May 2024 Chairman's Corner Newsletter


The 2024 Skagit County Republican Party's annual Lincoln / Reagan Day Gala will be held Saturday, June 1, at the spectacular Corporate Air Center in Burlington, 15452 Airport Drive. This event is always a good time; this year will be no exception! 


Doors Open at 4:45 PM

VIP Meet & Greet is from 5 PM - 6 PM

Dinner Program will be 6 PM - 8:30 PM

Keynote Speaker: WAGOP State Chairman and State Representative Jim Walsh

Emcee is Political Activist Glen Morgan of We the Governed

Featured Speakers Include: Semi Bird for Governor

Yvonne Gallardo for LD 10 State House

Pete Serrano for WA State Attorney General

David Olson for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Judge Dave Larson for WA State Supreme Court

Dale Whitaker for Secretary of State

Keith Wagoner LD 39 State Senate

Ron Muzzall LD 10 State Senate

Rachel Anderson Field Representative for Turning Point USA

Connie Miller Skagit Republican Women

BILL Bruch SCRP Chairman

PRICES: $85 Per Person, $160 Per Couple. Students and ages 20 and under $50 Per Person.

VIP $100 Per Person - VIP Reception Begins at 5 PM: Includes: Hors D' oeuvres, Preferred Seating, photo ops, and time with WAGOP Chairman and State Rep. Jim Walsh, Glen Morgan of "We the Governed," Attorney General Candidate Pete Serrano, OPSI Candidate David and other featured speakers.

The event will feature Peterson Conservatory Players' live music and a delicious catered dinner by La Conner Seafood & Prime Rib House.

Tables of 8 are $600

Corporate VIP Tables $1,000 -- Includes Tables of 8 - Preferred Seating and VIP Reception.

Please plan to arrive early to avoid lines and delays in registration! - 4:45 PM Doors Open!


After the success of 6 voter initiatives to overturn failed Democratic policies in Washington, WAGOP Chair and State Rep. Jim Walsh says the three new initiatives, which were filed in late March, will attempt to reverse the Evergreen State’s “sanctuary” status, repeal efforts to ban natural gas, and end "squatters rights." Supporters have less than three months to collect 324,500 valid signatures for each initiative to qualify for the ballot by July 5. Article

MAY 6 - 10 IS CANDIDATE FILING WEEK - This includes Precinct Committee Officers. Online: 8:30 am Monday, May 6, thru 4:30 pm Friday, May 10. In-person: Skagit County Elections open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm at 700 S. 2nd St, Room 201, Mount Vernon. More info: Contact Skagit County Elections @ 360-416-1702, or email


At our last Skagit Republicans Central Committee meeting the SCRP formally endorsed several 2024 candidates; here is the most updated list:

Raul Garcia for U.S. Senate

Semi Bird for Governor - A Tribute and Thank You - The Winds of Change Are Upon Us

Pete Serrano for Attorney General

Matt Hawkins for State Auditor

David Olson for Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Sue Kuehl Pederson for Public Lands Commissioner

Ron Muzzall for LD 10 State Senate

Yvonne Gallardo for LD 10 State House (Pos 1)

Keith Wagoner for LD 39 State Senate

Robert Sutherland for LD 39 State House (Pos 1)

More SCRP endorsements are expected at the SCRP Central Committee meeting Saturday, May 11. Another step in taking back our government is to elect better people (True Conservatives) who will put ego aside, be team players, and truly obey the U.S. and State Constitutions. This all starts with quality candidates WHO ARE QUALIFIED FOR THE POSITION. The candidate also needs to have a realistic ability to win the race.

Several good qualified 2024 candidates and their campaigns are needing volunteers, campaign leads and support. Please contact me if you want to help with a specific campaign; email: Chair@skagitgop or call (360) 820-1700.

As advertised, the WAGOP State Convention was one for the ages, as over 2,000 delegates, guests, and volunteers gathered to help endorse 2024 State and federal Candidates April 18 - 20 in Spokane - SCRP State Committeewoman Judy Billings - CD 2 (Big Congrats) and myself Statewide 'At-large' were both elected as RNC National Convention Delegates. Also, a huge Thank You the 52 SCRP delegates that attended. A special thanks to Lorilee Gates who was the SCRP Platform Chair to the WAGOP. Lorilee worked tirelessly with other committee members to help write the state GOP Platform. IMPORTANT NOTE: Election Integrity is now the #4 plank in our platform! In 2020 it did not exist. Report


WAGOP Chair defends handling of state convention in Spokane

Focused on Winning in November  WAGOP hosts a record-setting state convention

During this year's legislative session, Democrats passed dozens of bad bills. However, Republicans were able to help stop some of the most extreme from passing. Video

Saturday, May 11, from 2 pm to 4 pm, there will be a Re-Elect State Senator Ron Muzzall Campaign Kick-off at the  Oomrang Winery & Distillery in Stanwood.- 26910 92nd Avenue NW. RSVP@Ronmuzzall.comMore Info Contact Nickole (360) 200-8818.


After 40 years of below-average crime rates, violent crime in Washington has reached record highs, increasing by nearly 20% in just five years. Washington’s murder rate has increased 96% since 2019, culminating in a new state record in 2022. According to the Washington State Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, violent crime in Washington state has increased by 55% since 2015. Aggravated assault has increased by 30% over the past five years and is now at its highest level in 24 years.

While property crime has declined nationally, it has increased in Washington, and our state ranks 2nd worst in the nation for property crime. Washington has the 2nd highest rate of larceny theft incidents per capita and ranks as the #1 state most impacted by retail theft. Car thefts surged after the vehicular pursuit laws were changed in 2021 and Washington now ranks as the 3rd worst state in the nation for motor vehicle thefts. Article

60% Seattle residents say taxes too high & 82% believe that Democrat policies on homelessness, public safety, & affordability have failed - Before progressives took over, Seattle won many Most Livable City Awards. Post

Seattle Scores a Terrible 4.24 out of 10 in 'Quality of Life' Poll

Protecting Washington’s Children from CCP Data Security Risks

Will NW Fish Experts Turn The Columbia Basin Into The Next Klamath River Eco-Disaster Zone? Last year, the Seattle Times reported that Sen. Patty Murray and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee commissioned and released a report on all the benefits of removing the dams on the Snake River in the Columbia Basin. The cost to meet this Democrat fish-saving goal is between $10.3 Billion and $27.2 Billion. Article

Washington named the eighth most dangerous state in study. The latest study reveals Washington is the eighth most dangerous state, highlighting ongoing concerns over crime and safety. Washington state has a dismal safety score of 59.6. The Larceny/Theft Rate in Washington is the highest (2133.6) per 100,000, revealing it as having a major issue with property crime compared to other states. Article

“Trans Woman,” Self-Described “Vampire,” Convicted in Sex Assault, Charged With First-degree Murder

ELECTIONS: 2024 WA State Legislator Scorecards - Based on the Principles of the U.S. Constitution


WA Governor candidate Mullet goes after Ferguson for backing drug decriminalization

Mullet says $1 million 'buy in' deal by WA Democrats favors Bob Ferguson

State Senator Phil Fortunato Files for WA State Insurance Commissioner

Trump announces ‘full and enthusiastic support’ from Gov. Ron DeSantis in show of unity

Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden in Every Battleground State: Polling Averages

Democrats fear typical registration efforts might backfire, boost Trump

TRUMP: "Ive invited Biden to debate. I am here, ready, willing and able..."


"When I am President, instead of trying to send the state of Texas a restraining order. I will send them reinforcements" - President Donald J. Trump

Lara Trump: Under Biden, "everyone's life has gotten harder, more expensive and we are a less safe country, the entire world is destabilized." Post

A Reliable Voting Bloc for Decades, Minorities Now Look for Alternatives to Democrats

"Every day that President Trump has been in court..He's been getting $1 Million or more in small-dollar donations coming online" Michael Waitely RNC Chair

VIDEO: Trump backs Speaker Mike Johnson during joint press conference at Mar-a-Lago

A look at the dark money groups and their backers fueling the 2024 presidential election. Democrats are outspending Republicans $800 million to $160 million

Republicans are more enthusiastic than Dems about general election, according to Gallup. Asked if they are more enthusiastic about voting in 2024 or four years ago, 59% of Republicans and R-leaning independents said they are more enthusiastic. Republicans hold an 11-point lead over Democrats (plus-24 to plus-13). Article

EVEN LIBERAL CNN POLL SAYS TRUMP WINS 49% - 43%. If a 3rd candidate is added, it's Trump 42% to Biden 33%. 55% called Trump's presidency successful, and 44% said it was unsuccessful. 39% call Biden's Presidency successful - 61% say unsuccessful. Article


The MAGA Movement. The American Way of Life is under attack while career politicians destroy our economy and sabotage our nation’s incredible potential. We will take our country back from the corrupt Washington establishment and return power to the American people, where it belongs. We will achieve a future of prosperity, security, and peace — creating once again the greatest economy in the history of the world, defending our borders, restoring energy independence, and leading with strength and pride on the world stage. It is time to put America First again and usher in a glorious new era of faith, family, and freedom. Together, we will save lives, save jobs, and save America!

President Donald J. Trump Declares War on Cartels -  Agenda47

Agenda47: America Must Have the #1 Lowest Cost Energy and Electricity on Earth

Agenda47: President Trump’s Pledge to Home school Families

New Gallup Poll: Biden Worse President in U.S. History: 6 months before Election Day, Biden stands in a weaker position than any prior incumbent and thus faces a taller task than they did in getting re-elected.


Corrupt Media Fight Election Accountability with Democrat-Manufactured Lies. Unlike Democrats, Republicans actually welcome transparency in the electoral process. The attempt by legacy media and leftist politicos to spin a false narrative about conservatives threatening election workers on a grand scale is an attempt to avoid accountability at the ballot box and cast their political opponents as enemies of democracy. It’s a strategy steeped in falsehoods and smears, which for Democrats is nothing new. Article

When they cannot win on ideas, they have to cheat!

Bad Guys Criminally Laundering Large Amounts of Money in Democrat Campaigns

AP Admits Bogus Charges Against Trump 2020 Alternate Electors Are 'Part of a Campaign to Deter' Republicans in 2024

Tucker: The Wrong Guy is in the White House - Donald Trump Won All 6 of the Swing States


Nina Jankowicz, the former and brief executive director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s Disinformation Governance Board, has a new non-profit group called the American Sunlight Project (ASP). The group aims to combat what it believes is a concerted campaign by conservatives to target and discredit disinformation researchers like Jankowicz. The former DHS employee was the subject of blistering criticism in 2022 over her embrace of pro-Biden government propaganda narratives on social media. Article

Democrats spar over registration as worries over young and minority voters grow. The rise in Trump support among non-registered voters has run up against a long-held Democratic policy priority of growing the voter rolls. Article

New Group of Dueling Electors Indicted by Biden Admin, Termed 'Fake Electors'

Three Key Takeaways from the Lawfare Pursuit of Alternate Electors

Election Transparency, Accountability, and Inclusion Act: Model Law – DailyClout and American Voters’ Alliance

Are Elections Really an Illusion?

GOP Secretaries of State, Legislators Fight Against ‘Bidenbucks,’ Federalization of GOTV

PROOF: US election votes can be changed

Formula to Rig Every Future Presidential Election

Judge who punished Trump lawyer a Democrat donor

John Eastman ‘Tenfold’ More Convinced of Illegalities in 2020

Will hackers, trolls and AI deepfakes upset the 2024 election?

Fingerprints of Fraud: The Movie - Chapter 1 - The Voter Rolls

Fingerprints of Fraud: The Movie - Chapter 2 - The Machines

Fingerprints of Fraud: The Movie - Chapter 4 - Election Night Reporting

Fingerprints of Fraud - The Movie - Chapter 5 - Digital Danger

The Center for Election Integrity (CEI) has a simple goal: “Easy to Vote, but Hard to Cheat.” CEI developed this educational, interactive, color-coded map that compares an individual state's current election integrity laws to other states. There are 3 main policy areas widely acknowledged to protect voters better: photo ID required, strong laws against ballot harvesting, and ballots returned to election officials by Election Day. Website / America First Policy Institute


Ban the Practice of Billionaires Giving Money to Election Officials to Influence an Election. Zuckerberg used his foundation to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars through nonprofits directly to local government entities that run elections. Article

The RNC's Election Integrity Department is recruiting thousands of poll watchers and filing dozens of key lawsuits in key states across the country. We have staff on the ground in battleground states and lawyers from coast to coast working to protect the vote. We've filed over 80 election integrity lawsuits in more than 20 states this cycle alone. We will have trained volunteers and lawyers in place when it matters during the 2024 elections.

The numbers show Americans want election integrity. 75% of Americans - including 69% of Black voters and 60% of Dems support Voter ID requirements. A recent NPR poll found that 80% of Americans want voter ID. 68% of voters believe that State legislatures should decide their state's voting rules and regulations, not the federal government. By a 33-point margin, Americans want to see election reform focus on ensuring elections are “fair and free of voter fraud.” More Here

VIDEO: David Clements - Guests Clay Parikh and Jessica Pollema, ES&S Issues

The true force behind the 'censorship industrial complex' - High profile editor advocates 'criminal penalties' for those who attack free speech

CONFIRMED: Federal Government Giving Voter Registration Forms to Non-Citizen Refugees

Poll: Election-Shifting Percentage Of Voters Admit To Illegal Voting In 2020

16 GOP AGs Challenge Garland’s Comments on Voting Laws. With repeated instances of voter fraud, the DOJ should be championing these laws and encouraging enforcement of them. Individuals are required to use an ID to prove identity when driving a car, boarding an airline, buying cigarettes, or purchasing alcohol, and none of these identification requirements are considered ‘discriminatory’ or ‘burdensome.’ Requiring an ID to vote in an election is no different. Article


WASHINGTON: Left-wing researcher who chaired a since-dissolved Department of Homeland Security “misinformation” panel accused of facilitating censorship directly advised social media companies on content moderation policies.

Kate Starbird, a professor leading the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public to investigate “disinformation” and “misinformation,” has faced heightened scrutiny from House Republicans for her roles with the Election Integrity Partnership, which worked to suppress speech before the 2020 election, and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s defunct Misinformation and Disinformation Subcommittee. Article

Mike Benz: Let's be clear, CISA does not censor, they just pay non-profits to censor. This includes: The EIP, Virality Project, Garphika, CIS, EL-ISAC, MS-ISAC, LOgically-AI, The Atlantic Council, Kate Starbird, Renee DiResta, Alex Stamos, and the additional dozen or so Criminal Censorship Entities


What you need to know about vote by mail - Vote by mail is the worst way to conduct elections - All the many problems with mail-in ballots explained. Video

$32.7M slated for "asylum-seekers" flowing into Washington State


Why Every Vote Matters!


2024 WA State Presidential Primary Debacle - Problems Persist

Spokane elections official confirms 26 ballots found on side of road are real

WHO COUNTS THE VOTES: Voter Verification and Research Tool

NEW JERSEY: Political operative has been arrested on felony mail-in ballot fraud charges stemming from the operations that he’s been running for years in Atlantic City

VIRGINIA: How a Chinese-Funded Charity is Registering Democrats to Flip Virginia. New emails obtained by FOIA detail a far-left group’s plans to dramatically boost Democratic turnout in two Virginia congressional races this November, helping secure the state for Biden and potentially flipping the U.S. Congress to Democrats. Article

GEORGIA: Can 1960 Certified Presidential Election get GA 'Fake Electors' Off The Hook?

Georgia Assembly Passes Impressive Set of Election Security Bills - After two years of legislative debate and loud and persistent grassroots citizen activism, the Georgia Assembly voted to beef up security in elections substantially. One of the most significant changes will be the addition of a "visible watermark security feature" on ballots that will identify each ballot as an "official Georgia ballot." This election security measure is one of many the GA Assembly passed!

Garland Favorito of VoterGA testifies on six affidavits alleging counterfeit ballots in Fulton County, Georgia's 2020 election, which remain unresolved three years later. "These mail-in ballots weren't folded from being mailed. They were not on the correct paper stock. They were not marked with a writing instrument. They were marked with toner, according to senior poll managers who signed court affidavits." "After 3 years, we have still not seen the ballots for which there were 6 sworn affidavits claiming they were counterfeit. That is not the appropriate way to investigate. The SoS's office filed an amicus brief against us to try to prevent us from looking at the ballots. What kind of SoS would do that?" Additionally, over 70 counties in Georgia reportedly destroyed their original ballot images, violating federal and state laws requiring their retention for 2 years. Post

Cyberattack forces Georgia county to sever connection to state voter registration system

TEXAS: Supreme Court Denies Bid to Expand No-excuse Mail-In Ballots in Texas. The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the appeal means that the Texas law stays in place, delivering a win to election integrity advocates. Article

Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Suc­cess­ful­ly Defends Texas Elec­tion Integri­ty Law

Tarrant County Elections Administrator Heider Garcia used un-certified software for multiple elections

PENNSYLVANIA: $10 million in private money was given to the City of Philadelphia to be used to purchase PPE, but only $225,000, or approximately 2%, was spent on PPE. Election officials in Philadelphia spent almost all of the $10 million on the targeted turnout of target voters. In PA, 92% of Zuckerbucks money was directed to Dem counties. Article

Democrats lose big time after appeals court denies request to Reconsider whether date requirement for mail-in ballots is enforceable

ARIZONA: Election Integrity Investigator Releases New Information About Likely Manipulation of Maricopa County’s Voting Machine Tabulators

Charlie Kirk Audio Podcast: Donald Trump is up big in the Arizona polls, so the state's radical Democrat AG is using emergency measures: Bringing sweeping charges against nearly 20 Trump supporter. 

Is Arizona Turning Blue? The Latest Voter Registration Numbers Tell a Different Story

IDAHO: Idaho Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Student IDs for Voting

INDIANA: Know Your 2024 Electoral College - 11 Electoral Votes

MICHIGAN: MI Legislators Vow To Take Case to US Supreme Court Before 2024 Election, After Biden-Appointed Judge Dismisses Suit Arguing Unconstitutional Changes To Election Laws Via Ballot Proposal Funded By George Soros

MI Senator Makes Stunning Video: Warns About Bill That Dem Senators Just Passed That Will Be “An Explosion of Election Fraud!”

MISSISSIPPI: Officials in Mississippi are warning residents to beware of illegitimate mail regarding voter registration information

NEBRASKA: Nebraska GOP Chair Eric Underwood REVEALS Democrats sent $8 MILLION to the state in 2020: “They want the electoral vote— they had 250 $10,000 donors to the Nebraska Democrat Party, George Soros, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg..." 


Milwaukee Set to Accept $800K from Cryptic Elections Group with Dem Dark Money Ties

Election fraud investigator filed complaints against multiple state officials. Article


NEW YORK: Citizen Groups Stepping Up to Demand Honest Elections

ALASKA: More Proof of Election Manipulation, now 20,000 Un-deliverable Ballots...

MONTANA: 4,592 out of all 72,491 mail-in ballots, 6.33 % of the total, did not have envelopes

NEVADA: Judge Rejects Challenge to New Nevada Election Law

FLORIDA: How Illegals Are Registered to Vote in Florida

FL Gov. Agencies Illegally Soliciting and Entrapping Non-Citizens to Register to Vote

Most migrants paroled under Biden administration are flying to Florida - DHS has processed more than 400,000 migrants via the 'Mass Parole' program

SOUTH CAROLINA: State Rep. reveals that the federal government is giving voter registration forms to non-citizens in multiple states. "A refugee sent us this form that was given to her in a packet at the Social Security Office in Spartanburg." This same refugee has a relative who also received voter registration forms in the mail and mailed them back, thinking it was an accident. A few weeks later, they received more forms from the government. They're preparing to steal the 2024 election!


Three election security experts explain why Chairman Jim Jordan & the House GOP have done nothing about election fraud

Tucker Carlson: About one in five mail-in ballots in the last election was fraudulent, handing Biden the presidency. We know this because the people who committed the fraud have admitted it in a new poll. Post

Blinken Reveals He's Seen Evidence of Communist China Attempting to Influence and Interfere in U.S. 2024 Presidential Election

Five strait minutes showing why Biden was deemed to have diminished mental fitness

According to a report by Axios Joe Biden can't even walk to Marine One by himself

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: America First Legal, Ken Paxton, and 20 Attorneys General filed an urgent motion in federal court to stop Biden’s secret migrant flights depositing illegals from crime-plagued nations directly into US cities. Post

Thousand of Illegal Immigrants With Pounds of Fentanyl Apprehended by Border Patrol

Sanctuary Cities Defund the Police to Pay for Illegal Immigration

Hospital Systems Collapsing - Too Many Illegals: It was just a matter of time, with 15-16 million foreign nationals pouring across both our southern and northern borders, before healthcare systems started to collapse. The Biden Regime does not reimburse hospitals and doctors for these patients, who have never paid insurance premiums, but federal law requires they receive the same care received by Americans and those who pay for insurance. Article

City Of 200,000 Illegals: Houston Texas, Now Home Base For Mexican Cartels

VIDEO: Illegal Immigrants Begin Squatting In US Homes

Biden endorsed flights from foreign nations that brought over 386,000 illegal immigrants to America since January 2023. The “CHNV Program’ allows 30,000 people from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to enter the US each month. The administration claims it is a “lawful pathways” strategy and characterizes these programs as “family reunification programs."

A separate program has smuggled 420,000 migrants from 100 different nations to the US. The physical US-Mexico border does not matter much when the President is sending these migrants to America on commercial flights. Article

Border Invaders: "Wiping Out" 13 States


10,000 Migrant Crossings a Day Has Upended the U.S. Presidential Election

Biden Regime is Considering Flooding US with ‘Refugees’ From Gaza

Millions of New Illegal Immigrants Mask True State of US Economy. Article


Illegal Immigrants Are Now Showing Up In the Congressional Budget Office Payroll Report

Illegals bankrupting the city of Denver: An estimated 40,000 illegals have arrived in Denver over the last year or so, and that has depleted the resources to pay for food, water, shelter, and such. Denver initially welcomed the newcomers with open arms but has since admitted that caring for them has contributed to a $120 million budget deficit, strained city resources, and tested the kindness of businesses and residents, some of whom have been asked to open up their homes to strangers to help offset the costs. In fact, Denver officials already have told immigrants the city would pay for 20,000 one-way bus tickets to … anywhere. Article

Steve Bannon Video: The Biden Administration Takes The Side Of Hamas Against Israel

“You must recognize that the [Trump Border] policies worked. " "When you bring back catch-and-release, you are inviting people to cross our borders illegally — and that's exactly what [Biden] has done." President of the National Border Patrol. Brandon Judd. Video

New Polling Shows Even Democrats Now Believe the Border Crisis is an ‘Invasion’

Mark Levin sounds off about what's holding Israel back from properly defending itself against Iran on 'One Nation.'

LAWFARE: Democrats resorting to desperate tactics to try and take out Trump. With lawfare failing to move the needle, Democrats take their war on Trump to a More Dangerous Level. Article

Trump trial: Former president 'innocent,' says defense as DA alleges 'criminal conspiracy'

Judge fines Trump thousands over violating gag order, warns 'incarceration punishment' 

AZ State Senator indicted over 2020 Election 'Scheme' secures RNC position. Jake Hoffman's election comes days after AZ grand jury indicted him and 17 others for 'Fake Electors' plot

Anti-Trump Prosecutor linked to Anti-Conservative Lawfare Dating back to 2011

Jack Posobiec New Book. Unhumans: The Secret History of Communist Revolutions (and How to Crush Them)​ -


JESSE WATERS VIDEO: Trump is banned from talking about the judge's family. Why? Because the judge's family was paid by the Biden campaign. The judge's family is currently being paid by Adam Schiff over $10 million."The judge is threatening to put Trump in jail for pointing out that his liberal family is getting rich off this trial and richer if he's convicted."The judge's daughter isn't seven. She's 34. He's not attacking her. He's just saying what she does for a living. How's that an attack? He just wants a new judge. One whose family isn't funded by Democrats."

ELECTION INTERFERENCE - Leftist Judge Merchan doesn't want Trump to be able to defend himself pubically against the lies coming from the Democrats


April Showers Rain on Jack Smith's Lawfare Parade

Judge Who Called Out Trump Hit With Ethics Complaint

20,000 Hours of Jan 6 Video Footage Released for the First Time to the Public

Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol Police security video shows a suspected FBI special agent clapping and cheering as crowds surged up steps and another meeting with an FBI tactical team just before it entered the Capitol after the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Article

FBI Quietly Releases Unclassified File on Ashli Babbitt…

KANGAROO COURT UPDATE: Rebecca Lavrez, also known as the 'J6 Praying Grandma,' has been unfairly targeted by Biden's DOJ and now faces up to 1 YEAR in prison for peacefully walking around the Capitol and praying for our Failing Nation. Rebecca is a 72-year-old Grandmother and Small Business Owner from Colorado, and now she is one of Joe Biden's J6 HOSTAGES!!! Crooked Joe Biden spends more time prosecuting Patriots than Violent Criminals, Thugs, Murderers, and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who are destroying our Country. Post

Columbia University has announced classes will be remote for the rest of the year as anti-Israel protests rock the school. There are now growing calls for tuition refunds for the $70k a year college now that it has practically turned into an online school. Post

Pro-Hamas students who seized a building at Columbia Univercity ran into a serious problem

Columbia Students Once Rallied Against Terrorists, Now They Cheer For Them


To the surprise of no one, Pro-Hamas 'encampments' sprouting up across campuses are being funded by leftist George Soros. Article


Scenes of mayhem and horrific acts of violence: Last night chaos erupted at UCLA and Columbia universities after brutal clashes broke out between pro and anti-Isreal protesters. Article

Chaos on the campus of UCLA, as pro-Hmas and pro-Isreal groups clashed on campus

Global Influence Operation - Leftist Funded Professional Protesters Here to Destroy America

Harvard students cheer as they replace the American flag with the Palestinian flag

Muslims Chant ‘Death to America!’ at Michigan Rally

Biden admin. announced the Climate Corps (20,000 new federal agents) to police and terrorize the oil industry, the auto industry, and every small business across America. These new feds will focus on “conservation, green energy, and environmental justice work.” In other words, they’ll be coming after you, your car, and your business. Post

CPAC Hungary: EVA Vlaardingerbrook speech that the establishment is losing its absolute mind about


People are now paying with microchips in their hand. Take a look at the new cashless society as, reportedly, in Sweden, some 6000 people have already gotten microchipped. Article

Norway goes AGAINST cashless agenda - The government wants to strengthen people's right to pay with physical cash! Article

The NCAA adopted a policy of only allowing athletes who were born female to participate in women's sports. The NAIA Council of Presidents voted 20-0 on Monday to bar student-athletes born male from women's sports, reportedly in response to a survey conducted last year showing overwhelming support for such a policy among members surveyed. Article


Conservative group builds ‘America First’ coalition to fight 'radical left's extreme positions and agenda'

The Skagit Republican Women's group meets Tue, May 7 at 10 am the Freedonia Grange. Yvonne Gallardo, who is our Republican Candidate for LD 10 State House will be speaking.

Recently, former SCRP Chairman, 3-term state legislator, Anacortes Port Commissioner, and former Goldwater State Chair, Bob Eberle, passed away at the age of 94. Saturday, May 18th, there will be a service at 11 AM at the Anglican Church. To RSVP and for more information, please contact Berit at (360) 770-4350.


Respect and Blessings,
Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman

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