Guatemalan Military Struggles to Stop Migrant Caravan Headed to America to Get Amnesty From Joe Biden

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Jan 18, 2021 The Dan Bongino by John Hawkins

Perhaps Donald Trump’s most adept maneuver as President was working with Latin American nations to stop illegal immigrants before they arrived in America. Democrats in Congress may have kept him from making Mexico pay for a wall, but in the end, Trump did get Mexico and other nations to start working on our behalf to stop illegals from making way to our borders. However, now that a President who believes in open borders and amnesty is entering the White House, you can expect the spigot to be turned back on again. Illegal aliens are now highly incentivized to flood into our country again and even before Biden is in office, we’re already seeing a massive “most peaceful” caravan headed this way. As you can see, the violent, undoubtedly corona ridden crowd is proving hard to stop. VIDEO HERE

Guatemala’s immigration chief, Guillermo Díaz told the migrants, “You cannot and will not get through. Please understand that carrying on isn’t possible.” Soon enough, Joe Biden will probably be telling Guatemala to wave them on. If you run a criminal enterprise that is dependent on illegal alien workers or you’re a Democrat who wants more poor, uneducated socialists in America, this is good news, but these are not people we want in America. In a time when people are out of work, they will take jobs. In a time, when we’re running a massive deficit, they’re a new expense. In a time, when lawlessness is running rampant, they will commit more crimes. They would clog our courts, spread the coronavirus and these are not people who will add anything to the country or that we should want as citizens. Encouraging this is bad for America.


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