WA Supreme Court - 3 Challengers to the Left Wing Status Quo


WA Primary Election - Bob's Picks

To help voters decide which candidates to choose, we have provided our best picks for the August 2nd primary election.  Click

WA Supreme Court: Vote for Greg Zempel

Representative Matt Manweller (R-13LD) weighs in on the current dysfunctional and incompetent state Supreme Court and the importance of replacing all three justices up for election.  Greg Zempel is running against the incumbent Chief Justice and needs our votes and support in the upcoming primary election.  Remember to mark your ballots and submit them by August 2nd.   

Trey Gowdy Rips the Media on Benghazi

See video

The media really is the Democrat Party's public relations arm.  In this video clip, a reporter delivers a main Democrat talking point before Gowdy schools her. 

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