SCRP Chairman Bill Bruch running for WAGOP National Committeeman


Today, Bill Bruch, the Chairman of the Skagit County Republican Party, silenced the rumors and officially announced he is running for WAGOP National Committeeman to represent us at the RNC.

Below is his letter sent to the 117 members of the WAGOP State Committee who will be voting April 18, 2024, at the State Convention:


March 11, 2024

Re: Bill Bruch WAGOP National Committeeman Candidate Announcement
Dear Members of the State Committee:

After much prayer and contemplation, I am announcing my candidacy for WAGOP National Committeeman to represent you at the RNC. For over a year I have been seriously considering this position, consulting with many. Those who know me and have worked with me know that prayer is a big part of my life and God, Family, Country, and Community are my priorities.

To survive as a Republic, we MUST eliminate corruption and return to our founding principles and a limited form of government. Our rights and freedoms come from God, not government! This is my eighth year serving on the State Committee and fourth year on the Executive Board; I have NEVER missed a meeting. I believe in working as a TEAM (Together Each Achieves More) in dedication and service to the grassroot PCOs we represent.


The position of RNC National Committeeman is very important; the future of our state, country, and next generations is literally at stake. Unfortunately, in today's political climate, the government, media, special interests, and political parties have become massively corrupted. Political power is inherent in We the People. True power resides in the people in our local precincts, we need to get back to “by the people for the people.”


We must have faithful conservatives in all political offices including National Committeeman. The RNC provides national GOP leadership, oversees the activities of the Republican State committees, and coordinates activities with the National Republican Congressional and Senatorial Committees (among other important duties). I am qualified for this position, dedicated, and solution orientated.


In 2020, when I ran for State House of Representatives in LD 10, my campaign raised over $374,000, from 566 (mostly small-dollar) donations. When I became Chairman of the Skagit County Republican Party (SCRP), we only had a few thousand dollars in the bank and a dismal record of fundraising and donating. Since my time in office as Chair, the SCRP has consistently been a leader in fundraising and donations to Republican candidates.


As your next RNC Committeeman, you will have a very hard worker and a Constitutional Conservative. I have a demonstrated track record for being knowledgeable, transparent, professional, respectful, and strategic even under very difficult circumstances. I will listen and represent you and the Republican PCOs to the fullest. I will speak and stand for truth, pledge ethical conduct and behavior, and work to expose and punish corruption. Furthermore, I will give my heart and soul and serve you with passion for the next four years as I focus on my duties, including but not limited to:

* Standing true to the Republican platform, advocating for, and holding firm to the U.S. and State Constitutions and a Conservative America First cause.
* Staunchly advocating for Election Integrity – expanding and improving the RNC’s current Election Integrity Department. We absolutely must have free, fair, honest, and fully transparent elections per the WA State Constitution: Art. 1 Sec. 19 Freedom of Elections – All Elections Shall Be Free and Equal.
* Developing and implementing innovative RNC programs and winning strategies including Ballot Harvesting (collecting/protecting).
* Advocating for full transparency at all levels of government.
* Being a spokesperson and liaison for the RNC - delivering RNC communications to the WAGOP, county parties, and other associated groups.
* Working with the newly elected RNC Chair & Co-Chair, RNC leadership, and the many RNC members - furthering and expanding an America First agenda.
* Supporting and facilitating aggressive litigation when and where needed.
* Being a voice for ALL state counties and campaigning for our local, state, and national candidates helping them WIN elections!
* Engaging conservative activists, actively recruiting new party grassroot volunteers and workers, and serving in an outreach role for all people.
* Utilizing RNC information and resources to ‘Get Out the Vote’ and register new voters.
Traveling, speaking on important topics, and working with local and state party leaders and community members to help organize and unify the Republican base.
* Helping to educate the electorate as to the processes of our elections. 
* Communicating with the media and being available for interviews.
* Consulting and working to help ensure party unity should internal disputes arise.
* Advocate for a 2028 WAGOP Presidential Preference Caucus and/or a Caucus/Primary hybrid process.
* Term Limits - I will not serve more than two terms as your RNC National Committeeman.


* Longtime successful business owner and Property Manager in Skagit County.
* Proven, fearless, staunch Conservative.
* Active in the GOP since a member of the Eastside Young Republicans in 1991.
* 4-terms, 8th year serving as Skagit County Republican Party (SCRP) Chairman.
* 2-terms, 4th year serving as WAGOP Executive Board Member.
* 2-terms, 4th year serving as WAGOP Election Integrity Chairman.
* Current PCO 172, Little Mountain - Former PCO 801, La Conner.
* Citizen Journalist and Blogger: Skagit Republicans Website (admin)
* Volunteer for numerous local, state, and federal campaigns.
* Recipient of 2021 Olympic Conference Citizen Activist of the Year Award.
* 2019/20: LD 10 WA State House Representative Candidate. 
* 2018: Campaign Manager for LD 40 WA State House Candidate, Michael Petrish.
* 2018: Chairman of the Skagit County No on Charter Government Campaign.
* 2017: Served on the Association of Washington Cities Small City Advisory Committee.
* 2016/17: Served as a La Conner Town Council Member.
* 2016: Washington State 2016 RNC National Convention Delegate.
* 2016: Chairman for the Skagit County Ted Cruz for President Campaign.
* 2014/15: Former member of the La Conner Lodging & Tax Advisory Committee

Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions at (360) 820-1700.

It is time for Conservative leadership at the RNC. I am committed to serving your interests and working for a better tomorrow!

Bill Bruch, 

SCRP Chairman

Bill Bruch WAGOP National Committeeman Candidate Announcement pdf


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