Referendum-90 / I-1698 Petition Signing

Referendum-90 / I-1698 Petition Signing

Repeal the new K-12 Sex Ed Law / Stop the killing of a fetus with a heartbeat

There will be a Referendum-90 petition / I-1698 signing event this Thursday, June 4th from 2 pm - 4 pm. We will have a table set up in the covered parking lot area of the Christ the King Church, located at 2111 Riverside Drive Mount Vernon (across from Max Dales restaurant). For more info about the Horrible Democrat Comprehensive K-12 Sex-Ed Curriculum click here. For additional info and for petitions see 

Initiative -1698. Every living human being has a right to life, including unborn human beings. We know that life ends when the heart permanently ceases to function conversely life has begun when the heart begins to function. Therefore unborn human beings have a right to life when their HEART BEATS!

I-1698 BALLOT MEASURE SUMMARY This measure would require an ultrasound within 24 hours before an abortion specifically to determine whether a fetal heartbeat is detected. "Fetal heartbeat" is defined as cardiac activity or steady and repetitive rhythmic contraction of the fetal heart. Results would be reported to government agencies. If detected, the measure would criminalize abortion, except where the pregnancy is medically futile or to prevent a pregnant woman's death or substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function. I-1698 ??? BALLOT TITLE- Statement of Subject: Initiative Measure No. 1698 concerns abortion. Concise Description: This measure would require an ultrasound before an abortion; require reporting the results to government agencies; and, if a fetal heartbeat, as defined, is present, thereafter prohibit and criminalize abortion, with exceptions. 

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