New Online Class: Influencing Olympia Effectively (2022)

CALL TO ACTION! Bill Devastates Skagit Farmland...Record your Opposition by January 19, 9 am.

Get Involved! Become an Effective Political Activist in 2022!

Do you know how to work with a team to stop bad legislation?

Do you understand the most effective action to take at each step in the lawmaking process?

Do you know how to promote good legislation?

Would you like to have a more positive relationship with your legislators?

 Click on "Start Today" to register for Influencing Olympia Effectively (2022)

This online class will help you develop the skills you need to make a real difference advocating for (or against) a piece of legislation. Are you tired of having bad laws take effect when you had no idea that they had been under consideration, much less passed? Do you wonder, "What happened?"

Do you know for sure if writing your legislators makes any difference?

Do you wonder, "What's the best way to stop bad legislation before it ever comes up for a vote?"

Do you know how to develop greater influence on lawmaking in Olympia?

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You are the first to know... registration for the course is now open. Please visit and click the button to "Start today".

This is a work in process, so please let us know if you have any difficulties at any point in the registration process or in the course itself.

You can send us a facebook message, or email: info at


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