WA State Proposed Law SHB 2368 - Facilitating the Immigrant Industrial Complex

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Yesterday, February 17 there was a Legislative District 39 Town Hall in Eastern Skagit County in the town of Concrete. State Senator Keith Wagoner, State Representative Carolyn Eslick, and State Representative Sam Low all spoke about the various issues, bills, and legislation they are all dealing with in Olympia.

Many of the constituents had opportunities to ask questions and voice their concerns. Numerous questions and topics were addressed; the failing school system, homelessness, high taxes, the collateral impacts of Covid, elections, parents’ rights, property rights, rent control, water rights, the Elk Hoof Rot crisis, Special Needs, drugs/fentanyl, suicides, etc.

Among the interesting topics of discussion was Immigration. More specifically, House Bill 2368 came up. This is a very troubling proposed law by the state legislature that authorizes the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to coordinate statewide efforts to “assist” Immigrants and Refugees with millions of dollars of tax-payer cash and services. The bill codifies the Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance within the DSHS, and designates DSHS as the lead state agency responsible for the development, review, and administration of the Washington State ‘plan’ for refugee settlement.

Many concerns were raised, including that the potential new law could enable, encourage, and have the effect of facilitating and condoning illegal immigration, and criminal trafficking. As well as appearing to be yet another Democrat ‘jobs program’ adding more financial burden on the taxpayers and adding to the unending tax-payer-funded government bureaucracy.




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