SNL Take On The Latest Obama Executive Order

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Saturday Night Live parodies Obama's executive order declaring that five million illegal aliens will not be deported and allowed to get work permits.  

Democrats Intentionally Wrote Obamacare to Deceive the CBO and "Stupid" American Voters

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At an October 2013 conference, Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber bragged about deceiving the American people, who he thinks are stupid.   Obviously, there's more intentional lies involved with Obamacare than "if you like your doctor, you can keep him."

Top Ten Reasons I'm Not a Democrat

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Skagit River Bridge Collapse: WSDOT Never Changed the Sign

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Bill Whittle, who appeared in Bellingham on August 29th, was surprised to learn that the infamous Skagit River Bridge collapse was due to the structure apparently being hit by large rigs for years.  That information originally came from KOMO Ch4 News

Neighbors Defeat Big Government Tyranny in Liberty, WA

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America is a nation of mostly decent people who are now being ruled by petty bureaucratic overlords.  Tony Nicholas' would have been just one more victim of this process except for the decent people who came to help him one Sunday in June.   

Special Interests Have Hijacked U.S. Immigraton Law

"What a strange, selfish, and callous alliance of rich corporate grandees, cynical left-wing politicians, and ethnic chauvinists who have conspired to erode U.S. law for their own narrow interests, all the while smearing those who object as xenophobes, racists, and nativists."  -- Victor Davis Hanson

So writes Victor Davis Hanson in a recent article in National Review Online

Global Warming is a Hoax

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Citizens in Louisiana's 6th Congressional District are especially fortunate as they are able to vote for Lenar Whitney.

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