WA STATE ELECTIONS EXPOSED: More Evidence of likely Ballot Manipulation and Voter Fraud

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February 3, 2023 - Election Integrity Update

After dozens of Public Record Requests of Scanned Ballot Batch Reports over the course of many months, thorough research and analysis by data analysts is showing that many Washington State counties likely had ballot manipulation and voter fraud in both the 2020 and 2022 elections.

In the graphs below, the 2020 and 2022 General Elections Ballot Batch Reports in nine Washington State Counties clearly show large differences between the ways voters voted in the two elections.

The lines in the graphs represent the actual individual ballots scanned in batches at the respective county elections offices over time. Each line is a record of a different batch of ballots. The longer the line, the higher the margin of victory for the candidate for that batch of ballots scanned in each of the individual counties.

Blue lines are the batches D's won and Red lines are the batches R’s won. These span a 3–4 week period, but are not exactly proportionate to time, because some days there were many more batches scanned than others. In 2020 only the Presidential race and WA State Governor race was used. In 2022 only the US Senate race was used.

The scanned batches are in a sequence of order over time, scanned from left to right (earlier in the election on the left, later in the election on the right).

As you can see in the 2020 general election there were massive Democrat Pre-loads of ballots weeks out before election day; but in the 2022 general election the Democrat ballots are much more spread out and evenly distributed as ballots were scanned. It is impossible to believe that in each of the nine counties that voters all decided to vote so differently in each of the election cycles. It’s all way too coordinated to be random coincidences.

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The nine counties, Clallam, Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, Snohomish, Spokane and Whatcom, all were (and still are) using Clear Ballot Voting Systems.

Notice in 2020 the majority of the blue lines are at the beginning of the election, and during 2022 they are in groups of blue lines throughout the election. Something changed in all these counties, instead of pre-loading the Democrat ballots, it appears they may have divided them up, and spread them out over the counting process.

In 2020 why was there such a significant amount of early votes which strongly favored the Democrat candidates? Was it because they were cheating via drop boxes early in the race, like the Movie 2,000 Mules depicted?

After the Joe Kent Congressional District 3 success in the 2022 primary race where he finished in the top 2 to qualify for the general election, it was widely known that many Republican voters were going to hold their ballot and vote in person on election day for the general. It would be logical to assume that the Democrat cheaters were well aware of this strategy, so they made their adjustments to stifle any plans of Republican candidates surges in votes.

This also may be the simple answer as to why none of the 2022 General Election Republican Candidates in the US Senate, State Executive or State Legislature races saw any noticeable bumps or increases in vote totals over their Democrat opponents after election day. These Scanned Batch Reports and the research and findings by the data analysts may very well confirm this fact. 

IT is also interesting to note that in the three largest populated counties of the nine researched; Snohomish (830,000 +), Spokane (540,000 +) and Whatcom (240,000 +), that there are the largest discrepancies between the 2020 and 2022 elections.

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