March 2019 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

March 2019 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

The Democrat policy makers in Olympia continue their attacks on our state's self employed and business owner workforce by attempting to establish new laws that would restrict the people to be "independently employed".  Three examples are House Bill (HB) 1515 which establishes "The Employee Fair Classification Act" that redefines "the employer-employee relationship", independent contractor status, wages, insurance, etc., HB 1601 which would create "The Universal Worker Protection Act" that sets up state controlled "wage boards" for setting wages, rates, working standards; and HB 1491, a proposed new law that would restrict employee work schedules, this would result in limiting workplace flexibility and scheduling options for both employees and employers.

But wait, it gets worse: Senate Bill (SB) 5489 Environmental Justice (sponsored by a long list of Dems) would create a task force, i.e. an unelected board of people with Social Justice policy views seeking what they deem to be "Environmental Justice".  The board members would be granted the broad authority power by the Democrat controlled legislature to regulate your life by making environmental regulatory decisions, and given the authority to tell the various state agencies how and what programs to spend money on.  Of no surprise, much of the same language in the failed I-1631 Carbon Tax Initiative is in the proposed bill.

These Democrat new laws must be stopped as they are seeking to control our freedoms which in turn will destabilize uncountable personal lives, including the many states businesses, independent contractors, etc.  It is not the job of the Democrat controlled state legislature to be taking freedom and independence away from its citizens.  Trying to control the masses in this manner is Totalitarianism and is not representative of what living in a Republic is supposed to be. 

Another example of WA State Democrat government intrusion is HB 1771 "The Welcome To Washington Baby Act", which would create a state social workers "Home Visitation Program", purpose is to check up on new babies in your own home and track, etc.  Yes it may begin as a "Voluntary" program for the first few years, but after could easily morph into a mandate.  This happened in 2005 w/ SB 5621 which began as a "voluntary certification" of preschools.  Today ALL preschools, must comply with strict state controls over how they operate, and they are setting aside tried and true lesson plans to teach the required state standards.

Democrat proposed SB 5395 would mandate EACH WA state public school, by Sept, 1st 2020 to teach liberal left-wing  based "Comprehensive" Sex Education to their students.  Curriculum must be appropriate for students "Regardless of Gender or Sexual Orientation".  Needless to say Republicans believe that taxpayer funds should not be used for the purpose of this type of Democrat indoctrination, especially for very young children in K-5 grades! 

Democrat HB 1591 would Legalize Homeless Encampments Statewide, granting the homeless their own Bill of Rights which would include things like: The right to survive and shelter oneself from the elements in a "nonobstructive" manner, the right to live in a motor vehicle or RV (provided it is legally parked on public property), the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy in one's personal property, etc.  This new law comes with a Democrat warning: Violate these newly-created homeless rights to keep people living on the streets, and you'll be civilly held liable, and the burden of proof to show you're nor guilty shifts towards you,.

And if Democrat SB 5165 becomes law future citizenship may no longer matter in WA state, as the the State's Human Rights Commission will provide services to ANY person regardless of their citizenship or immigration status.  You can bet that illegal non-citizens being allowed the right to vote may be next (this is already legal in the city of San Francisco's local elections).

If all of this is not enough, now with SB 5970, SB 5971 and SB 5972 we have new Democrat infrastructure / gas tax plans; the newest proposed legislation is for a 21 cent per gallon increase (on top of the 49 cents we already pay) and would also include carbon tax legislation.  If this goes into effect we will pay the highest price for gas in the country, the law is part of a 10 billion dollar total tax package that will increase taxes on property development, commercial and private vehicles, electric vehicles, rental cars, bicycles, auto parts and more.

Additionally the Democrats seek to further restrict our 2nd amendment rights with several new gun control bans including SB 5434 which would set up "Gun Free Zones" and HB 1068 which limits the ammunition capacity of certain types of firearms.  These and other Democrat proposed laws like HB 1225, SB 5745 and SB 5027 would just restrict the good law abiding citizens and do nothing to stop the criminals.  These laws violate existing gun owners entitlements, and further erode the Constitution.  Also this will just keep putting our Sheriffs in very difficult circumstances because of a breech of "due process of law" for their constituents; as an example already over 20 WA State County Sheriffs are choosing to not enforce I-1639 because of its unconstitutionality.  Art VI says the US Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land, and the WA State Constitution affirms this; Sheriffs are bound by oath to support and uphold the Constitution.

To voice your concerns and to tell your WA state elected officials to vote NO for any of the above and other new Democrat proposed laws, please do not hesitate to call the WA State Issues For Action Hotline @ (800) 562-6000.


Democrat presidential candidates including, Booker, Castro, Gillibrand, Harris, Klobuchar, O'Rourke, Sanders, Warren and others are endorsing the "Green New Deal" recently unveiled by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  The Democrat strategy is simple: Try to and spread fear and misinform by telling lies like, "we will all die in 12 years" or "is it ok to have children" unless something is done about climate change.   Try to convince as many people as possible that climate change must be stopped and only government can fix it.  Try to implement totalitarianism and socialism by dictating and mandating a insane liberal 10 year plan agenda; i.e. we must eliminate "greenhouse gas emissions"  from every manufacturer and industry, gut and rebuild every building in America to meet "progressive codes"; get rid of: cows, billionaires, oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, internal combustion engines on cars, trucks & boats; guarantee economic security for people unwilling to work, eliminate all private health care & replace w/ gov run healthcare for all, provide free education for every American, make air travel (airplanes) unnecessary by building out light rail, etc

The Democrat "Green New Deal" and other similar Dem policies would require tens of trillions of dollars of additional taxes to implement, are a massive Federal overreach and pose a serious threat to the economic and national security of the United States.  The end result would be no Constitutional accountability and a true Socialist / Communist America or much worse.  With what is happening in Venezuela it is hard to fathom, but it is a sad reality that in a new national Gallop Poll Democrats actually prefer Socialism over Capitalism (57% to 47%).


On Feb 25th the United States Senate Dems led by Sen Patty Murray, voted against the Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a GOP Senate bill that wanted to require doctors to give aid to babies who survived abortions.  Democrats sent a dangerous message that supports the liberal policy of advocating Late Term Abortion and "Post Birth Abortion on Demand" (every Senate Democrat voted against this bill except Doug Jones, Joe Manchin and Bob Casey).  This shows us haw far left the Democrat party now has become by even supporting infanticide (murder).  Of Note: It is no coincidence that one of Nancy Pelosi's guests at last month's State Of The Union address was Leana Wen, the President of Planned Parenthood whose organization receives over half a billion US taxpayer dollars per year.


Thank you to the GOP Congress and President Trump in the recent negotiations to avoid another government shutdown by securing necessary money for southern border wall construction.  Yes we all wanted a much better deal, but it is important to remember that the Democrats tried their best to stop wall funding completely as well as to severely cap the number of illegal aliens that would have been allowed to be detained, allowing thousands of dangerous criminals to be released back into our country on a regular basis.  This would have purposely handicapped ICE and fostered an unthinkable Democrat policy of mass release of violent criminals. 

Dems please start to listen to the DHS experts on the ground, without a doubt there is a massive crisis / emergency at the US Souther Border, recent facts are staggering:  In the last two years ICE has arrested over 266,000 illegal aliens with criminal records that accounted for over 100,000 assaults, 30,000 + sex crimes, and 4000 + homicides. In December of 2018 over 20,000 children were illegally smuggled into the US from Mexico.  The latest fiscal report shows there is over a 100% increase of illegal immigration so far over last year, and in the last 4 months alone an average of over 40,700 illegals per mo. have crossed the boarder leading to an increase in gang violence, human trafficking, crime, and a continual flow of deadly drugs.  This directly leads to hundreds of Americans deaths every day via opioid / fentanyl overdoses; 90 % of all heroine in the US comes from the Mexico boarder resulting in over 300 deaths every week. 

Despite many Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Beto O'Rourke saying that walls don't work and walls are immoral there is more proof of the obvious.  The nation of Hungary just disclosed their country's experience with its recently constructed souther border wall as their country was a main crossing point for hundreds of thousands of people illegally entering into Europe bringing massive crime, human smuggling, drugs, etc; so in 2015 Hungary built a high tech 500 kilometer razor wire boarder fence.  Hungary gov statistics say in 2014 over 45,000 illegal refugees crossed their boarder, after construction in 2016 that number was reduced to 18,000.  So in 2016-2017 the country did the wise thing and added to the barrier.  According to the statistics in 2018 only 400 (four hundred) illegals crossed into Hungary, Walls Work, Case Closed!

Meanwhile Dems keep doing what they do, as an example on Feb 18th when all Democrats on the US House Judiciary Committee voted against notifying ICE when an illegal alien fails a background check to buy a gun.  There has been a complete breakdown in the Rule-of-Law and it is time to educate the people with facts and to shed light on our illegal immigration crisis in order to solve it.


Our Nationwide economy continues to maintain solid growth.  Despite the 35 day government shutdown, Feds continually raising interest rates and the frigid winter with record shattering cold temps in the Midwest and Northeast, the Nation's 2018 annual GDP finished at 2.9%, better than most all economic predictions!


The 2019 SCRP Lincoln / Reagan Day Dinner will be on Saturday, May 11th at the Corporate Air Center in Burlington.  This will be a very fun event and will feature Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson and Washington State House Republican Floor Leader Jacquelin Maycumber, among others.  Tickets are $60 per person / $110 per couple and will be available soon on the website.


From 1 PM to 4 PM on Saturday, March 30th the Skagit County Republican Party and the Snohomish County Republican Party will be helping to host a Campaign / Activist Training Workshop in Arlington.  This event is free, includes lunch and will be put on by the Washington State Republican Party.  Anyone friendly to the Republican cause is welcome.  For more information and to register see the Home and Calendar Page.  


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman






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