Ron Muzzall, Christine Cribb and Sara Hyatt chosen by LD 10 PCOs

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October 3rd, 2019 -- Mount Vernon

The Legislative District 10 PCO vote to replace State Senator Barbara Bailey took place tonight at the Mount Vernon Christian School.  The event was open to the public and hosted by the Skagit County Republican Party; Caleb Heimlich, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, chaired the meeting.  A total of 33 LD 10 PCO's voted, which included 13 PCO's from Island County, 12 PCO's from Skagit County and 8 PCO's from Snohomish County.  The top 3 candidates were ranked as follows: 1st Ron Muzzall (Oak Harbor), 2nd Christine Cribb (Oak Harbor), 3rd Sara Hyatt (Stanwood).

The five ballot vote totals were as follows:

First Ballot: Ron Muzzall 15 votes, Christine Cribb 9 votes, Sara Hyatt 7 votes, James Golder 2 votes.

Second Ballot: Ron Muzzall 15 votes, Christine Cribb 11, Sarah Hyatt 7 votes.

Third Ballot: Ron Muzzall 18 votes, Christine Cribb 15 votes.

Fourth Ballot: Christine Cribb 18 votes, Sara Hyatt 12 votes, Steve Bristow 1 vote, Damian Green 1 vote, James Golder 1 vote.

Fifth Ballot: Sara Hyatt 30 votes, Steve Bristow 2 votes, James Golder 1 vote.

SCRP Chairman Bill Bruch said, " The meeting was well organized and a fair process played itself out.  We are extremely happy with the PCO's top 3 choices.  Ron, Christine and Sara are all excellent candidates."

Per WA State Constitution and the Washgington State Republican Party (WSRP) bylaws, the WSRP Executive Board is expected to ratify the three nominees in the next few days, then the three Island County Commissioners, the three Skagit County Commissioners and the five Snohomish County Councilmembers will be meeting to appoint the new LD 10 State Senator.  The meeting is open to the public and set for the Mount Vernon County Commissioners offices at 1800 Continential Place, on Friday, October 18th at 1:30 pm.

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