Color of Law. These states include California, Washington, and New Jersey. Executive Orders are NOT LAWS! NO American can be subjected to threats, intimidation, or punishment for NOT obeying an Executive Order. NO emergency power supersedes the Constitution!  

Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law: To any law enforcement official who attempts to enforce Governor Inslee’s mask proclamation 20-25.6 and the subsequent Order of the Secretary of Health 20-03 as if it is law:

Please be advised that: 1. Because the WA State Department of Health Mask Order is NOT law, and because it explicitly provides for exemptions as required by both state and federal antidiscrimination statutes, any attempt to enforce it as if it is law is a violation of 18 USC Section 242 - Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law, which carries criminal penalties.  2. And such an attempted enforcement action also violates provisions of the US Constitution’s First and Fourth Amendments.

MORE HERE constitutionallawgroup.us


Liberty First University https://krisannehall.com/index.php/liberty-first-university

Knowledge is the Key to Liberty. The truth has been hidden from us on purpose. We've all been fed propagandized lies. It will take hard work and morality to liberate ourselves into the free people that we were created to be. 






Telegram Experiences Massive Growth in January: 90 Million New Users. Messaging app Telegram sent a message to its users announcing that in January alone it gained 90 million new users. “In January 2021, more than 90 million new users from around the world joined Telegram,” reads the encrypted messaging app’s message. “Thank you! These milestones were made possible by users like you who invite their friends to Telegram.”

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Parler (hopefully back soon)

WeSpeak www.wespeak.com






Ted Nugent wrote Joe Biden a letter that went viral fast: Dear Vice President Biden,
Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters.

I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity. I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration. I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on my President Trump's campaign.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump. I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up my President Trump's beautiful State of the Union speech on National TV. I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused my President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with. I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of my great United States of America. I remember how you and your Democratic Party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump. This Trump supporter remembers all that Joe, and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party. Your abject criminal dishonesty is treasonous. You belong in prison along with the rest of the Swamp.

Voter Fraud in WA State and How to fix it. James Miller, former project manager and engineer at Boeing, and expert in systems and processes, joins Dylan Moore at Freedom Washington to discuss his journey of discovery regarding voting machines and the voting system in Washington State. James details the problems and the solution Video Here

BLM / Antifa "protest" moves into homeless community in front of Bellingham City Hall. On Friday Jan 22 the Homeless Camps were to be moved at least 25 feet from the City Hall. They refused and a "Protest" ensued.  Reports from the scene:  "BLM/Antifa broke into a locked city hall in Bellingham today. Mayor had to be escorted out for safety. They also tore down the American flag outside. Stole a KGMI journalist’s mic and threw a hot drink on him. Yet they’re supposed to be here advocating for the homeless." VIDEO HERE

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Problems with mail-in, or absentee, balloting are not new. In 2005, the bipartisan Carter-Baker Commission noted that “absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud…. Absentee balloting is vulnerable to abuse in several ways: blank ballots mailed to the wrong address or to a large residential building might get intercepted. Citizens who vote at home, at nursing homes, at the workplace, or in church are more susceptible to pressure, overt and subtle, or to intimidation. Vote buying schemes are far more difficult to detect when citizens vote by mail.” More From Judicial Watch Here

Dr. Peter Navarro is the former Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. He's also someone with a clear, logical mind and a gift for distilling the narrative essence of complicated, disparate facts emerging from the six contested states in this election.

His 3rd Volume of The Navarro Report called, YES, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence & Statistical Receipts. This “capstone” volume documents the “most up-to-date statistical ‘receipts’ with respect to the potential number of illegal votes in each battleground state.” It follows Volume l: The Immaculate Deception and Volume ll: The Art of the Steal, both of which provide material evidence of a stolen presidential election in 2020.

The report begins with a summary of the goals of the previous two reports. It then quickly moves into the purpose of Volume lll, which is to provide investigators with a “conservative” and “well-documented tally of potentially illegal votes on a state-by-state and category-by-category basis.” 

"The Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards" is a newly proposed rule drafted by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and is now pending before the Illinois General Assembly TO BE MANDATED IN ALL K-12 Illinois SCHOOLS CURRICULUM. This would be a new law that forces teachers to "Embrace and Encourage Progressive Viewpoints and Perspectives."  Teachers are mandated to discuss "Current Political Controversies" in class. They are legally required to teach that there are an Unlimited Numbers of Genders and Prioritize Representation in Classroom. Teachers have to organize and mobilize their students to participate in "Action Civics" field trips, "Student Protests," and "Lobbing Expeditions" on behalf of Leftist causes like Gun Control and The Green New Deal. Also teachers are mandated to mitigate their "Unearned Privileges" like being white. 

This is being voted on Feb 16 and would be implemented statewide and is addition to Critical Race Theory and The 1619 Project already being taught statewide. And What happens if a teacher says NO to the latest mandate? The Teacher gets their teaching license revoked permanently. Worst of All - The Illinois State Democrats are doing everything possible to mandate this nationally to every state in the U.S. with Common Core curriculums.

The definitive list of liberal, progressive and / or anti-Conservative agenda driven companies includes the ones you may be most familiar with like Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. But the long list of others may surprise you LINK HERE.

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Why masks and lockdowns do not help in the fight against Covid-19 and could even make things worse. Argument Against Masks, Lockdowns and More HERE. And 26 studies that indicate that lockdowns don't work in controlling the virus.

Last week Donald Trump opened an “Office of the Former President”that seeks to advance the interests of the United States and carry on the agenda of his administration.

A statement from the office in Palm Beach County, Florida, reads, “Today, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, formally opened the Office of the Former President.”

“The Office will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism. President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People,” it said.

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In the video below, Allan Rex Maximus Von Broch has pieced together evidence that concludes that while Donald Trump was president, he laid the groundwork to ultimately defeat the Deep State - The Best Is Yet To Come -- VIDEO HERE

The "Great Reset New Normal" is a Great Deception and may have dire consequences. The Great Reset is using Fear and the Covid Pandemic to reshape our economies, our politics and our societies. Video Here

The Biden administration was sued on Jan. 27 over its executive order to halt oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Wyoming by the Western Energy Alliance, a group representing fossil fuel producers on federal lands. They say "Biden exceeded his authority, the law is clear. Presidents don’t have authority to ban leasing on public lands. All Americans own the oil and natural gas beneath public lands, and Congress has directed them to be responsibly developed on their behalf." This is also a 'Direct Attack' on Native American Sovereignty which includes tribal use on reservation lands.

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem explains why the state legislature is getting ready to send in the sergeant-at-arms to arrest members of the Maricopa County elections board - VIDEO.

Election officials have been blocking access to ballots and election equipment for months, in defiance of subpoenas. Finchem says according to state law “the ballots themselves are to be placed in the custody of the state treasurer after the canvassing of the ballots.” 

“That never happened,” he said.

Finchem says their case of election fraud is iron tight via the November 30 Legislative hearings. “You’re not going to issue that subpoena without probable cause…what else do we need to show you? We have the receipts.”Finchem says Arizona is completely fed up with the election fraud and corruption, Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike.

“This isn’t about President Trump, by the way,” he said. “This is about free and fair elections.

Founder of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk and Pastor Jack recently held an amazing community forum Video Here.

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Greenwood Tree in Mount Vernon offers educational options other than public school and do not require masks and serve children preschool - grade 7 www.greenwoodtreecoop.org

Republican Snohomish County Councilman Sam Low was unanimously elected as the 2021-2022 Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Chair by the 21 member Washington State Transportation Improvement Board. The Legislature created the Transportation Improvement Board to foster state investment in quality local transportation projects. 

According to its mission, the TIB funds high priority transportation projects in communities throughout the state to enhance the movement of people, goods and services. Recently, the TIB board awarded locally over $7.5 Million in grants to the cities of Gold Bar, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Snohomish, and Stanwood for project year 2022. The money is used toward pavement overlays, road preservation, sidewalks, road widening and new roads. Currently there are 25 active projects in Snohomish County funded by TIB in the amount of $33,887,450.

San Juan County Committeewoman Cindy Carter and I were unanimously elected to the Washington State Republican Party Executive Board representing Region 2: Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom counties. This is a huge honor and we are both very grateful!

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Until Facebook stops censoring conservatives the SCRP will no longer be posting on the SCRP Facebook page. Please join us on We Speak https://www.wespeak.com/group/SkagitCountyRepublicans

The Skagit Republican Women's Group meets the first Tuesday of each month at 10:30 AM. Next Meeting is Tuesday, February 2. Contact Judy Billings for more information (206) 550-1836.



Mike Lindell, famous for his life story and passion for his company “My Pillow” and a good friend of President Trump, released a documentary today surrounding the 2020 election.  In the documentary, Lindell spent millions in an effort to get out the truth about the 2020 election.  

TRENDING: Exclusive: The TCF Center Election Fraud – Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal Ballots 8 Hours After Deadline

Lindell and his team also provide more resources HERE  And this Charlie Kirk 6 Min Video shows the Democrat election playbook going forward.

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The Skagit County Republican Party Voter Integrity Project (VIP) Committee is up and running. The 20 person Committee is made up of members of the SCRP. The Committee's Mission Statement Reads:

This committee’s mission is to strengthen Voter Integrity in Skagit County by providing honest and thoughtful critiquing of all aspects of our voting and election system while also advocating to ensure Free and Fair Elections. This committee will be proactive in educating the public and government officials about problems we find with our county and statewide systems, and will be proactive in proposing solutions that are consistent with the Constitution.

Computer programmer Bennie Smith explains in detail in THIS VIDEO how the Nations and WA State's voting machines can be easily programed and manipulated to swing elections.

Today Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released a statement celebrating February as Black History Month: “Black History Month is an opportunity for all Americans to learn from the struggles, celebrate the contributions, and honor the legacies of Black Americans who have enriched our great nation,” said Chairwoman McDaniel. “The Republican Party has always been the home for freedom and opportunity. We will continue to champion those values while fighting for policies like school choice, entrepreneurship, religious freedom, and the removal of barriers that impede opportunities to realize the American Dream. This month, we also celebrate the newly elected Black Republicans in Congress and at the state and local levels, who are proudly standing on the shoulders of so many great Black Americans in our Party that have served with distinction and shaped our nation’s history and culture.”

This Saturday February 6th from 4-8 pm the Skagit Young Republicans is having a Fundraiser for Pregnancy Choices. The Director of 'Pregnancy Choices' and the Director of '40 Days for Life' will be the Guest Speakers. There will be acoustic music and a Mexican food dinner for $15 dollars a plate, Rice Beans Tamales salad dessert and drinks. For More Info Please email skagityoungrepublicans@gmail.com.

A Big Thank You to the SYR's who also helped organize the incredibly successful "WE THE PEOPLE FOR LIFE" event at the Capitol on January 29 Video Here.

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CALL TO ACTION! HB 1283 Infringes on your Constitutional Right to open carry a firearm. HB 1283 would make it a felony to open carry a firearm in a group, there is no exception for individuals who are defending themselves at home or on their own property. Not even law enforcement, military or those carrying firearms in an official capacity are exempted. HB 1283 is being heard by the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee at 10 AM Feb 2. Make your voice heard now and weigh in to stop this bill using the following link here.

Our next SCRP Central Committee meeting will be this Saturday, February 6 at noon. For more info call (360) 820-1700 or email skagitrepublicans@yahoo.com.

Feel free to visit our SCRP office in Burlington, located at 281 S. Burlington Blvd (MAP) we are open Mon - Fri 10 AM to 2 PM. Also please remember to check on the the Skagit Republicans website Blog page for important daily updates at Skagitrepublicans.com.


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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