Jan 15, 2021 by Cody Hart for Government Accountability

In a sickening act of disrespect against millions of Washingtonians who seek transparency and accountability after one of the most contentious elections in memory, the Democrat controlled Washington State Legislature is moving forward doing exactly the opposite with its most recently exposed attempt to conceal election problems from public scrutiny.

Unfortunately, Cody Hart for Government Accountability is once again the only source reporting on Washington Government growing more out of control with its proposed HB 1068 and acting suspiciously guilty of mismanaging our states election.

I was sickened to find upon review of 2021 HB 1068 that is working its way quietly through the Washington State legislature, that in a time that the public could not be clearer that they want more government election accountability, the WA State Democrat controlled legislature thinks the opposite and is eager to eliminate public record access to audit reports and potential risks to election security.  

Although partisan politicians across the state would prefer to forget about the publics concern that Washington States election system has inadequate security, does not require proof of identity to submit a ballot, and does not allow a meaningful way for local level audits, HB 1068 does nothing to strengthen the publics trust and in fact, adds to the mistrust by taking away the ability for the public to access records that have been available for years to confirm first hand that audits and security concerns are being addressed by election officials.

So what has changed that makes the legislature so nervous and suddenly concerned that the states election system may not be as secure as they have bragged about for years?  

Could it be that audits are ongoing by government watchdogs such as Cody Hart for Government Accountability, the Culp Campaign, and others into our states election system and they do not want it exposed how bad the problems are and that the system can not be trusted?

Could it be that the current system works to their advantage and they do not want challengers to take away their advantage or they will lose power over the state?

Or possibly, it scares them to death that the public is waking up to what is going on and they want to squelch an uprising against them?

Regardless of the political party you might lean towards, I do not know a single Washington that thinks it is a good idea to allow our government to conceal evidence of problems with our election system and hope you join me in voicing opposition to HB 1068, join me in questioning their motives, and join me in holding government accountable!

Cody Hart for Government Accountability

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