June 2018 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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The newest liberal banking policies to take hold of the U.S. are "Sharia Law Compliant Loans".  Yes, financial institutions that include the likes of JP Morgan, Barclays, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and others are giving Muslims loans at a zero % interest rate because Sharia Law does not allow Muslims to pay interest.  This it is setting us down a very dangerous path as it is helps to legitimize Sharia and the Quran.  It also gives credence to the ISIS ideology of 'Death to the Infidels'.  Our Founding Fathers who fought the Barbary Pirates must be spinning in their graves.

For the 2018 midterm elections the Democrat Liberal and the Republican Conservative agendas could not be more stark.  If Washington State Democrat legislators stay in power you can expect more and more radical policies that will include continued attacks on personal and private property rights, as well as additional tax and spend laws like the newly imposed Seattle City Council 'Head Tax' i.e. 'Jobs Tax'.   You can also get ready for a state income tax, a carbon tax, higher energy taxes, increased property taxes, additional gasoline taxes, more unnecessary toll roads, added costly regulations, 'safe' (suicide) heroin injection sites and many other 'Progressive' government policies.

Enough is enough and it is time for the liberals to be defeated at all legislative levels.  At the Federal level our best GOP hope to replace United States Senator Maria Cantwell is with former Washington State Republican Party State Chair Susan Hutchinson.  Even though this is not an open seat Susan most definitely has the ability to win it for the Republican Party and we will be doing all we can to help her.  Dino Rossi for United States Congress is another important seat we must win.  Dino is up against several Democrats but is the clear favorite in this crucial open seat election in Washington State's 8th Congressional District.  Jaime Herrera Beutler in CD #3, Dan Newhouse in CD #4 and Cathy McMorris Rodgers in CD #5 are also all Incumbent GOP Congressional seats that are of vital importance to keep.

Some important state Initiatives to monitor include: NO on I-1631, this proposed Carbon Fee Initiative would create a new tax that would increase over time.  The revenue use would be decided by an oversight committee selected by the Governor, and the tax money is expected to be siphoned to Democrat liberal organizations that include climate justice groups, certain unions, tribes, etc.   YES on I-1621, this law would allow teachers and school employees with properly licensed concealed carry permits to carry pistols on school grounds.  Lets do all we can to keep our kids safe and help them with the maximum possible security.  YES on I-1608 for open records, we expect full government accountability and transparency for all elected officials.  Transparency is a cornerstone of a democracy and the processes should be open without the hiding of records.  YES on I-976, lets bring back $30 motor vehicle license tabs.  The current taxes are way to high, let people keep more of their hard earned money.  The people know how to better spend their own money, not the government.

It was reported last month that the Republican National Committee (RNC) behind the leadership of Ronna Romney McDaniel continued its record breaking fundraising, almost tripling the money raised by the Democrat National Committee in 2018; scorecard RNC $38 million DNC $13 million.  Also of importance the RNC has raised a total of $172 million so far for the 2017/18 midterm cycle.  The DNC has raised less than $72 million for the same period.  Not surprisingly the RNC has no debt and the DNC continues to operate with debt.  The White House Political Arm RNC is expected to spend a quarter of a billion dollars on the 2018 midterms alone.  Given all the continuous unjust and unfair attacks against the Trump Administration and Conservatism in this truly unique time in our nations history, the 100% total commitment to keep the GOP in power from the RNC is what is required to Make America Great Again; Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House is a truly frightening thought.

President Trump and his administration deserve credit for the getting the American embassy open in Jerusalem, it has been long overdue and is a historic and positive step toward future peace.  Promise kept and message sent:  "Jerusalem is the True Capital of the State of Israel".  Also the presidential administration's progress with North Korea cannot be understated.  Trump is the one who is most responsible for fostering the recent peace talks with the two Korea's and if an eventual summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un happens with an end result of permanently eliminating the North Korean nuclear threat to our planet it would be a truly remarkable accomplishment.  Additionally the administration has the U.S. economy booming with many Conservative Free Market policies being implemented; in May alone over 223, 000 private sector jobs were added and the 3.8 % unemployment rate is the lowest since the year 2000.

A big congratulations to our local candidates that have been formally endorsed by the Skagit County Republican Party for 2018.  They include: Incumbent Norma Smith for LD 10 State House Rep, Incumbent Dave Hayes for LD 10 State House Rep, Incumbent Keith Wagoner for LD 39 State Senator, Incumbent Carolyn Eslick for LD 39 State House Rep, Jeffrey Beeler for 1st CD Congress, Michael Petrish for LD 40 State House Rep, Tom Seguine for State Appellate Court Judge, Rosemary Kaholokula for Skagit Superior Court Judge and Clyde Williams for Skagit County Treasurer.  Of note: It is the normal policy and practice of the Washington State Republican Party and the SCRP to support and endorse all GOP Federal and State Legislative Incumbent Candidates for their individual races.  United We Stand!


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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