Millions Worldwide Rally in Support of President Donald Trump -- VIDEO

Millions Worldwide Rally in Support of President Donald Trump -- VIDEO

Jan 9, 2021 Creative Commons by Sarah Westall

Massive MAGA rallies in support of Donald Trump has sprung up worldwide. Japan, Taiwan, Nigeria, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Israel and more countries have had large crowds supporting the United States president. 

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The crowds are so large, you would expect to be watching a rally in the United States. “This isn’t the United States, this is Nigeria”, states one observer of the rally in Nigeria. In Canada you see American flags, Donald Trump signs and people chanting “USA, USA,”… “This is Canada” says anonymous observer, not the United States. 

You see more support from other countries as well. Questioning Time Magazine’s pick, Australia’s Sky News reporter states: “Time’s man of the year should, of course, been Donald Trump. Was Trump robbed?” 

In Japan, a pro Trump supporter states: “If Biden wins this time, democracy will be destroyed so America will be destroyed and which means Japan as well”

The world is watching as the greatest election fraud in history goes down in the United States. People worldwide are fearful that one of the most peaceful US presidents (first president in 4 decades to not start a new war) is robbed of a second term by a criminal coup that threatens the peace and prosperity of the entire world. See full video on


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