September 2018 Chairman's Corner Newsletter

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If Republican voters do not wake up and vote in the November 6th General Election the Democrats may soon seize a large majority control of the state legislature and quickly impose many new and higher taxes.  Democrats are pushing for a new state capital gains income tax, energy tax, carbon tax, gasoline taxes, etc.  And make no mistake about it, since 2019 is not an election year the Dems will do everything in their power to enact these new taxes into law.  Democrat Speaker of the House Frank Chopp has already gone on the record saying this will occur.

The August 7th Primary Election data is showing us that at the state level, Democrat candidates defeated Republicans in vote totals for 17 seats currently held by the GOP, 14 in the House and 3 in the Senate.  Right now Dems hold a 50 to 48 lead in the State House, in 2019 it may be 64 to 34, in the Senate they have a 25 to 24 seat advantage, it soon may be 28 to 22.  The main reason for this was because the majority of the statewide Republican electorate were outvoted by the Democrats 3% - 8% and by approximately 130,000 total votes statewide. 

Statewide Republican Primary voter turnout was actually up by about 2% over 2014; but in the 2018 Primary Election it did not matter because the Democrats voters outpaced the Republicans voters in precinct after precinct and in county after county all across Washington state.  This trend must reverse itself for the November General Election.  It is imperative that all Republicans unify, support and rally for the GOP candidates.  The Republican electorate can do better and have enough voters to win in the General Election if they would just simply vote.  Your vote is your voice and opportunity be heard.

How bad does it have to get for people to finally see that Democrat Liberal 'Progressive' policies are destructive and do not work.  Do people in Washington state and places like Skagit County really want more and higher taxes, a war on cops, more expensive job killing regulations, 'safe' heroin shoot up zones and $4 + per gallon gasoline prices?  Do we really want our State Legislators in Olympia governing us like the elected officials on the Seattle City Council?  These policies cripple our economy, undermine law enforcement, foster lawlessness, erode capitalism and our destroy our constitution.


The mainstream media forgot to tell you that the Islamic extremist who was arrested last month in New Mexico for possibly murdering his 3 y.o. boy, setting up a Jihadist terrorist training camp, training children to be school shooters and kill law enforcement personal via weapons training; was raised by his Imam dad who was an unedited co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  Of note Democrat activist Linda Sarsour praised that very same Imam in 2017 calling him a "mentor, motivator and encourager of hers". 


At the federal level GOP congressional tax and regulation cuts have helped lead to all time record job growth for Women, African Americans and Hispanics; and since the 2016 Presidential election over four million jobs have been added to our nation's economy.  Additionally over four million people have been taken off of food stamps.  It is no wonder that Nationwide 'Consumer Confidence' levels are at an 18 year high.


Now that the results are official and the dust has settled from the August 7th "Top Two" Primary, here are the Skagit County related match ups for the November General Election.

United States Senator  Susan Hutchison (R) vs Maria Cantwell (D) Incumbent

Congress District 1  Jeffry Beeler (R) vs Suzan DelBene (D) (Incumbent)

LD 10 State House Rep (Pos. 1)  Norma Smith (R) (Incumbent) vs. Scott McMullen (D)

LD 10 State House Rep (Pos 2)  Dave Hayes (R) (Incumbent) vs Dave Paul (D)

LD 39 State Senator  Keith Wagoner (R) (Incumbent) vs Claus Joens (D)

LD 39 State House Rep (Pos 1)  Robert Sutherland (R) vs Ivan Lewis (D)

LD 39 State House Rep (Pos 2)  Carolyn Eslick(R) (Incumbent) vs Eric Halvorson (D)

LD 40 State House Rep (Pos 1)  Michael Petrish (R) vs Debra Lekanof (D)

Skagit County Treasurer  Bradley Whaley (R) vs Jackie Brunson (D)

WA State Court of Appeals Judge (Div 1, Dist 3)  Tom Seguine vs Cecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez

Skagit Superior Court Judge  Rosemary Kaholokula vs Laura Riquelme (Incumbent)

​Skagit PUD District Commissioner  Joe Lindquist vs Robbie Robertson (Incumbent) 

We are especially proud of SCRP members: Tom Seguine, Keith Wagoner and Michael Petrish for representing our county party with professionalism, dignity and respect.  Good luck in November!


At last month's SCRP Central Committee meeting the Central Committee unanimously supported a Resolution to Vote No on a new Skagit County Charter form of government proposal that will be on the General Election ballot in November.  The movement is being lead by mostly a Democrat contingent group of people know as "Home Rule Skagit".

Home Rule Skagit's plan is to eliminate the Skagit County current Commissioner form of government and call for the election of 21 "Freeholders" (seven per Commissioner District) to write a new county constitution (charter).

The SCRP will be doing everything in its power over the next several weeks to help defeat the November ballot measure.  We are "NO-on Charter" and are currently working on a Non-Partisan campaign to educate the people about why a Charter form of government would be bad for Skagit County.  Please see Info For Voters page.


Thank you to all the SCRP volunteers that phone called, sign waved and door belled for our GOP candidates.  Excellent work, your tireless hours of dedication made a difference and are truly appreciated!


Thanks to all the SCRP volunteers that helped out with our booth at last months Skagit County Fair, it was a lot of fun and we also raised over $500 for our party.


A big thank you to everyone that attended the Dino Rossi fundraiser in Burlington and the Michael Petrish fundraiser in Anacortes.  Over 60 people attended Dino's event and we help to raise over $19,000 for his 8th Congressional District campaign.  40th LD  State House Rep Candidate Michael Petrish's event on Aug 24th also had good success.


On Thursday, September 13th there is another important "Meet and Greet" fundraiser for 10th Legislative District State House Reps Norma Smith and Dave Hayes.  Event will be from 6 to 8 PM at the Smith and Burkland Farms, 18154 W. Stackpole Rd, Mount Vernon, 98273.  Please call (360) 341-5171 to RSVP.


Respect & Blessings,

Bill Bruch SCRP Chairman

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