WA State Dems Trying To Take Away 2nd Amendment Rights

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Every One of Washington's New Gun Control Bills Explained - 2023 Legislative Session

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses 8 significant pieces of legislation that have been filed this legislative session in Olympia that will have a significant and drastic effect on your Second Amendment rights if passed into law. From pre-purchase licensing requirements, new FFL liability, bans on semi-automatic rifles and destruction of state preemption law, the gun control community is officially attacking the rights of lawful and responsible gun owners from every direction. Learn what all of these bills are about and arm yourself with education today.

Applicable Bills: HB 1130, HB 1143, HB 1144, HB 1178, HB 1180, HB 1195, SB 5006, SB 5049, SB 5078, SB 5193. 


Contact Your Legislator Today. Learn who your state legislator is and contact them today to voice your positions on these bills. https://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/

All the New Ways the Washington State Legislature Will Try to Disarm You in 2023

The Gun Control Bills Are Starting to Drop in Olympia

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