Why is elk problem allowed to grow ?


The Skagit Valley Herald   Published December 2nd, letter submitted by Randy Good

Why don't the state Department of Fish & Wildlife and Indian tribes as co-managers show any compassion at all for the health, safety and welfare of the elk and humans in eastern Skagit County ?

Why do they expect land owners to put up with elk damage, provide free feed and bury their elk at landowners' expense ?  Is it because they are more worried about the next grant and paycheck ?

Why do we need to keep asking the agency and tribes to just obey the law ?  RCW 77.04.012 mandates that Fish and Wildlife manage the elk to not infringe on private property owners' rights.

Why should farmers each lose $10,000 to $15,000 a year from elk damaging their feed crops and seed crops with no way to get compensation ?  Why should the taxpayers of Skagit County be saddled with the cost of elk vs. county vehicle collisions ?

Why are the co-managers Fish and Wildlife;and and tribes allowing the spread of elk hoof rot disease in the Skagit and Acme agriculture valleys ?  The elk suffer from hoof rot disease to where they become too weak to stand, facing an agonizing death.

Can livestock owners mismanage and treat their livestock in the same manner as Fish and wildlife and the tribes mismanage and treat elk ?  I don't think so; the public would be outraged, and livestock owners would be charged with animal cruelty.

Why are elk allowed to damage crops, homeowners' gardens, orchards and vehicles as the elk populations in the eastern county dramatically increase ?  Why don't Fish and wildlife and the tribes just obey state law ?


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