Skagit County Republican Party Platform - 2016

2016 Platform

At the county convention on April 9th, the Skagit County Republican Party adopted its 2016 platform.  It reflects the conservative positions and values of the convention delegates as well as the many caucus attendees who elected those delegates to represent their precincts on February 20th.   The link to the platform is below.


Media Buries News of Cold and Snow in May

See video

While we have enjoyed mild weather in the Pacific Northwest, many other areas in the country and the northern hemisphere have had their share of unseasonably cold and snow all the way thru mid-May.  Although the individual responsible for the video comes across as a bit of a doommonger, he is absolutely correct about the low solar activity and the impending strong La Nina. 

Apologize for the ad intrusions, but that was on the original. 

Following is his comment and reference list. 


Resolutions Adopted by 2016 Skagit Republican Convention

Number 1

Eliminate Republican Presidential Primary..... promote Caucus/Convention system

Number 2

Property Rights.....reform excessive regulation

Number 3

Opposing designation of the Skagit River as a Wild Steelhead Gene Bank.....supporting responsible hatchery management

Number 4

Calling for defunding of Planned Parenthood

Number 5

Supporting prohibition of discrimination by government against businesses that decline to perform activities that violate conscience

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