The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) and call for the overtaxed citizens of Seattle, on behalf of all citizens of the state, to forcefully resist a new income tax recently passed by the Seattle City Council.  This law is unconstitutional, illegal and against the voter's will expressed nine (9) times at the ballot box as citizens overwhelmingly have rejected a state income tax.

Make no mistake, this poorly conceived bill is not a tax on the rich.  It is a thinly veiled attempt to test the state constitutional limits of an income tax for all state residents.  The true intent is expensive litigation which takes the case to the State Supreme Court.  All Seattle residents will have to cover the multi-million dollar cost of the bill's legal defense.

Working citizens take no comfort in a tax that singles out high-income residents, as they know that the small percentage of earners who qualify for the tax cannot sustain its costs.  As revenue projection go unmet, bracket creep will eventually embrace the majority of tax payers who are the working middle class.  Even before the bill was signed, the income tax was raised to 2.25% in recognition that revenues would not be high enough at the original 2% level.

This bill has a number of other pitfalls.  Among them is an estimated required $20M bureaucracy that would be needed to enforce the tax collection.  All citizens will be required to report their income to the new department of some 100 employees who may be in fact their own neighbors.  This invasion of privacy is ripe for abuse of sensitive information heretofore known only at the highest levels of the IRS.

Article VII of the Washington State Constitution stipulates that all taxes must be "uniform upon the same class of property" and a Seattle income tax would be in violation of the constitution's uniformity clause (Art.7, Sec. 1).  Also state law prohibits individuals localities from adopting taxes on income (RCW 36.65.030).

All citizens of the state are encouraged to go to: to sign a petition against the Seattle income tax and state income tax.


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