May 2018 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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The 2018 campaign season is starting to rev up and maintaining the LD 39 state Republican majority is of paramount importance.  If Republicans lose any of the three legislative seats to Democrats it very well may lead directly to a state income tax, among other catastrophic consequences.  When Dan Kristensen announced that he would not be running for re-election many expected Elizabeth Scott to simply take Dan's LD 39 House seat.  Despite dozens of people trying to convince Elizabeth to do just that, she instead has chose to target Incumbent Senator Keith Wagoner, because as Elizabeth has said, for her being a state Senator "Is the next rung on the ladder."

Senator Wagoner has the endorsement of 21 State Republican Senators.  Keith's colleagues across the state and in Olympia are firmly supporting him, and for good reason.  Keith votes consistent with the Republican platform, is an incredibly hard worker, is very honest, forthright and true to his word.  Keith did an excellent job and served the 39th Legislative District well, and he will only get better.  Not only was he one of the few state legislators to vote against the proposed Public Records Act legislation that attempted to exempt state lawmakers from the current law, Keith was one of the few state legislators to defend Skagit County property owners water rights.  In fact with the recent "Hirst Fix" legislation that exempted Skagit County, Keith took to the microphone while on the floor and told the Senate it was a "taking", robbing private property owners of their water rights. 

Keith was the LD 39 PCO's #1 choice to replace Senator Kirk Pearson, then Keith was unanimously appointed by the Skagit County Commissioners, Snohomish County Council and the King County Council.  Keith's Executive leadership experience as a Mayor has given him the skills to be able to work in a bipartisan fashion.  The vast majority of the 54 Skagit PCO's and Precinct Captains are in full support of Keith, he is a successful and proven leader which is why the Skagit County Republican Party has officially given Keith Wagoner a 'Sole and Exclusive' endorsement, it has been earned and is well deserved.  Of note: LD 39 House Rep. Dan Kristiansen and former LD 39 House Rep. John Koster are both endorsing Senator Keith Wagoner.  It is also no coincidence that the many people who have actively worked with Keith can only say good things about him.  

Legislative District 40 Republican House Rep. Candidate Michael Petrish Campaign Kick-off event is this Saturday, May 5th from 3 - 6 PM at the Anacortes Croatian Cultural Center, 801 5th street.  If you have not met Michael this is a great opportunity to do so; he will also be speaking on stage and taking questions.  Please come out to support this exciting new candidate and his campaign team.  The event will have a delicious buffet with beverages, and all are invited.  Because Michael is the only Republican in the race and there are four Democrats, he is a lock to win the August Primary, and has a very real chance to win in November, but he will need our support.  For more information please see:

More good news: Last week former Skagit County Prosecutor Tom Seguine announced he will be running for State Appellate Court Judge.  Tom has an impressive resume and will be tough to beat.  He is a man of great integrity and also is a former member and PCO of the SCRP.   Tom has argued several cases in front of the Washington State Court of Appeals and the Washington State Supreme Court.  He is very familiar with the judicial systems many complex processes, and is very well qualified to be a Judge at the state level.  The 'Court of Appeals' open seat will be vacated by Mary Kay Becker.  Mary Kay recently announced that she will not be running for re-election, she was a 4 term LD 42 State House Rep Democrat leader and has served on the court since 1994.

May 3rd is National Day of Prayer.  What a perfect opportunity to pray and do some reflective thinking about our own unique roles in best how to make a difference.  I pray for Unity in the Republican party and that we all get clarity to follow our true life purpose.


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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