Violent Attack Assault of an Innocent SCRP Grandmother Volunteer Gathering Signatures for the R-101 Stop 5599 and I-2018 Parental Notification Petitions

Detailed 'Redacted' Police Report

September 11, 2023 Skagit County Republican Party Update -  by Bill Bruch, SCRP Chair

There was a brutal assault and violent attack of an innocent SCRP grandmother volunteer gathering signatures for the R-101 Stop 5599 and I-2018 Parental Notification Petitions the morning of July 4, 2023 in Anacortes. There were many witnesses and an Anacortes police report filed. The Police Report Stated:

08/17/23 ANACORTES POLICE DEPT 2753 12:01 Detail Incident Report Page: 4 Incident #: 23-A06108 NARRATIVE: ---------- OFFICER D. PACKARD 08/14/2023 23-A06108 / ASSAULT 1/ VICTIM -70 + Year Old Grandmother - Name Redacted replaced with 'VICTIM'- NN: 599254 8/ OFFICER'S NARRATIVE On 08/14/2023 at approximately 1441 hours, dispatch was contacted by victim regarding an assault. Victim was waiting at APD to be contacted because she wanted to complete a report for an assault that occurred on 07/04/2023. The only information that was provided to dispatch was that she was assaulted by an unknown assailant that was either female or transgendered.

08/17/23 ANACORTES POLICE DEPT 2753 12:01 Detail Incident Report Page: 6 Incident #: 23-A06108 OFFICER D. PACKARD 08/15/2023 23-A06108 / ASSAULT 6/ INJURIES -Bump on the back of the head -Diagnosed Concussion 7/ SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS -General Statement: Victim  -Typed statement: (2-pages) 8/ OFFICER'S NARRATIVE On 08/15/2023 at approximately 1514 hours, dispatch was contacted by victim requesting contact in the APD lobby to provide a statement pertaining to this investigation. I responded to the front of the office and contact victim. She provided a two paged signed narrative depicting the incident she was reporting. Prior to reviewing the statement, victim completing a written statement form indicating the statement she typed and attached was true and correct to the best of her knowledge. The form was signed in my presence.

Victim stated the following in summation: she attended the Anacortes Parade on 07/04/2023 and was collecting signatures for R-101 (Referendum) and I-2081 (Initiative). She was traveling from Burton's Jewelry, located at 602 Commercial Avenue to Mama Wing kitchen, located at 408 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes, Skagit County, WA, during the collection of signatures. While collecting signatures an unknown assailant became enraged with victims presence. Victim believed there was a miscommunication, or the assailant was misguided.

As victim was collecting signatures, the assailant started yelling profanely to victim making statements to the effect of "you fucking trans hater" and "you fucking monster." Simultaneously, the assailant grabbed victim by the upper portion of her arms and shook her and then proceeded to slam victim's head against the brick wall. Good Samaritans responded to assist victim to separate the suspect from her. Victim managed to successfully return to her vehicle without further interaction with the suspect. Victim described the suspect as female or transgendered. The suspect was well dressed had tidy hair, make-up, and red nail polish. The clothing was described as being business attire. Due to the overwhelming experience, victim was unable to provide any additional descriptions regarding the suspect.

Victim also documented how the entire altercation affected her during and after the incident. She indicated that she had a bump on her head and bruises on her arms. Additionally, victim sought medical treatment and it was determined that she had suffered a concussion. Victim also documented that she responded and contacted the adjacent businesses to inquire about reviewing the surveillance video.


OF NOTE: Nearly five dozen Republican state lawmakers have asked Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, both Democrats, to investigate alleged incidents of intimidation stemming from signature gathering efforts to oppose a new law that allows licensed shelters to harbor youth in certain instances without parental notification.

“We write with great concern about a threat to the integrity of the democratic process here in Washington – specifically, activities to hinder Washington citizens attempting to sign referenda petitions,” the GOP legislators wrote in a July 27 letter to Hobbs and Ferguson.

The letter was signed by Senate Republican Leader Sen. John Braun, House Republican Leader Rep. Drew Stokesbary, and 54 other GOP lawmakers from legislative districts across the state.

They referred to a July 18 letter to Hobbs from Brandi Kruse, whom the lawmakers described as “a well-known and highly respected political reporter,” in which Kruse said leaders of local Democratic Party offices “have engaged in and encouraged harassment of signature gatherers.”

Kruse cited alleged incidents of intimidation and harassment of volunteers gathering signatures for a referendum measure in opposition of ESSB 5599, which a Democratic legislative majority approved in April. The bill allows overnight shelters or organizations serving homeless or runaway youth to initially notify state authorities, rather than parents, when a minor seeks refuge to pursue gender-affirming or reproductive health care.

In her letter to Hobbs, Kruse, a supporter of the referendum, said opposing protesters exhibited intimidating or harassing behavior – including name-calling and photographing volunteers – during a trio of signature-gathering events this summer in Pierce and Thurston counties. She said protesters were encouraged to gather by local Democratic parties in both counties.

“For any reasonable person, the actions described … constitute harassment and intimidation,” Kruse told Hobbs. “In some cases, it is my assertion that the actions supported and promoted by the Democratic Party are in violation of (state law).” Her concerns were echoed by the GOP state legislators, who asked the SOS and AG offices to investigate “those who are reportedly involved in organizing and carrying out the incidents described by Ms. Kruse.” Article


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