Where Have the Eagles Gone?

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M4GW is back with a new video.  All those majestic, beautiful raptorial birds being mutilated by wind turbines because of a hoax. 

WA GOP Delegates to National Convention to be determined solely by primary election

The Washington State Republican Party, at its State Committee meeting September 12 in Pasco, decided its Rules for the 2016 Caucus and Convention including delegate allocation and Caucus date.

All (100%) of our state's delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention (Cleveland - July 18-21, 2016) will be allocated in accordance with the vote of the people in the Washington State Primary (currently scheduled for May 24th, 2016).

Skagit Republicans' Resolution: Support Only Those That Don't Vote for Higher Taxes

At its July 28th meeting, Skagit Republican PCO’s voted unanimously that, going forward, the county party would only support legislative candidates who don’t vote for new tax increases.  State government has increased exponentially over the years, outpacing population growth and inflation. Government must learn to live within its means like the rest of us.  Otherwise, our future will be similar to what is happening in Greece, or closer to home, Puerto Rico.   The resolution is reproduced below. . .



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The untold story of what happened at Chappaqua . . .

Democrats in Black Robes

From our friends in the Whatcom Republican Party comes the following:  Seems that WA Supreme Court Justices accepted campaign donations from the WEA,  the primary supporter of the McCleary decision.   None of these justices had the integrity to recuse themselves. 

Allen West Explodes Over Iran Nuke Deal

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Allen West reacts to the ridiculous Obama/Kerry nuclear deal with Iran in a speach at a Times Square rally on July 22nd.  As Iran develops its atomic bombs and the weapons to deliver them, that deal will live in infamy along with the Secretary of State and the President who made it possible. 

Least Solar Activity Since the Little Ice Age

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The sun is going quiet.  Haven't seen this amount of solar inactivity since Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) during the Little Ice Age.  That was an intense cold period noted for poor harvests and ice fairs on the Thames.  Something to think about with all the hype about global warming. 

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