Junk Science: Meltdown in the Pacific Northwest

Tony Hellar testified in front of Senator Doug Erickson's committee this past February.  The Democrats and the environmentalist lobby were not happy.  

From Tony Hellar's website:  

Climate Religion Threatens The Future Of Science

Posted on April 28, 2017 by tonyheller

testified at the Washington State Senate a few months ago in Olympia, right after the largest snowstorm they have had in many years. A Democratic senator tried to silence me before I even started talking, and a heckler (formerly from the Olympia City Council) interrupted my presentation. Washington State is very left wing, and the very last thing they want to hear is facts.

Washington State is having their coldest start to a year since 1950, and ninth coldest on record. January-April temperatures in Washington State have been declining for 25 years since the 1992 peak. . .
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Video credit: Tony Hellar

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