WA State Radical Socialist Dems continue implementing Totalitarian Laws and expand Draconian Marxist Government Powers!


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April 23, 2023 by SCRP Chairman Bill Bruch

The 2023 legislative session is now complete, and the radical Democrat carnage has left Washington State much worse off and totally unrecognizable. To witness these terrible, and many times unconstitutional, laws being rammed through (sometimes without public hearings) is beyond belief and only adds to the new levels of unprecedented Democrat corruption and very dangerous and horrifying policies absolutely destroying our state. Here are just a few examples:

5599 is a blatant child abuse law that legalizes the kidnappings of children, takes children away from their parents, allows for the harboring of minors and forbids parents to protect their children. It gives permission to a shelter to NOT notify the parents or guardians of a minor child who has run away seeking sex change treatments or an abortion.

The bill makes state licensed youth shelters act as accomplices in castrating children without their parent's knowledge, and mandates tax-payer dollars to pay for the expensive radical surgeries and procedures.

If a child ends up at a youth shelter in WA state and expresses the desire to change their gender, claiming that their parents are against it, then the youth shelter is legally obligated to NOT notify the parents of the child’s location and facilitate their new world of trans-genderism. And it’s not limited to WA state residences. The bill says any young confused runaway child from another state can make their way to WA to get castrated by the government without their parents ever being notified.

Not only does this allow young kids to irreversibly change their bodies and be medicalized, it also facilitates children to be TRAFFICKED and will make Washington a nanny state.


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