The Constitution is an Answer to Election Nightmares! Especially in Arizona...

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May 29, 2023 Election Integrity Update By Bill Bruch

The beautiful thing about America’s Founding Documents is that when we have lost our way, they provide a proven guide and roadmap whenever we are in need of any governmental solution.

We understand that freedom from an oppressive and corrupt government was the reason our nation was founded, and to provide this freedom our United States Constitution was created. We know freedom is maintained by strict application of this most remarkable document. The Supreme Law of the Land!

The U.S. Constitution is the reason our country has lasted almost 250 years and defines the framework of the Federal Government. Likewise, we recognize that the basic government entities are the states, understanding that the Federal Government should exercise only those powers granted by the Constitution.

The exceptional freedom that makes this country so unique is being taken from us right before our eyes by Evil-Intentioned Marxists set on destroying America via our most sacred elections. They have been working behind the scenes for decades to steal and interfere in elections. With voting machines, artificial intelligence, and mail-in voting, they have now perfected their craft.



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