Anacortes on ISIS' Kill LIst

From Elizabeth Scott's (R - 39th LD) Facebook page:  The Pentagon has urged five cities in Washington State to increase their security, due to certain residents being specifically named as targets. Names, photos, and home addresses of military personnel were published in ISIS' 'kill list.' Washington: Colton, Cheney, Seattle, Spokane, Anacortes.

Susan Hutchison Comments on Teacher Walkouts - KONA 610

WSRP Chair Comments on Teacher Walkouts

Listen to WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison's interview on teacher walkouts at KONA 610 Talk Radio in Kenniwick   here.   She points out that the Republican budget fully funds education and she exposes WEA shenanigans.  In reality, Initiative 1351, which mandated smaller class sizes, was a ploy to garner more union membership.   

Seattle Eco-Loons Protest Oil Rig in Products Made from Petroleum

From CFACT:  They came in automobiles fueled by oil, wearing clothing made from oil, to protest oil, in kayaks made from oil. Then they tweeted their photos on phones made from oil and drove home.



WEA is the Problem, Not the Solution

From WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison -- an appeal to school teachers.  Think of the children and defy the WEA.

Inslee Flies Communist Chinese Flag at Capitol in Olympia, Patriots Take It Down

See video

WA Governor Jay Inslee had the Communist Chinese flag flown at the state capitol in Olympia between the U.S. and state flag.  The Chinese ambassador was visiting.  On Saturday, April 4th, a small group of patriots, assisted by a Washington State policeman, took it down.  Thanks to Representaive Elizabeth Scott (R - 39th) for getting the word out on this. 

Dem's budget: a 3-legged stool of taxes, spending, and more debt

In Olympia, the House Democrats have unveiled their budget proposal for 2015-2017, and it is harmful to the people of our state -- a tax and spend plan, based on risky math, which will increase the state's debt.

The Democrats' budget is a dangerous three-legged stool – of high taxes, irresponsible spending and more debt.

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