Write-in Klippert Campaign for WA SOS Gaining Traction

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Oct. 24, 2022, Kennewick, WA.

Last week the Northwest Progressive Institute (NPI) published the results of a poll of likely voters that demonstrated that the Brad Klippert write-in campaign is gaining traction and getting the attention of the voters and media outlets. 

When Klippert, a seven-term Republican state representative, was included in the choices offered to respondents, he earned 23% of the likely vote, compared to Democrat Hobbs’ 34% and non-partisan Anderson’s dismal 18%. A substantial 25% of the likely voters were still undecided.

In this three-way race, if Brad Klippert can attract just over half of the undecided voters, he could gather enough support to win his write-in campaign for the important secretary of state office, which manages elections, the state archives, the state library, and business and non-profit registrations.

According to NPI’s analysis of the poll results, “Once respondents have the option of picking Klippert, a proud and declared Republican, Anderson’s support collapses. Meanwhile, Hobbs holds steady, with an ever so slight increase in support of one percentage point (33% > 34%).”

NPI continues, “... if Republican voters know that a Republican candidate is running whose name they can affix to their ballot, our data demonstrates that they will gravitate to the Republican, as we saw in 2020. Large numbers of Republican voters would clearly rather vote for a Republican candidate than a candidate who is not a Republican.

Klippert vows to work with the legislature to remove many of the “legal” ways to cheat that have been introduced into law over the many years of one-party Democratic control of the Washington state legislature. Motor-voter registration, vote-by-mail, and election rules that reduce transparency are some of

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