Dr. Ben Carson's Speech at National Prayer Breakfast

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Exceptional video.  Incredible speech.  Inspirational. 

Are Property Rights Sustainable Too?

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This is a powerful video that neatly ties the UN's Agenda 21 program to our federal government's social engineering efforts and anti-property rights policies.  EPA funded "Envision" projects are going on across the country, not just in Skagit County.  

Produced by Sustainable Freedom Lab.  

CFACT Punks UN With CO2 Masks

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Humans exhale incredible amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.  In fact, what we breathe out may rival emissions from coal burning or cow flatuence as a threat to the health of the planet.  To prevent a climate catastrophe, CFACT has come up with the ultimate solution -- the CO2 sequestration mask.  The global warming believing delegates to the UN climate conference in Doha immediately recoginzed what a great CO2 reduction tool this device is. 

Interior Secretary Salazar Shuts Down Drake's Bay Oyster Company

Fed's use false science to shut down California oyster company

This is a story that should be familiar to landowners and farmers in the Skagit Valley --> bogus science used to pursue extreme environmentalist agendas by a government agency and special interest groups. In this case, the National Park Service used a study conducted in Japan in 1955 and another from a designated wilderness area not even close to the location of the oyster farm to base their decision. For those farmers who may consider reaching a deal with any government entity, thinking they are perserving their farmland and way of life, this should give them pause.

The Incredible Shrinking President -- Mark Steyn

Blistering Commentary by Mark Steyn of President Obama's response to Behghazi

NRO's Mark Steyn delivers a blistering commentary on the Obama administration's inexplicable actions during the attack on our mission in Benghazi, Libya where four Americans, including the Ambassador, were killed by Jihadists on the 11th Anniversary of 911. 


Just Water Alliance - Fighting For Water Rights In Skagit County

Skagit citizens, farmers and property owners fighting for water rights.
The Just Water Allinance is a grassroots organization of Skagit citizens, farmers and landowners working for cooperative, sustainable water resource policy in the Skagit River watershed. Twenty years of back-room agreements intentionally excluding farmers and rural landowners have left our community without a long-range water resource plan. The Skagit watershed is a precious public trust that a select few are trying to control.
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