Huge Victory for No On Charter


There is a big victory happening in the general election for Skagit County as voters county-wide are overwhelmingly rejecting Home Rule Skagit's Charter government ballot measure Prop 1.  As of 5 PM on 11/15/18 the vote margin was NO 66.38% -- YES 33.62%.  

According to the Skagit County Department of Elections, because of all the Prop 1 Freeholder candidates listed on the ballot it made the the ballot abnormally large and the folding method used by the company who created the ballot was incorrect as scanning did not work properly with the computer on a large majority of the Skagit County ballots.  This issue is resulting in a significant delay as there are still about 6,000 ballots left to tabulate.  Final certified vote total will be available November 27th.

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