October 2017 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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After delivering a terrific speech at the United Nations, President Trump decided to make some questionable comments at his recent Alabama Rally, some of his words crossed the line and our President has shown he is better than that.  As an example, if you have not seen Trump's speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Saudi Arabia on May 21st, 2017 please take some time and watch it on YouTube; it proves Trump can be a strong world leader and demonstrates the behavior that we should expect out of our President.  That being said, if athletes can't find it in their hearts to honor our flag, country and vets during national anthems before sporting events perhaps they should move to another country.

Additionally, the simple facts are that in following the United State Constitution the freedom of speech or the right of people to peaceably assemble, etc. does not go with employees into a private employment situation.  The First Amendment has nothing to do with private employment of any type (National Football League or otherwise) and in the NFL case the First Amendment deals with government action, not private employment action and the First Amendment has no application.  If the NFL would just enforce it's own rules and severely fine and / or suspend players for not standing at attention for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner this would quickly become a non-issue for the players.

Congratulations needs to go out to Elizabeth Scott for being picked as the first choice by the Legislative District 39 PCO's to replace John Koster as State House Representative in Legislative District 39.  Elizabeth stood head and shoulders above the other candidates at all levels and was the only candidate with any state level legislative experience.  Elizabeth is a true Republican Conservative and is only one of a handful of state Republican legislators that has a solid, proven and consistent voting record in Olympia.  Her LD 39 voting constituents overwhelmingly supported her as in Elizabeth's last election she won a landslide vote by a 24 + point margin; additionally she is a very hard worker, an excellent campaigner and would have been a sure lock to win against any Democrat challenger in 2018. 

Even though the Democratic controlled Snohomish and King County Councils (with the help of Skagit Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt) robbed Elizabeth of what should have been an absolute no-brainer appointment, Elizabeth will be running in 2018 and should be the clear favorite.  Thank you to Skagit Commissioners Ron Wesen & Lisa Janicki and King County Council Members Reagan Dunn and Dave Upthegrove for doing the right thing in the support of Elizabeth and a sincere wish of good luck to Republican Carolyn Eslick who now is representing LD 39 as State House Rep.

Something should be done about the Gerrymandered District system in Washington State, especially Legislative District 39 as it discriminates against the true voting constituents.  When Democratic bureaucrats who live in King County can overrule active Republican grass roots PCO's, many of who live, work and represent Republican voters in areas like Sedro-Woolley up to the Whatcom County boarder something is definitely wrong.  When the State of Washington founding fathers wrote our State Constitution fairness was paramount as there were no multi-county Legislative Districts.

It is very unfair to have the King County Council which has no active Republican PCO's, only 2 PCO districts and about 330 total registered voters in all of King County LD 39 to have 1/3 of a say in who the new State House Representative is.  In the 2016 general election for the LD 39 Position 2 seat only 249 votes were cast in King County compared to 11,798 in Skagit and 61,104 in Snohomish.  Additionally, Skagit LD 39 has 30 voting precincts and Snohomish well over 100.  In 2018 I am planning on speaking with Olympia Legislative leadership about this issue, perhaps something can be done with the re-districting commission or potentially after the census in 2020 new LD 39 Districts lines can be drawn.

In these times there is an organized movement being driven by the Liberal powers that be, media and otherwise to nullify our Constitution and Conservatism in general.  These dangerous political realities that are attempting to shape the landscape see the Constitution and Conservatism as an obstacle, an idea that needs to be pushed aside, or eradicated altogether.  We are supposed to be living in a Republic as the framers so envisioned, however the Democrat Elites and Socialist Populists are attacking the Republican Conservative base and it is important that we do not give up. 

 Conservatism is a high percentage representation of America, which very much desires to keep the original intentions and meanings of the US Constitution in effect.  It is proven in poll after poll that the values and principles of Conservatism are shared by the majority of America, it is a simple fact and we know this to be true. 

Here in the Skagit County Republican Party we are about helping in creating a political entity that will reflect the views of the Conservative majority that include principled politics and adherence to political principle.  Conservatism which is a representative government closest to the people is sound because it is a proven system based on human experience.  Faith in God, common sense, national sovereignty, low tax rates, limits on the size of government, competition and free markets are at the heart of American Republican Conservatism and it is the best way to meet man's material needs; socialism and communism are proven failures and they threaten to take away our freedoms.

A big thank you to all who attended the SCRP annual BBQ, it turned out to be a beautiful summer day in Burlington and all had a very good time.  Speakers Glen Morgan, Barbara Bailey, John Koster, Dave Hayes and Elizabeth Scott all had important things to say and were well received.  An extra special thank you to SCRP member Mark Hulst who provided and cooked the salmon, it was absolutely delicious!

Next month are important elections! Please remember to get the vote out in the 45th Legislative District for Jin Young Lee Englund http://www.jinyoungenglund.com.  If you know anyone who lives in the Bothell, Woodinville or Sammamish areas please remind them if Jin Young loses the Democrats will control the State Senate and among other disastrous repercussions we will be looking at a state income tax soon, you may also contact Cindy Randazzo at (425) 877-1893 for more information.  Also Republicans Gary Molenaar, Dale Regan and Ken Quam need your vote for the Mount Vernon City Council, also SCRP member Joe Degloria and James Stavig are running for Burlington City Council, Jared Couch is running for Sedro-Woolley City Council and all three deserve our support as well.  Also please do not forget Bill Stokes for the La Conner Town Council and SCRP member and PCO Eric Johnson who is running for the Sedro-Woolley School Board.

The Skagit County Republican Party continues to add several new members including new Precinct Committee Officers Tim Harris 801 La Conner, Brandon Rinas 504 Burlington, Michelle Elijah 304 Mount Vernon and Kurt Weppler 137 McRae.  The PCO officer is the official representative of the precinct for the GOP and is responsible to those voters.  PCO's are voting members of the SCRP and help to set strategy and policy for our local party and are also responsible for electing officers to the SCRP Central Committee and helping elect replacements to fill vacancies in other elected partisan offices such as County Commissioner or State Legislator; they are the grass roots volunteers of the party and we deeply appreciate their service!


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch, SCRP Chairman



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