May 2023 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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The 2023 Skagit County Republican Party's annual Lincoln / Reagan Day Gala will be held Saturday, June 10 at the spectacular Corporate Air Center in Burlington, 15452 Airport Drive (MAP). This event is always a great time, and this year will be no exception!

Keynote Speaker is Political Activist Glen Morgan of We The Governed

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Special Featured Speaker is Semi Bird Republican Candidate for Governor

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Please Come Out to Support and Listen to Our Local 2023 Candidates Running for Office!

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VIP Meet & Greet 4 PM - 5 PM

Delicious Catered Dinner by La Conner Seafood & Prime Rib House 5 PM - 6: 30 PM


Glen Morgan Recent Links: The Act Blue Money Laundering Scheme, What Can You Do to Help? - Community Outrage at Inslee and his Violent Sex Predator Release Scheme  - Interview of Homeless Whistleblower - There are Many Activists Exposing Truth in WA

THE REPUBLICAN ACTION CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND IN KENNEWICK - DON'T MISS IT! The Saturday night banquet has limited capacity, register HERE to ensure you can attend!

Chief spokesperson for President Trump, Liz Harrington, will be the keynote speaker! Liz recently said, "Once President Trump is re-elected he will put an end to corruption and the deep state once and for all. Trump is smarter, wiser and tougher, and he knows who all the players are and what is at stake. The RINOs, the Marxists, and the Globalists have all teamed up against the American People. President Trump is the only one they fear because he will beat them!"  Video Interview

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In 2023 and in 2024 there are many important offices up for election that very much need people willing to serve and give back to their communities. If you are considering running for office, please email me:

The 2023 legislature is now complete and radical Democrat carnage has left Washington State much worse off and unrecognizable. To witness these terrible and many times unconstitutional laws being rammed through (sometimes without public hearings) is beyond belief, and only adds to new levels of unprecedented Democrat corruption and very dangerous and horrifying policies absolutely destroying our state...

5599 is a blatant child abuse law that legalizes kidnapping of children, takes children away from their parents, allows for the harboring of minors and forbids parents to protect their children. It gives permission to a shelter to NOT notify the parents or guardians of a minor child who has run away seeking sex change treatments or an abortion.

The bill makes state licensed youth shelters act as accomplices in castrating children without their parent's knowledge, and mandates tax-payer dollars to pay for the expensive radical surgeries and procedures.

If a child ends up at a youth shelter in WA state and expresses the desire to change their gender, claiming that their parents are against it, then the youth shelter is legally obligated to NOT notify the parents of the child’s location and facilitate their new world of trans-genderism. And it’s not limited to WA state residences. The bill says any young confused runaway child from another state can make their way to WA to get castrated by the government without their parents ever being notified.

Not only does this allow young kids to irreversibly change their bodies and be medicalized, it also facilitates child TRAFFICKING and will make Washington a nanny state.

This law is absolutely unacceptable in ALL Aspects! Time to Fight Back: “Reject 5599 Legalized Kidnapping” Citizen Referendum!

1240 will ban semiautomatic pistols, rifles and what Dems see as "assault weapons." This had no public hearing and bans the most commonly owned and lawfully possessed firearms, including some pistols and shotguns, which are the most popular self-defense weapons in America. It violates State and Federal Constitutions and won't have any real effect on gun violence. Data shows that violent criminals are not affected by gun control legislation. This law punishes law abiding citizens and obliterates 2nd Amendment rights. Republican proposed amendments were blocked. Expect court challenges that may take years, at taxpayer expense!

Four Reasons Gun Control Can’t Solve America’s Violence Problem - Underlying Sociological Problems, not guns, are Drivers of American Violence

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Unconstitutional Job-killing firearm legislation 1240 from Legislative Democrats will not survive a legal challenge according to LD 39 Senator Keith Wagoner. Article

However, We Had Some Wins - A HUGE THANK YOU to SCRP E-board Members VAL MULLEN and JUDY BILLINGS and Skagit Republican Women's Secretary Suzananne Rohner who sent "click and send" emails out on 110 different bills this session. Also. thanks to everyone that forwarded the emails on. We Helped Kill 66 bills and 26 were passed out of our click and sends!

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Here are a few kill examples (continued from last Mo. Newsletter): 1333 Domestic violent extremism commission. 1789 Climate Change. 1723 Environmental Justice. 1785 Covid as an occupational disease. 5770 / 1670 Property tax increase. 5562 Clean energy / green new deal. 5427 Targeting US with hate crimes. 1832 Road usage charge. 1793 Taxes on wireless devices. 5641 Equity and Environmental Justice. 1045 Basic Income Program. 5486 1% Wealth tax. 5309 Transportation Fuel Tax. 1589 Eliminating Natural Gas. 8006 Universal Health Care. And Many, Many Others....

BILL BRUCH SUBSTACK: RECAP OF 2023 WA STATE LEGISLATIVE SESSION: WA State Radical Socialist Dems continue implementing Totalitarian Laws and expand Draconian Marxist Government Powers! Educate. Advocate. Mitigate. Activate!

AUDIO PODCAST: WA State Radical Socialist Dems continue implementing Totalitarian Laws and expand Draconian Marxist Government Powers!


To look up a specific bill go to:, click on Bill Information, enter the bill number without the SB or HB, click on Search. 

WSRP Celebrates Governor Jay Inslee’s Decision Not to Seek a Fourth Term! The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) today celebrates Jay Inslee’s announcement that he will not seek a fourth term as Governor. Inslee’s tenure has been marked by numerous missteps and poor decisions that will have long lasting negative impacts on the citizens of Washington.

WSRP Chairman Caleb Heimlich said, “It’s time to turn the page on the disastrous Inslee era in Washington State. For over a decade, Governor Inslee has taken our state in the wrong direction. His decision to not seek a fourth term presents an opportunity to elect a Republican governor who will put Washingtonians first and prioritize the needs of our communities.”

Disregarding the numerous tax increases and extreme policies that have become law under his watch, Governor Inslee has made several egregious missteps, including:

* His abuse of emergency powers for nearly three years, undermining the democratic process
Causing an unprecedented worker shortage that has severely harmed our ferry, transportation, healthcare systems, and others

* His allowance of protestors to take control of an entire city block in Washington’s largest city, leading to deadly outcomes
His failure to address the growing homelessness in our state

* His mismanagement of Western State Hospital, which resulted in the loss of critical federal funds and deepened our state’s mental health crisis

* His waste of taxpayer dollars to finance his failed presidential campaign

* His refusal to fight for struggling families during the unprecedented economic turmoil and rising inflation under the Biden administration

* His adoption of policies that have released violent criminals from prison far earlier than they should have been released

* His failure to support our police and deter criminals, resulting in skyrocketing crime across our state

* His mismangement of Washington’s Employment Security Department and subsequent loss of hundreds of millions in unemployment benefits to Nigerian scammers

The people of Washington State deserve better than Governor Inslee’s failed leadership. We look forward to supporting a Republican candidate who will prioritize the well-being of our communities, restore fiscal responsibility, and bring common-sense solutions to the challenges facing our state.

The WSRP is committed to working tirelessly to elect a new governor who will lead Washington State in a positive direction and away from the mistakes of the Inslee administration.

Washington Dem Gov. Jay Inslee Announces He Won’t Seek Reelection

The Citizen Action Defense Fund defeated Gov. Inslee in court for violating the Public Records Act. The governor has been conducting secret negotiations with government employee unions for years. The ruling is a win for transparency and taxpayers. Article

WA AG Bob Ferguson's office & DSHS hit with a $200k fine for withholding 11k pages of crucial docs in a case against them. “The discovery violations in this case are egregious, serious, without excuse and the result of willful disregard of discovery obligations by both DSHS and the AGO” - A pattern of negligence & disregard for transparency. Article

Democrat Policies Lead to Child Abuse and Perversion: Washington State middle school blasted for 'highly vile' licking game between staff and students. Benton County Middle School Parents Horrified and in Absolute Shock Article / Video

Rep. Jenny Graham: “Why are some in Olympia so unwilling to protect our families, businesses, and communities from real harm and death?”

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The WA State House Republicans caucus elected Rep. Drew Stokesbary of Auburn as New Leader (after J.T. Wilcox stepped down) and Rep. Mike Steele of Chelan as Deputy Leader. Big Congratulations Drew! Who said, "I am beyond honored to have been elected the next House Republican Leader by my colleagues. I’m looking forward to helping advance common-sense solutions in the Legislature and helping to elect more common-sense legislators in 2024."

Steele, Maycumber take leadership posts in House GOP

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As the Democrats continue to embrace extremist positions that even leftist leaders of a few decades ago would have rejected, a growing number of Americans are turning their backs on the party. A study revealed that more than 1 M voters switched their registration from Democratic to Republican across 43 states — a significantly higher number than those whose switch went the other way. CO resident Ben Smith said Dem policies on issues like crime, race, and vaccine mandates prompted his decision. In the last month, at least 3 Dem state lawmakers announced their switch to the GOP, most recently a LA state Rep. Article

A measure to protect female sports passed the House strictly along party lines, with 219 Republicans supporting the bill and 203 Democrats voting against it. The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023 would make it a Title IX violation to allow biological males to compete in female sports. Article

100 days later and House Republicans have delivered nothing but #RESULTS. Promises made, promises kept.! POST

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Hillsdale College is an independent institution of higher learning founded in 1844 by men and women “grateful to God for the inestimable blessings” resulting from civil and religious liberty and “believing that the diffusion of learning is essential to the perpetuity of these blessings.” It pursues the stated object of the founders: “to furnish all persons who wish, irrespective of nation, color, or sex, a literary, scientific, [and] theological education” outstanding among American colleges “and to combine with this such moral and social instruction as will best develop the minds and improve the hearts of its pupils.” 

Hillsdale College's FREE Online Courses: Discover the beauty of the Bible in “The Genesis Story,” encounter the brilliance of Plato and Aristotle in “Introduction to Western Philosophy,” and explore the true meaning of America in “Constitution 101” all with Hillsdale faculty. SIGN UP HERE

ELECTION INTEGRITY: Anytime an Election Fraud Denier asks, “Where’s the evidence?” WATCH THIS VIDEO

No place is safe until we fix our broken election system. All of our problems stem from a corrupt election system. Our elections are nothing more than theater. We the people demand honest elections and are working hard to make sure we get them. VIDEO

KRIS JURSKI VIDEO: MASSIVE digital manipulation of voter rolls in Florida - Similar examples of what we have found in WA State at 15, 31, & 41 mins. VIDEO

Data Reveals Most Americans Suspect Cheating in Their Elections

Bill Bruch Substack: More Ways They are Stealing Our Elections!

Election Integrity's Biggest Threat: Big Tech

J. Christian Adams: We’re Filing Lawsuits Across the Country - PILF President, J. Christian Adams, discusses the problems of foreign nationals being registered to vote, dirty voter rolls, lawless election officials, and children voting. He discusses PILF's litigation in Penn, Delaware, Michigan, Maryland, Colorado, Alaska, D.C., Louisiana, and New York. Video

VIDEO: Motor Voter opened the floodgates to foreigners getting on voter rolls


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A group of some of the nation’s most notorious election fraud deniers and election officials, including SOS's, are set to have a secret Elections Summit in WA DC May 8-9 called “Summit on American Democracy." 

The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) is organizing and hosting the "invite only" conference. CEIR was founded in 2016 by David Becker, who also founded the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN). Becker previously worked at Pew Charitable Trusts, where he organized the creation of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

It’s been said that “Democracy Dies in Darkness”…and the same can be said about the integrity of our elections in the U.S.

Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a multi-state partnership which claims to allow states to share voter registration data with each other. It is currently used by over 30 states within the United States, but its critics argue that it enables election fraud and violates data privacy.

Becker, a hard-core Leftist activist, CEIR is documented as being a SOROS tied advocacy group that provides grants and conducts research to increase Democrat voter turnout in swing states. According to a Nov. 2022 poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group, 56.8 % of American voters don’t fully trust that America’s elections are fair and accurate, and election problems can largely be attributed to Mail-in Vote Fraud and Big Tech election interference. Article

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The Democrat Party Reportedly Received Half Its Donations from Unemployed Americans, Many Are Elderly Voters Whose Identities May Have Been Stolen – Where’s the Money Really Coming From? ActBlue was raising money using BLM as its front group. ActBlue is the Democrats’ funding apparatus. In 2022 BLM announced in Feb. 2022 that the organization was de-activating its fundraising pages on ActBlue. This was after the WA Examiner exposed that BLM for accepting donations on the Democratic platform despite claiming it had stopped amid questions about its finances. The Daily Caller confirmed that ActBlue was using BLM to raise money. BLM is not a recognized non-profit organization and nonprofit organization. Article

It very much appears that illicit funds are being used WITHOUT REAL DONORS knowing their names are being stolen to flood campaign coffers with dark money. It is illegal to allocate $ to unsuspecting victim donors that did not authorize the contributions, and you can't contribute more than federal/state/local campaign limits allow to any single campaign or candidate. ARTICLE

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Matthew Morgan of the Maryland State House of Representatives has proposed an amendment to a campaign finance bill for the state prosecutor to study campaign contribution data for irregularities. Video

PAID FOR BY US TAXPAYERS - FBI CAUGHT ELECTION MEDDLING ON BEHALF OF DEMOCRATS WITH DOJ, DHS, DNI TO CONDUCT UNCONSTITUTIONAL CENSORSHIP BY SURROGATE. FBI paid Twitter over $3.4 M before the 2020 elections, and there were so many FBI agents that went to go work for Twitter they created their own slack channel and crib sheet for onboarding. Video

The ERIC False Narrative! After 7 states dumped the Leftist-controlled ERIC, its supporters started selling a false narrative that there are no alternatives to ERIC. What does ERIC do? It claims to find people who move from one state to another. It claims to find dead voters. So what?  That’s not where the fraud is.  Election fraud is baked into mail-in ballot voting.

What does ERIC do to fight mail-in ballot fraud?

Election fraud from people living in two locations is less than 1% of all election fraud. Election fraud is overwhelmingly (85% or more) from mail-in ballots tied to people who do not regularly vote. Article

The American Policy Center has been kicking over rocks in the election fraud jungle and ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center is under every one, buried in the slime of intransigence, ignorance, and plausible deniability.

Most state officials choose to defend or ignore it. Even some supposed “conservatives” want to wash over the truth. This MUST stop. America MUST recognize ERIC as a backbone of the steal and the epicenter of the voter fraud in the nation today. Everything researched about voter fraud and its sources leads to ERIC. Every rock overturned has ERIC beneath it!

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ERIC is a membership organization ostensibly created for voter roll maintenance. In reality, it is a massive data-gathering operation which adds bogus “voters” to the system of every member state. Millions of inactive, ineligible and “phantom” voters with undeliverable addresses appear on member states’ voter rolls. These names are used for mail-in ballot fraud, ballot box stuffing and machine adjustments in real time.

ERIC was started in 2012 using Soros funds donated through the Pew Charitable Trust, conceived and organized by highly unethical leftist David Becker, who has spent a lifetime trying to defeat the conservative agenda in America!

Becker also played a role in the Wisconsin fraud of 2020 and has been openly named for more unethical and illegal activities, by Michael Gableman, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, author of the Wisconsin Election Review. Here is the link to Gabelman’s reportFull Article

ERIC Key Employees / Directors: WA State's own Shane Hamlin (Executive Director), Ericka Haas (Systems Engineer & Technical), WA State's Stuart Holmes (Director) Judd Choate (Director), Steve Sandvoss (Director), Jonathan Marks, Don Kersey (Secretary) Twitter.

How Was ERIC Used to Steal Elections? A little-known voter roll partnership was actually a Democrat election ally. In a bombshell report, Hayden Ludwig has uncovered records full of coordination between state election officials using ERIC and Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) going back to 2020.

Emails showed election officials in Georgia and Rhode Island sharing voter information from ERIC with Zuckerberg’s Democrat activists. Georgia elections officials actually sent ERIC data to CEIR to generate a list of eligible-but-unregistered individuals (to target with registration mailers) that was sent back to ERIC and then sent along to Georgia!

In other words, ERIC is a Democrat activist group pretending to be a non-partisan voting rights organization. In fact, ERIC was created by a Democrat lawyer named David Becker in 2012, the same David Becker left ERIC to work for Zuckerberg’s CEIR in 2016. Article

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This is just one way that Democrats destroy states, the nation, and generations of children! Now you know why some blue states don’t want to clean up their voter rolls at all. In fact, election integrity groups have been forced to sue states like Michigan to clean up their rolls against the wishes of election officials. The good news is that Florida, West Virginia, and Missouri just announced they were leaving the ERIC partnership last month — following Louisiana, Alabama, Ohio, and Iowa out the door. That’s 7 states. Texas, Alaska, and others may soon follow.

Peter Bernegger: "ERIC is a criminal organization & I'll prove it. Wisconsin's Election Commission top official, Meagan Wolfe is part of this criminal scheme." ERIC is sharing your personal data (your social security number, driver's license no., birthday, address, phone number, and social media profile, with third-party liberal nonprofits. Post

Rasmussen Poll Reveals a Majority of Americans (60%) Believe that Recent Elections Were Affected by Cheating

Gov. Hobbs appoints 7 judges to Maricopa County Superior Court

Why Fox News 2020 and 2022 Election Result Lies Had to Continue - Dominion lawsuit settlement, 780 M one way or another will come back to Fox news - Audio at 36 Min Here

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WASHINGTON: KRIS JURSKI VIDEO: MASSIVE digital manipulation of voter rolls in Florida - At 15, 31, & 41 mins are similar examples of what we have found in WA State!

Bill Bruch Substack - More Ways They are Stealing Our Elections!


PODCAST - EXPOSED: RICO ELECTION CRIMES IN WA STATE - PART 3. Link includes Bill Bruch Most Recent Radio Interviews On The Subject:

April 12, 2023, THE LARS LARSON SHOW- Has the Democrat party put “Smurfs” to work to do a laundry job on campaign money?

April 12, 2023, KIRO NEWSRADIO 710 AM - 97.3 FM 4 pm John Curley & Shari Elliker -Exposed: RICO Election Crimes in Washington State

April 10, 2023, THE KLICKITAT VOICE KLCK 1400 - FM 99.9 (YAKIMA) - Washington State Election Integrity Updates

The WA State Act Blue Money Laundering Scheme – what can you do to help?


Washington State Analysts the Latest Group to Discover THOUSANDS of Illegal Election Donation Mules Donating MILLIONS to Democrat PAC Act Blue


WATCH: 'Massive money laundering' for Dems revealed by James O'Keefe
Individuals have 'contributed' up to 18,000 times! WA State shows a massive network of campaign finance mules!

PODCAST - Exposed: RICO Election Crimes in Washington State


ARIZONA: AZ House Joins Senate in Passing Resolution to Ban Foreign Voting Machines and Require Source Code, Ballot Images, Chain of Custody Documents, and Log Files to Be Made Public on the SOS website within 24 hours after polls close. Article

Maricopa County Report: 222 Foreign Nationals Removed from Voter Roll Since 2015

Kari Lake Laughs In The Face Of The Uniparty | We’ve Got About A Year And A Half To Save The Country [VIDEO]


A new poll from Rasmussen shows that Abe Hamadeh, Kari Lake, and Mark Finchem were exceedingly popular among voters in the 2022 General Election, and it was likely stolen from them all when over 59% of machines malfunctioned and failed Republican Election Day voters. This was clear election sabotage, and it was thrown in our faces by Maricopa County attorney Tom Liddy who blamed Republican voters for choosing to vote on election day, telling them, “You reap what you sow.“

Polled American voters from every party discovered that an outstanding 55% of voters believe that Republican politicians in Washington D.C. worked secretly with Democrats to keep President Trump from being reelected in 2020.  67% of Republicans also believe this to be the case. President Trump won by a landslide in terms of favorability. Article

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ARKANSAS: Arkansas 'Election Integrity Unit' Bill Awaits Gov's Signature

WISCONSIN: Claire Woodall-Vogg city of Milwaukee elections director and Meagan Wolfe - Admin. of Wis. Elections Commission CHEATING again in election. POST

Wis. Election Commissioner Julie Glancey resigns effective today Monday, May 1. The 18 lawsuits currently open against the Commission are exposing how she, and the other 5 commissioners, completely failed in running the election commission in Wisconsin. 

The 14 lawsuits the Commission and their pet election clerks lost recently brought home to Ms. Glancey the reality of her bad decisions, including letting Meagan Wolfe consistently violate election laws. Wolfe of State Street is the most corrupt person in Wisconsin. Post

Wis. Speaker of the State Assembly Robin Vos wants to select who citizens get to vote for. Vos kept the vote to ban Zuckerbucks off the April 4th ballot. Vos wants Zuckerbucks to come into Wis. election clerks, so Trump has a lesser chance to win. Post

From the onset of Thomas More Society’s Election Integrity Initiative in 2022, there has been glaring evidence of an ongoing problem with ineligible voters casting ballots. This issue, which first came to light in nursing homes shortly after the 2020 election, has finally been acted upon by election officials in Dane County, Wisconsin. Article

CALIFORNIA: Southern California shows a dynamic citizen journalist duo investigating suspicious excessive political contributions residents said they did not make

It’s time to admit that California’s vote-by-mail system is deeply flawed 

California Rejected 226K Mail Ballots in 2022 Elections 10 Million Mail Ballots Unaccounted for in Nov. Midterms 

FLORIDA: Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill to Strengthen Florida’s Election Integrity

Appeals court upholds Florida voting restrictions approved by GOP lawmakers

TEXAS: Texas State Attorney General Finds Election Fraud

Texas Senate advances bill to create election marshal unit

Tarrant County, TX Elections Administrator and Former Smartmatic Executive Heider Garcia Resigns

MICHIGAN: A local Democrat in Flint, MI was arrested and sentenced to house arrest after being charged with sabotaging a ballot box in her own election. Article

NORTH CAROLINAState Supreme Court Reinstates Voter ID Law

An overwhelming America First trend in North Carolina has made 93 counties more favorable to President Trump, signifying a landslide! Video

N. Carolina justices hand GOP big wins with election rulings

ERIC-Caught IN N.C.: The Hidden Truth Behind Voter Roll Maintenance and the Controversial Ties That Bind It. ERIC was established by the progressive Pew Charitable Trusts, vast quantities of confidential personal information obtained from member states are shared with another progressive non-profit, the Center for Election Innovation and Research, which was deeply involved in the infamous “Zuckerbucks” incident. ERIC is significantly more efficient at increasing voter registration numbers than maintaining their accuracy. 

OREGON: Oregon Secretary Of State Resigns Amid Ethics Scandal

IDAHO: Safe and Secure? The Vulnerability in Idaho Elections

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Gregg Phillips regarding charges being dropped in the Konnech case. "It's payback time, they would have never been able to withstand discovery."

Ronna McDaniel Calls for GOP to Embrace Early Voting in 'Every Republican Campaign'

Kash Patel Video Interview: How an Ex-CIA Boss ‘Rigged’ Three Election Cycles, From Benghazi to Russia Collusion to Hunter’s Laptop

Election Interference! Former CIA official testified that then-Biden campaign senior advisor, now-SOS Antony Blinken “played a role in the inception” of the public statement signed by current/past CIA officials that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Article

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is running just about everything. Now attorneys are looking at jury picks, judge picks, and court jurisdiction picks written by A.I. The prosecutor that indicted Trump was actually an A.I that wrote the paperwork. When FOIA/FOIL requests were sent to State of NY to find out the software used for the grand jury indictment documents, it was refused due to A.I. because A.I. is EXEMPT from public record requests.

So HOW does anyone in this state or country get a fair trial when A.I. pre-determines the outcome with predictive analytics?

HOW do our elections turn out fair if A.I. is running the algorithms? The data knows how most everyone votes (voting patterns). This is predictive analytics for a specific outcome, from auditors / SOS to Human resources scouring an applicant's social media down to Prosecutors looking for guilty verdicts! Article

Maricopa Co. Pays Gateway Pundit $175,000 for Denial of Press Access to Election CoverageDuring their coverage of the highly suspicious 2022 midterm elections, Jordan Conrandson of Gateway Pundit and Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice and Frontline America were both harassed and removed from covering official AZ government press conferences as ballots were being transported and counted and reported upon. Post 

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Elon Musk blasted the extent to which the "woke mind virus" has infested education in an exclusive interview on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher." 

"I think we need to be very cautious about anything that is anti-meritocratic and anything that results in the suppression of free speech, those are two of the aspects of the ‘woke mind virus’ that I think are very dangerous ... you can’t question things, even the questioning is bad. Almost synonymous would be cancel culture." Musk went on to discuss the worrisome impact the "woke mind virus" has had on education, saying "the extent of teachers' indoctrination of children had reached a shocking degree." Article / Video

ABSURD: Canada outlaws criticism of drag shows. Bill to paint LGBTQ+ people as marginalized to vilify straight, white Christians to spawn a Marxist revolution. Video

Colorado Transgender Teen Facing Attempted Murder Charge After Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Up Schools

Record-setting swimmer Riley Gaines, an outspoken critic of transgender athletes being permitted to compete in divisions they self-identify with, was violently assaulted at San Francisco State University following a speech last month. Article 

Two-Thirds of US Doesn’t Think Biden Deserves Second Term

Democrats Lied - A report from Goldman Sachs confirms what conservatives warned all along – Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act” is just another enormous spending bill that will blow out the deficit in service of a far-left agenda. Article

The DNC Confirms (with no record to run on) They Plan to Hide Biden Again in 2024

It should surprise no one to learn that China lied about the spy balloon and the Biden administration knew it the entire time. It's so much worse than we could have imagined!

Report: Chinese Spy Balloon Gathered Intelligence from Key U.S. Military Sites. The infamous Chinese spy balloon that invaded U.S. airspace in February most likely succeeded in collecting crucial intelligence from several U.S. military bases and other sites.

As the New York Post reports, the device spent 7 days over the U.S. before it was finally shot down off the eastern coast, and may have flown in figure-eight formations over key areas to ensure as much intelligence was gathered as possible, rather than simply continue in a straight line.

The report says the intelligence that was gathered most likely came from electronic signals that were emitted by weapons systems or communications systems used by on-base personnel. Article

Under Biden “Communist China…is Running this Country…Into Destruction” – Former US Rep. and Current Dean Michele Bachmann explains exactly how our nation is being intentionally destroyed and stolen before our eyes. The CCP have come in and they’re the ones that have their controls on every level of power now on the United States. Listen to Michele’s interview HERE.  It’s profound!

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What was the federal government's roll and really happening behind the scenes on Jan. 6, 2021?  If Jan 6 was worse than 911, then infiltration of Deep State bad actors and FBI agents who were part of the scheme provoking and facilitating the Capitol breaches are akin to hijackers flying jets into the trade center. Group suing the FBI for Jan 6 documents. Kangaroo Court System for absurd charges and prison time being handed out for no just cause. We now have a National Police Force Targeting American Citizens. Director of Oversight of the Heritage Foundation Mike Howell VIDEO INTERVIEW.

Mainstream media and 60 Minutes are still trying to convince us that Ray Epps wasn’t an informant or undercover fed planted on Jan. 6th. Liz examines what tricks and propaganda the mainstream continues to use as they try to tell the American people we are "conspiracy theorists."  MORE AT 11 MIN IN LIZ WHEELER PODCAST

Last week Tucker Carlson, who was the anchor of the highest rated cable show in America, was fired by FOX. The ultra-popular conservative news host was shut down when attempting to reveal massive videos released by the Republican Congress on what actually happened on Jan. 6th, 2020. Articie.

Tucker Carlson followed up last week with a short video that went viral with over 42 million views in in a few days, saying, "They're afraid. They've given up persuasion, they're resorting to force. The people in charge know this. That's why they're hysterical and aggressive."

"When honest people say what's true, calmly and without embarrassment, they become powerful. At the same time, the liars who have been trying to silence them shrink and they become weaker. That's the iron law of the universe: true things prevail." 

"Where can you still find Americans saying true things? There aren't many places left, but there are some and that's enough, as long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon."

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OTHERS AROUND THE WORLD CHIMED IN: "This is your moment to take your brand international. Spain needs a Tucker. Italy needs a Tucker. UK needs a Tucker. Set up a global network of truth tellers who can bring down the NWO (New World Order)." - "Fox News is the new Bud Light!" VIDEO

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly reacted to news that Tucker Carlson would be departing by saying it was a “terrible move” on the network’s part. Article

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck predicts that the departure of Tucker Carlson would “kill” the 24-hour news network

Liz Wheeler: The firing of Tucker Carlson is the beginning of the end of cable news! Tucker Carlson's coverage of Jan 6 has been some of the most important coverage of any media coverage in modern history of any issue. The truth of Jan 6 is a massive threat to the Deep State and those trying to control us.

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ABC News said they will determine what is the truth - Mainstream outlet told its viewers they’re too stupid to do their own research and decided what will be facts and lies. Article


KASH PATEL VIDEO: Two Chinese men arrested by the FBI in connection with a secret Chinese police station in New York City. This is just one among multiple Chinese Communist Party (CCP) police outposts in the U.S. In two separate cases, the DOJ is charging 40 Chinese officials and police with conducting a coordinated harassment campaign against Chinese dissidents.

Millions Protest Globalism Across France

VIDEO: Ooopps...Russian Warplane Accidently Bombs Its Own City

The people who really run the United States of America have made it clear that they can’t, and won’t allow Donald Trump to be president again. In fact, they made this clear in 2020, in a series of public statements. Quoting their words "Trump won’t be president at noon, Jan. 20, 2021, even if we have to use the military to drag him out of there."

“Anti-Trump hysteria is in the final analysis not about Trump.” 

During Trump’s presidency, the economy was strong, markets were up, inflation was under control, gas prices were low, illegal border crossings were down, crime was lower, trade deals were renegotiated, ISIS was defeated, NATO allies were stepping up, and China was stepping back. Deny all that if you want to. The point here is that something like 100 million Americans believe it, strongly, and are bewildered and angered by elite hatred for the man they think delivered it. Trump’s core agenda—border protection, trade balance, foreign restraint—was quite moderate. Article

In an interview with NPR Senator John Fetterman said that he felt like he was “not the kind of senator” that his state deserved while describing the breadth of his battles with depression

Fetterman being criticized for promoting a 4/20, a so-called "holiday" popular with marijuana smokers worldwide. The Democrat tweeted a photo of himself holding a flag with marijuana leaves scattered all over it, saying, "It's 420 somewhere." Article

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Blue State Exodus: New IRS Migration Data Shows Crime Ridden Overtaxed Hemorrhaging Citizens in New York, California, and Illinois Moving to Red States

The Real Reason the Left Is Banning Gas-Powered Cars - The government-mandated move to electric vehicles has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the left's vision for America: tyrannical government control.

In 2022 Gavin Newsom issued a directive to his wealthy constituents not to plug in their electric vehicles. It was an emergency. The grid was overloading, and if EVs weren't taken off their chargers, the system would melt down. For many, this meant being effectively stranded, but they still had the option to call a gas-powered Uber for a ride.

The plea to unplug, a regular and repeated occurrence each summer, came at the same time Newsom signed a new rule to outlaw all gas-powered vehicles by 2035. To put it bluntly, these directives for change are suicidal — especially given politicians like Newsom know how quickly the grid gets overwhelmed. 

To the contrary, Elon Musk, the creator of the most successful electric car company in the world, warns the U.S.— not to mention the rest of the globe — isn't ready for a rapid transition to electric. 

"Realistically, I think we need to use oil and gas in the short term because otherwise, civilization will crumble," says Musk. Civilization will crumble without oil and gas, so why are the Biden administration and their globalist, elite allies trying to accelerate the collapse? If U.S. infrastructure isn't capable of handling the switch to electric, and Americans can't afford to buy electric cars, how is this new and alternative utopia going to come to fruition?

"Catastrophes" enable government control. Look no further than the recent COVID-19 "pandemic," which was extended for years by politicians interested in power over people. The coming government-inflicted mobility crisis is similar to the pandemic response, with directives about who can work, when, how long, where they can travel, whether you really need to travel to church and much more. A lack of gas-powered vehicles means forced reliance on public transportation and will cripple life in rural America. Article

15-Minute Cities Are ‘Complete Impoverishment and Enslavement of All the People.’ Christine Anderson, a member of the European Parliament, believes that COVID passports and QR codes that became widespread during the pandemic were only test runs for implementing “15-minute cities” aimed at tightening government control over people. A 15-minute city is a neighborhood where a resident can reach everything they need, like a grocery store, doctor, and so forth within a 15-minute walk. According to Anderson, such cities are the beginning of tighter government control of people. The administration can exert control by deciding you are no longer allowed to leave because of things like 'climate lockdowns.' It can be done via digital ID. Article 

How Google is using FONTS to track what you do online and sell data to advertisers - and what YOU can do about it

Even Mainstream Media Admits Poll Numbers For Joe Biden Don't Look Good: Just 41% of Americans approve of Biden, 58% of Americans disapprove of how he is handling the economy." "Just 30% of independents approve of the job Biden is doing." Article

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"Electing an octogenarian in obvious decline for another four years could be an historic mistake," says The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. "[Biden's] decline is clear to anyone who isn't willfully blind." Post

The National Debt Approaches $32 Trillion, Will It Bankrupt America?

The Democratic Party proved yet again that it's comprised of destruction artists seemingly hell-bent on destroying the country. President Trump was arraigned in N.Y. after several bogus charges were filed against him by Soros funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. It's the first time in the history of the U.S. that a former president, and presidential candidate, has faced such charges. Bragg cooked up dozens of "felonies" and claimed Trump misled voters during the 2016 general election in order to win the White House. Article

Don Lemon Tries To Cover For Soros DA Bragg, Trump Attorney Turns The Tables 

The 9th Circuit has ruled in favor of President Donald Trump, awarding him $121,962.56 in attorney fees from adult film star Stormy Daniels. The decision comes as a blow to Daniels, who already owes Trump approximately $500,000. Article

Stormy Daniels Ordered To Pay Trump And His Lawyers Nearly $700,000

The Worst Indictment Ever. Many, including Alan Dershowitz, say Alvin Bragg's indictment of Donald Trump is just a sham. Alan Dershowitz, who says this is the single weakest criminal case he's seen in sixty years of practicing law. Audio

Liz Harrington: Corrupt Marxist prosecutors and their financial backers think they get to decide who the next president will be - They’re wrong - The American People will decide!
The only thing President Trump was ever guilty of is threatening their corrupt political power!

Bragg Could Face Felony Charge for Leak According to Top Law Professor

Rep. Jordan Says Subpoena ‘On the Table’ for Manhattan DA After Trump Indictment

Energetic Trump speaks at Mar-a-Lago after arrest - "This fake case was brought only to interfere with the upcoming 2024 election - The only crime I have committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy ii." Article

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CNN Admits Bragg’s Political Witch Hunt Against Trump Is Already Backfiring

Poll After Indictment: Trump Lead in GOP Grows to 30 Points

Alvin Bragg forced to drop his effort to quash a congressional subpoena to a former prosecutor who worked in his office, “Bragg caved. Jim Jordan won,” the House Judiciary Committee wrote in a statement. ArticleJordan fired back prior to this saying “First, they indict a president for no crime. Then, they sue to block congressional oversight when we ask questions about the federal funds they say they used to do it.” Jordan subpoenaed former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz, who was involved in the Trump investigation, and requested his personal emails. Article

Alvin Bragg Has Given New York City Over to ‘Lawlessness’: Democratic Councilman

Obama Received $30 Million From CCP Linked Fugitive

IRS Pays $23 Billion Less in Tax Refunds for 2023 Filing Season, Worrying Americans

Local sovereignty and health freedom are thriving in Collier County, Florida, where the Board of County Commissioners has passed a health freedom bill of rights. “As a commission board, we’re gonna have your back as the people. We’re gonna protect and secure your personal liberty.”

“There’s a difference between liberty and freedom, any time [one person’s freedom infringes upon] another person’s freedom, that’s a violation of liberty. … Our rights are given to us by God. Our job is to protect and secure those liberties that are given to us and that’s what we hope to do with this ordinance and this resolution.”

The ordinance will prohibit vaccine mandates, mask mandates, quarantines, and vaccine passports. It also rejects health directives by the WHO and other international bodies. The goal of the two measures is to protect individual freedoms by preventing a repeat of mandates, shutdowns, and quarantines in the future. Article

Did The FDA Just Admit That It Overdosed People With COVID Vaccines?
The dosage in the new "bivalent" vaccines has been cut by 75%. Article

'VIDEO: You Just Lied': Elon Musk Leaves BBC Reporter Sputtering about Hate Speech and Covid Claims

YOUNG Army Trainee Had Two Heart Attacks After COVID-19 Vaccine - Being Discharged

Report estimates death toll of 300,000 from COVID shots!

Allegations have emerged that Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, discriminated against men, whites, and Asian-Americans in its employment practices. Article

Every child should have a sexual partner" - Shocking report reveals evil worldwide agenda to destroy children and normalize pedophilia through kindergartens and elementary schools. International judicial organizations are issuing statements that sex between little children and adults should be legalized, while media outlets are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a normal sexual orientation. The World Health Organization and United Nations are pushing the agenda of normalizing pedophilia, through kindergartens and elementary schools in every nation of the world. See this evidence report on May 6th at

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The Left Has Killed Our Great Cities

It's Communist Lesbian Visibility Week At The White House!

Biden's Trans ex-nuclear waste chief avoids jail time for stealing woman's luggage

Idaho Governor Brad Little let Jay Inslee have it with a very well written and purposeful letter recently sent to him - SEE BELOW

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Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law banning sex change surgeries and hormone treatments for underaged children. The new law takes effect on July 1st, at which point all individuals in the state of Indiana under the age of 18 will be forbidden from undergoing so-called “gender-affirming care,” such as genital mutilation surgeries and cross-sex hormones.

“Permanent gender-changing surgeries with lifelong impacts and medically prescribed preparation for such a transition should occur as an adult, not as a minor,” Holcomb said. Article

Kansas adopts a Definition of Gender law with the passage of legislation that keeps men, no matter what gender they identify as, out of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, sports, and other intimate spaces. The law defining Gender as a Person’s Biological Sex at Birth also separates inmates and restricts participation in sports by biological sex. Article

Oklahoma and Montana Become the Latest States to Pushback Against the Left's Transgender Movement

MORE Transgender Terrorism. Two Democrat members of the Tennessee legislature were expelled because they were leading an active ' transgender transurrection' protest in the legislative chambers after trans-protesters illegally breached the building.  Video

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James O’Keefe Questions Dylan Mulvaney on Jailhouse footage showing women inmates testifying on being housed with male rapists claiming to be transgender in Louisiana. This is one of the great human rights abuses of our time. Women who are totally vulnerable and voiceless are being forced to share prison cells with male rapists and murderers. It is a direct violation of the 8th amendment. Utterly indefensible. Video

Dr. Carol Swain Blasts ‘Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion’ Initiatives As Anti-White Racism.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration released a National Drug Threat Assessment, in which it maps out the states where Mexican drug cartels have gained "influence."

The DEA's report said Mexican transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) "maintain great influence" in most US states, with the Sinaloa cartel and the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación showing the "biggest signs of expansion."

A map included in the report labeled the Sinaloa cartel, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, Cartel del Golfo, Organización de Beltran-Leyva, and Los Rojos as the most "influential" drug organizations, with presence in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Chicago, New York, Florida, Kansas, Colorado, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. In WA State both Seattle and Bellingham are listed. Article

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THE BORDER: The Purposeful dismantling of our National Sovereignty is one of the greatest constitutional abuses of this county's history. Under the Biden administration the U.S. is giving up territorial sovereignty of the U.S. for a political end. Purposefully Changing the voting rolls and  demographics for a pollical end (more here at 20 min Mike Howell video interview).

Maryland State Dept. of Education MSDE and Superintendent Redact Student Test Data from Website Like Thieves in the Night. Remember the state testing data scores that COULDN’T be posted before the election but COULD be during the legislative session after the election? The data that showed how bad academics are in our schools?

It used to be posted on the internet in all its depressing “glory.” County after county, school after school of terrible state test scores. Baltimore had 23 schools with NO children proficient in math. NONE. And then the data disappeared. In some cases, was replaced with an asterisk. In others, whole columns vanished into thin air as if they had never been there. Article

Why are Fake (Establishment RINO) Republicans in Wyoming’s Legislature Voting Like and With Democrats? If Republicans control 22 states across America, why is it that only Florida is governing as a Red (Principled Conservative) state while Wyoming and South Carolina are rejecting Conservative policies such as school choice? Andrew Roth explains how we can fight back against the milk-toast, establishment Republicanism that is plaguing our legislatures. There is a solution, and it starts with the State Freedom Caucus Network. VIDEO

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Home - State Freedom Caucus Network

The AZ House of Representatives kept a pair of Bibles on a table in a members-only lounge, but suddenly, and recently, they disappeared multiple times - Now a Democrat member of the House has been caught on video removing them. Video

State demands abortions for women who don't want them, gets sued. The state of Colorado, run by majority Democrats in the statehouse and governor's office have decided, in fact, that the unborn have no rights – ever – in the state. But now it's being sued for its promotion of, and demand for, abortion by insisting that women who don't want an abortion must have one. Article

Christian baker asks state Supreme Court to affirm 1st Amendment - Fight is over state demand he expresses government's messages in his artistry.  A transgender lawyer is demanding that the baker create a cake, pink on the inside and blue on the outside, to celebrate a "gender transition." The lawyer also asked for a cake depicting Satan smoking marijuana.

The Christian Baker declined both requests and explained while he works with all people, he always decides whether to take a project based on what message a cake expresses.

A fundamental understanding of America's First Amendment is that the government cannot prevent an individual from saying what he, or she, wants. It also is fundamental that the government cannot force an individual to express an idea that is the government's, and that opposes the beliefs of the individual. That was affirmed by the Supreme Court specifically in the California case regarding pro-life pregnancy centers that refused a state requirement that they refer women to abortion businesses. Article

VIDEO: liberal West Hollywood had the brilliant idea of replacing police officers with unarmed “safety ambassadors.” Let’s take a peek at how that’s worked out during an assault in progress…

Last week Donald Trump told a Florida crowd that upon returning to the Oval Office, “I will totally obliterate the Deep State and complete the job.” And gave specifics:

“I will fire the unelected bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system and root out the warmongers and globalists from our government.”

“We will establish a truth and reconciliation commission to declassify and make public all documents on Deep State spying, censorship, and corruption.” More Here

Thank you to Robert Sutherland for stepping up to run for Snohomish County Auditor. Yesterday Robert had his campaign kickoff in Marysville that included guest speaker Capt. Seth Keshel! Robert has been a Champion of Election Integrity as a State Representative in the legislature, and will bring honesty and transparency while overseeing the elections process.

As a remider Seth Keshel has gone on the record saying, "Washington state had the most fraudulent election of 2020 - per elector. With 590,000 excess votes spread over 12 electors, that comes out to 49,000+ fraudulent votes per elector. My numbers show DJT within 6 points there."

More see:

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Thank you to the amazing volunteers that helped organize the Spokane County GOP Lincoln Day Gala. It was a fantastic event with about 600 in attendance focusing n Winning Again. It was great to re-connect with so many good friends and a Special Thanks to Harmeet Dhillon who gave an excellent keynote speech calling out CRT for the Marxist agenda it is! Harmeet is a Conservative, and as an attorney she filed more lawsuits in the U.S. to stop Unconstitutional Vaccination Mandates than any other single attorney, in fact, so far she has sued Gavin Newsom 17 times to stop his vaccination mandates in CA.

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Thanks to everyone that stopped by the SCRP Open House, it was well attended with several candidates visiting. Our new office address is 2114 Riverside Dr. Suite #206 in Mount Vernon Off I-5. East on College Way Exist (North of Max Dales Restaurant). Open Mon - Fri 10 AM - 2 PM.

The SCRP Central Committee meets twice a month, the 4th Wednesday at 5 PM on Zoom and in-person the 2nd Saturday of most months from 10 AM - 11:30 AM at the Freedonia Grange - 14245 McFarland Rd, Mount Vernon. Our next meeting is Sat. May 13.

The Skagit Women's group meets from 10 AM - Noon the first Tuesday of each month - This Tuesday at the Freedonia Grange. LD 39 Sen. Keith Wagoner will be a guest speaker.


Quote of the Month "Deliver Us From The Evil One " Matthew 6:13


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman


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