January 2019 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

January 2019 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

Despite recent general election losses and the all pervasive blatant liberal media bias there is still good reason for optimism going into 2019.  Republicans continue to hold the majority in state governments with both legislative chambers (House & Senate) in 31 states and also enjoy 23 state majority Trifectas (House, Senate, Governorships).  So it is important to know at the statewide-national levels we have leadership, unity and hope in politics; i.e. "The whole is greater than the sum its parts".

The GOP tax and regulation cuts have led to our nations economy ending 2018 with a 3.3 % GDP rate (something that most economists said could not be done).  And economically the US just had the best year since 2005 as business investment and consumer confidence soared.  Wages and after tax incomes also rose, and with the nations unemployment rate at 3.7 % (lowest since 1969), the woman's unemployment rate at a 60 year low, and the Hispanic and African American unemployment rates at all time lows, 2018 was truly one for the record books.  

With the additions of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh the U.S. Supreme Court now has a younger conservative majority; and in 2018 SCOTUS ruled favorably on important landmark cases such as "The Travel Ban" which upheld that the President has the legal authority to defend America from Terrorism, Crime and Extremism by restricting travel from several mostly Muslim countries, and  "The Janus Decision" which ended the injustice of forced unionization, eliminating mandatory "agency fees" given to unions against employee wishes.

However closer to home Democrats still control much of the California, Oregon and Washington state legislatures as we continue to watch the Tragicomedy play out via more Liberal Democrat policies, for example: California Dem lawmakers recently tried to tax residents for text messages, including potential legislation making the "text tax" retroactive for the last 5 years.  And in our state, Democrat leadership via Gov Inslee is now asking for a 9.7 billion dollar increase in the state's budget over the next two years, and Dems appear ready to implement a new capital gain / income tax and other taxes; also new on their agenda is to completely ban plastic bags from all businesses statewide.  


In Portland, Oregon the Antifa leftists continue their regular dangerous acts of violence, assaults, destroying private property, smashing windows in cars, businesses, etc.  But more and more their groups appearances in Seattle are now becoming more frequent.  On Dec 3rd an Antifa Mob of about 150 wreaked havoc on innocent people as they blocked downtown Seattle streets and sidewalks protesting US Immigration policy; the group wants all illegal immigrants to come into the county unimpeded.  Additionally several threats to onlookers were reported.  Also many of the Anarchists were armed with semi-automatic weapons chanting "Say it Loud Say it Clear, Refugees are Welcome Here".  More Antifa protests are planned and the Seattle City Council / Mayor and Law Enforcement have been capitulating as it reported that many innocent bystanders have been told to get out of Antifa's way or they may be blamed for inciting violence.


Sadly, longtime Washington State Republican Party National Committeewoman, Freddi Simpson passed away last month after a battle with cancer.  Freddi was one of the top Republican National Committee members for many years and will be mist.  The WSRP will be holding an election at the State Committee Meeting on January 18th to fill her position.


Congratulations to SCRP member Senator Keith Wagoner who was just appointed to lead State Republicans in a new Senate legislative subcommittee on behavioral health.  Keith is also on the Senate Ways & Means Committee, the Senate Early Leave K-12 Education Committee and the Water Use in Skagit County Joint Task Force.


A big thank you to Bob and Claire Eberle who helped to host this years Skagit County Republican Party's Christmas party along with the many volunteers.  It was a wonderful event and all of the 40+ in attendance enjoyed a very happy festive time!


At 7 PM on January 10th the SCRP will hold its Central Committee Organizational Meeting at the office headquarters in Mount Vernon.  New officers will be voted on and all duly elected Precinct Committee Officers need to please attend.



Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman



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