LD 39 PCO's pick Elizabeth Scott, Georgene Faries and Carolyn Eslick

LD 39 PCO's pick Elizabeth Scott,  Georgene Faries and Carolyn Eslick

On September 6th the PCO's of the 39th Legislative District met in Arlington and voted on their top three recommendations to be the State's next 39th LD House Representative (replacing the resigning John Koster).  33 PCO's showed up to cast ballots, 23 from Snohomish and 10 from Skagit.  Elizabeth Scott won on the first ballot with a majority.  Here are the results:

First Ballot: Elizabeth Scott 20, Georgene Faries 6, Carolyn Eslick 5, Robert Zimmerman 2

Second Ballot: Georgene Faries 19, Carolyn Eslick 8, Robert Zimmerman 5, Bronn Journey 1

Third Ballot: Carolyn Eslick 16, Robert Zimmerman 10, Bronn Journey 7 (Bronn Journey eliminated)

Fourth Ballot: Carolyn Eslick 17, Robert Zimmerman 16.

Per WSRP bylaws / final rankings:

#1 First choice candidate: Elizabeth Scott (Monroe)

#2 Second choice candidate: Georgene Faries (Arlington)

​#3 Third choice candidate: Carolyn Eslick (Sultan)

In the next few days the Washington State Republican Party Executive Board will ratify the results and then very soon the Snohomish County Council, the Skagit County Board of Commissioners and the King County Council will be conducting interviews with the 3 candidates.

The official joint meeting to appoint one of the three is scheduled to be held at 2 PM on September 20th in Everett at the Snohomish County Council Chambers.

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