Michael Petrish Annouces Candidacy for the 40th LD House Rep Seat


Mount Vernon -- Published March 24th, 2018

At tonight's annual Skagit County Republican Party Lincoln / Reagan Day Dinner event Michael Petrish announced that he will be running as a candidate in the upcoming 2018 race for the State 40th Legislative District House Representative Seat.  Michael Petrish is a member of the SCRP and lives in Anacortes.

Michael is a staunch believer of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, he is pro-second amendment, pro- school choice, anti-abortion, wants less government, lower taxes and is a big believer in private property rights for tax payers.

Micheal works at the Andeavor refinery in Anacortes and sits on a multi-state leadership committee with the Carpenters Union.   He says that the Catholic church is a big part of his life as he is a 'Lector' with the church in Anacortes.  Michael's lost his wife to cancer 5 years ago.

Michael's brother Nick Petrish will be Michael's Campaign Manager, Nick is a former 2016 Democrat Candidate for the state LD 10 Senate , he lost out to Barbara Bailey in last years August primary election but ended up endorsing Barbara later in her successful 2016 campaign.

The 40th LD seat has been held by Kristine Lytton since 2013, Lytton recently announced that she will be retiring at the end of her term this year.

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